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Fennec 11.0 Beta 3 Test Plan


QA Task Person/Group How Often?
Smoketests Waverley Once

Lite verification tests (or smoketests) will be first run when the builds are ready. Tests are available on litmus under the Fennec 11.0 Test Suite, and the tablet version here. In any case of failure in any Smoketest, blockers need to be raised ASAP before proceeding to the BFTs.

Assigned Device Completed
Ioana Chiorean Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Android 4.0.1) February 16th, 2012
Ioana Chiorean Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Android 3.1) February 16th, 2012

Detailed Smoketest results

Virtual Machines

Assigned Device Completed
Samsung SGH-T839 (Sidekick 4G) February 16, 2012

Detailed VM results

Exploratory Testing

Assigned Device Completed
Ioana Chiorean Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Android 4.0.1) / Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 February 16th,2012

Detailed Exploratory results

Bug Fix Verification

SG:Crit Security Fix - Bug 727401

  • bug 727401 - libpng: integer overflow leading to heap-buffer overflow -- Verified Fixed
    • Tested via attached test-case, no tabs crashed.

Firefox 11: Mobile

Feature Stage Status note Health Feature manager Last Updated
Text Readability Development Core code has landed in time for Firefox 11; uncertain whether the heuristics for dealing with Web pages are going to be able to be in shape in time (or how much change will need to happen to get them in shape). At risk Sheila Mooney 13 March 2012 21:07:23