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Support easy sharing of certain objects (links, pages, bookmarks, etc.) with social networks and contacts.

Current sharing support is Google Reader, Twitter, Facebook, and Email


  • 2.0 alpha 1: 8/20

Test Strategy

The developer (mbrubeck) will write automated tests as appropriate. (TODO mbrubeck: add information about automated test coverage.)

Manual Tests will be added into the Fennec 2.0 testrun.

Test Plan
  • Environment
    • Maemo N900
    • Android Nexus One
  • Functionality
    • Supported objects for sharing: current web page; link; image.
    • "Share Page" will use the URL and title that appear in the address bar. "Share Link" will use the text of the link as it appears on the page, and the URL of the link. ("Share Link" will not fetch the link to get the page title, or follow redirects to get a different URL.) "Share Image" will use the URL of the image, and no title. (Title/alt attributes on images are empty as often as not, and even when present they are frequently unhelpful out of context.)
    • Share Page is present in the Larry dropdown
      • Share Page is the third option shown (after Find In Page and Save as PDF).
      • Action: Get a list of all documented dialogs and the orders they are in
    • Also accessed via context menu (Share Link and/or Share Image).
    • Test screen orientation
    • Sharing options appear in a dialog window:
 Landscape Orientation:
 | Title of Site                |
 |__Google Reader__|__Facebook__| 
 Portrait Orientation:
 | Title of Site     |
 |___Google Reader___|
    • For Email, clicking will open another dialog asking to "Launch Application" OK/Cancel buttons
    • Clicking elsewhere outside the dialog will dismiss the window
    • Selecting the sharing option will copy the URL of the site or image, and open a new tab on that site
      • If selecting Email, it will open the Device email app and paste the URL or image.
    • Sharing option is not shown for sites that contain protocols: about|chrome|javascript|mailto|resource
    • Sharing option can be visible even if the page is not fully loaded yet. URL and title should be present.
Native app support
    • Sharing options willl appear if native apps are available on the device (eg. Twitter, facebook)
    • If apps are not there, sharing options will not be shown
    • Native apps will launch when selected, and take focus away from Fennec window
    • If native apps require a login, verify sharing page takes user to the selected login page
    • If native apps are previously logged in, verify sharing pages populate the URL in the appropriate share box (eg. twitter url will copy text into the textbox)

Related Bugs

  • Verified bug 582615 - front end
  • New bug 582616 - back end (Android)
  • Assigned bug 582621 - back end (Maemo/MeeGo)
  • New bug 598268 - Add service for supporting platform specific sharing methods
  • New bug 598269 - Rewrite sharing front end to use the sharing service
  • New bug 596632 - on n900, make sure that SMS and email are sharing options

See also:

  • New bug 586780 - Enable Sharing in Context Menu for desktop Firefox