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The purpose of this wiki is to serve as a general test plan for verifying that...


Developer contact: margaret

QA: Ninu

Overall Status

[LANDED] Nightly 49: first landed on - 04-05-2016

[LANDED] Aurora 48: first landed on - 06-06-2016

[LANDED] Beta 47: first landed on - 02-08-2016

Testing Summary

Scope of testing

The testing will be focus on

  • Ensure that desktop browser visits don't over-run the mobile Top Sites thumbnails
  • Ensure mobile visits are given priority on the mobile Top Sites page


Testing will be performed on following devices:

  • Phones
    • 4.x
    • 5.x
    • 6.0
  • Tablet
    • 4.x
    • 5.x
    • 6.0


  • Browsing on the desktop and mobile often have two very different usage patterns, and even though a user has attached both to a single Firefox Account, Firefox should preserve that usage pattern to ensure the sites visited on the mobile are within easy reach (and vice versa on the desktop)
    • how to use it
  • screenshots

User stories

  • As a user, I do not want my Top Sites on mobile to have desktop-related sites upon first-run sync integration.
AC: After a sync, sites frequented on the mobile are still given top priority on Top Sites
  • As a user, I want to easily go to my oft-used mobile websites from my mobile phone and not have to hunt & peck through a sea of desktop-related content
AC: After a sync, sites frequented on the mobile are still given top priority on Top Sites

Acceptance Criteria

Testing details

Test Cases

* Mobile vs Desktop sync
 1. On desktop side perform several site visits(some of them multiple times)
 2. Log in with a sync account on desktop and merge local profile with sync profile
 3. On mobile side, on local profile, perform several site visits (other than the ones at step 1)
 4. On mobile side Log in the account that was synced on desktop at step 2
Expected Result: 
Sites that were visited at step 3 should be displayed in top sites tab with priority over sites visited at step 1
* Feature impact
 1. Visit several pages
 2. Go to History panel
Expected Result: 
Browsing websites records visits correctly (as local)
1. On a device with Android < 6.0 open Fennec
2. Go to Settings-Advance-Import 
3. Import History 
Expected result:
Android Import functionality works correctly
1. Go to history panel
2. Perform a clear history action
Expected result: 
Clear history clears out recorded visits correctly
1. After performing a sync action verify the history panel
2. disconnect account and go to the history panel
Expected result:
Disabling Sync shouldn't affect visits table

Testing days




Bug Work

Tracking bugs

  • bugs to track the feature


Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
1046709 Local vs. remote visits: Data layer, ContentProvider and Sync updates -- RESOLVED
1265516 [meta] Local visit tracking -- RESOLVED
1265525 Local vs. remote visits: Top Sites should prefer local visits over remote ones -- RESOLVED
1274029 Regression in Top Sites loading performance -- RESOLVED

4 Total; 0 Open (0%); 4 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);

Still issues

Bug fixed



  • All test cases should be executed
  • All blockers, critical issues must be fixed and verified or have an agreed-upon timeline for being fixed


Nightly testing

  • Testing went smoothly, no blockers were found

Aurora testing

  • Testing went smoothly, no blockers were found

Beta testing

  • Testing went smoothly, no blockers were found