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Meeting Notes for <07-05/2011>


(eg. headcount, updates with staffing, vacation/away time)

Take Aways Last Week

(eg. Action items)

  • Litmus area assignment to be completed by next week - team.
  • Postmortem, Friday 8am. - juanb
  • De-block Waverly for Mozmill - Dave, ashughes
  • Fennec run on Aurora by Monday - Waverley
  • Evaluation test cases created by Waverley - Mobile team MV
  • Mobile Litmus area ownership - Mobile team MV

Round Table

(eg. Other items to discuss)

  • Any outstanding issues found during feature sign-off or earlier (for Fx6 beta) which need follow-up? (juanb)
  • Availability for "office hours." Team leads to figure out overlap times. A take away item for next week. (juanb)
  • The scratchpad ff6 feature test plan and the linked test cases is awesome!. I would love to see more of this going forward - matt
  • Waverley
    • No Firefox 5 test run in Litmus. Should there be one?
    • Possible Litmus testday at the end of the month? It could popularize the testing tool and also bring feedback regarding unclean/broken testcases.

Firefox Updates

(eg. Status, top issues)

  • Mozilla (juanb, ashughes):
    • Firefox 6: Beta Merge is happening today
      • builds to be generated later in the day
      • updates will be generated later
      • shipping ETA: later in the week or early next week.
    • Firefox 7: Aurora merge is happening this week (likely day or two following Fx6 Beta merge)
      • no major feature changes according to Flight Tracking page; will confirm with Product Management today
      • please continue to focus on bug triage and exploratory testing around day to day use
      • let me know now about any bugs which you feel need my immediate attention (ie. should block release) -- just send me an email
  • Waverley (Andrei, George, Simona, Vlad G)

Automation Updates

(eg. Status, top issues)

WebQA (Selenium)
  • Waverly (Teodosia, Florin)
    • Writing tests for AMO
    • Received code review and merge (Thanks)
  • Mozilla
    • Merges and more tasks being added to Pivotal Tracker
Desktop (Mozmill)
  • Waverley (Alex, Vlad)
    • Updates: checked-in discovery pane tests. we needed to have two rounds of patches for nightly-aurora and beta-release
    • Finished patches for Places: Bookmarks and History. ready for r, then check-in
    • Started taking assignments for addons manager from the mozmill spreadsheet. have one patch ready
      • Discussed with anthony and established the new direction to follow: addons manager restart tests.
      • The mozmill spreadsheet with addons manager tests contains all litmus tests, we need to figure out which tests are a priority for automation, and furthermore, separate unclear/broken or not doable tests.
  • Mozilla (Anthony)
    • Q2: was able to squeeze in 5 AOM Discovery Pane tests at the last minute (thanks Waverley, Geo, and Henrik for all your hard work)
    • Q3: focus on Addons Manager restart tests until WebApps is fundamentally stable

Fennec Updates

(eg. Status, top issues)

Take Aways This Week

  • Kevin to review waverley test cases
  • Anthony: needs to investigate features for Firefox 7