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Fennec 9.0 Beta 6 Test Plan


Assigned Device Completed
Ioana Chiorean Android (Phone 2.3) December 14th, 2011
Ioana Chiorean Android (Tablet 3.1 or 3.2) December 14th, 2011

Detailed Smoketest results

Lite verification tests (or smoketests) will be first run when the builds are ready. Tests are available on litmus under the Fennec 9.0 Test Suite, and Fennec 9.0 Test Suite for Tablets . In any case of failure in any Smoketest, blockers need to be raised ASAP before proceeding to the BFTs.


Assigned BFTs - different devices Completed
IoanaChiorean, Xti, Cami Android (Phone 2.3) December 14th, 2011
Carla, AndreeaPod, CataSuciu Sanity Check -different devices December 14th, 2011

Detailed BFTs results

Bug Fix Verification

The first bug is in relation to some backend code changes that affected some extensions. Some good steps to reproduce are in the initial bug comment. The second bug is in relation to WebGL. Please try out a variety of WebGL demo sites and make sure we don't crash.

Issues Found/Reopened Bugs

Exploratory Testing


Feature Owner Test Plan Status Tested
Tablet UI Tony Chung, Naoki Hirata Test Plan LANDED Completed
Camera UI Andreea Pod (:AndreeaPod) Test Plan LANDED Completed

Tablet UI