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General Information

Area Details
  • Developer: Jukka Mietenin (:jmiettinen)
  • Designer: Madhava Enros (:madhava)
  • QA: Naoki Hirata (:nhirata)
Tracking Bugs
  • bug 477714 - Provide UI for subscription to feeds (RSS, atom, etc.)


Major Areas of Test {WIP}

General Functionality

  • Click on Site Panel option
  • Number of feeds:
    • If a single feed, then add it to bookmarks
    • If more than one feed, then pop up a single selection box
      • Click on
    • More than one feed from same site
    • More than one feed from different sites
  • keyboard shortcuts
    • Virtual
    • Hardware
    • Invalid RSS feed
      • completely invalid url
      • invalid RSS feed format
      • unreachable destination

OS Integration Factors

  • Android: Orientation
  • Maemo: Orientation

Negative Tests