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Currently, Mobile Firefox has no way for users to interact with the Mozilla Project through the browser UI. Desktop Firefox has a "Report Broken Website" option in the Help menu that gives them a chance to offer feedback to the project without too much effort. I'd like to port that feature into an extension for Mobile Firefox and send that information to a query-able repository of anonymous feedback. Also, change the name to "Report a Problem" Mechanism.


  • PM/QA: Aakash Desai (aakashd)
  • Dev: Mario Alvarado (marioalv)

Categories of Problem Types

  • Page Layout
  • Form Helper
  • Button/Links
  • Zoom
  • Scrolling
  • Connection
  • Browser Not Supported
  • Audio/Video
  • Other


  • Identity Panel

Feedback mock ident text.png

  • The pop-up dialog...

Feedback mock browser window.png

  • The combo box

4330268065 78ec649c88.jpg

  • The comment pop-up dialog...

4330268321 67832e2257.jpg

The Plan

  1. [DONE] Mock the extension
  2. [DONE] Mock the web interface
  3. [DONE] Develop a working Extension
    • [DONE] Prototype and Focus Test (mobile-team, qa, asa and robert, etc.)
    • [DONE] Perform a qa cycle on winmo and maemo devices
    • [DONE] Repeat step 3 as many times as needed (counter: 2)
    • [DONE] Send to AMO for review
    • [DONE] Get it recommended
  4. Change to work with the mobile reporter


  • instancing it
    • Under larry is a good place
  • submission form
    • pop-up dialog, some sort of about: system page, a webpage
    • possibly add populate text after type is chosen
    • multi-select rather than one thing
    • shown the description only when "other" is chosen
    • two-step
      • first instance of pop-up will have pannable list of options where the description box is with a done!
      • second instance of pop-up will have the "do you want to add comments?" box, choose category and send button