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Feature Reference

  • Meta Bug: bug 985516
  • Overal Status: (not user visible)
    • Nightly:
    • Aurora:
    • Beta:
  • Owner:(Cristina Madaras, irc: CristinaM)


Profile information

Credit card information

Protect credit card information

Testing details


META bug list

Full Query
ID Priority Summary Status Assigned to
725007 P3 dismissing the Autocomplete formfill after deleting any typed letters with Swype will leave a character behind RESOLVED
902101 -- Add option to disable search and form history (formfill, autofill) on Android RESOLVED
947726 -- Form fill box doesn't disappear when it should NEW
985519 P3 Ability to provide autofill suggestions for profiles NEW
985522 P3 Ability to retrieve and autofill profile information NEW
985524 P3 Autofill settings UI NEW
985530 P3 Ability to save profile information NEW
985538 P3 Profile settings UI NEW
985617 -- Ability to add/edit profile information in autofill settings NEW
985624 -- Ability to save payment information NEW
985633 -- Ability to provide autofill suggestions for payment info NEW
985634 -- Ability to retrieve and autofill payment info NEW
985636 -- Ability to add, edit & delete saved payment info NEW
985637 -- Protect payment information with passcode NEW
987539 -- Form Autofill feature introduction in Settings NEW
997718 -- Provide better filtering for saved form data NEW
1009374 -- Form autofill menu should be scrollable NEW

17 Total; 15 Open (88.24%); 2 Resolved (11.76%); 0 Verified (0%);


  • testcases related (easier to track so when feature changes - update testcases)