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The purpose of this wiki is to serve as a general test plan for verifying that the browser is up to the OMA Browsing quality standards.


Developer contact: Mike Kaply

QA: Bogdan Surd

Overall Status

[Not Landed] Nightly 54: NA

[Not Landed] Aurora 53: NA

[Not Landed] Beta 52: NA

Testing Summary

Scope of testing

The testing will be focus on:

  • The distinctive features of OMA and its broad scope and size in a wide range of formats and interfaces.


Testing will be performed on following devices:

  • Phones
    • LG G4 (Android 5.1)
    • LG G4 (Android 6.0)


  • Information about the feature:
    • A more detailed description of the technical information can be fond here on the OMA site along with all of the test cases needed to be run
    • Test cases that are marked as N/A are either outdated or parts of them were unavailable and could not be properly run

User stories

  • N/A

Acceptance Criteria

  • The majority of the test cases that were run have a PASS rating.

Testing details

Test Cases

Testing days


  • Ran the ETS for ESMP V1.0 test cases
  • Notes:
    • The majority of the test cases appear to be out of date or do not run properly, mostly getting an error page when trying to run them.


  • Ran the ETS for WCSS V1.1 test cases
  • Notes:
    • The test cases marked as N/A had missing elements in them and did not run properly.


  • Ran the TFP for XHTML Mobile Profile V1.2 test cases
  • Notes:
    • The first part of the test cases from the Basic Forms section ran properly but when trying to use the Submit action on any of them the page returned an error.
    • In the Media Object Inclusion section the object_Declare test does not support the declare function.

Bug Work

Tracking bugs

  • There are no bugs that need to be tracked

Still issues

  • N/A

Bug fixed

  • N/A



  • All test cases should be executed


Nightly testing N/A

Aurora testing N/A

Beta testing N/A