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General Information

Area Details
  • Developer: Matt Brubeck (:mbrubeck),
  • Designer: Madhava Enros (:madhava)
  • QA: Martijn Wargers (:mw22)
Tracking Bugs


Major Areas of Test

  • Test Slashdot comments
  • Bugzilla etiquette
  • Test on text boxes, see also bug 623831
  • Test on images
  • Test on tables, absolutely and fixed positioned elements
  • Test responsiveness, see also bug 627103
  • Compare with stock browser on Android

On double Tap

  • On double tap, the text inside the element should be wrapped to the size of the viewport, if it would exceed it.
  • When double tapping again, everything should be zoomed out again and the element shouldn't be wrapped anymore, it should be as it was before
  • Pinch to zoom, should not cause any text to reflow

OS Integration Factors

  • At the moment not clear, since turned off by default
  • Android:
  • Maemo:

Negative Tests