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Meeting Notes for 2011-11-22


(eg. headcount, updates with staffing, vacation/away time)

  • December 1st is National Holiday in Romania. Al team members will be out of office.
  • Alex Lakatos - PTO (Nov28-Dec02; will return to office on Monday, December 5)
  • Florin Strugariu - PTO (Dec01-Dec06; will return to office on Wednesday, December 7)

Take Ways From Last Meeting

(eg. Action items from last weeks's Take Aways)

  • Anthony and Vlad to investigate screen to use for managing update automation tasks from SV
  • There's still a connectivity issue when running automation from Romania [SV IT to follow up with connectivity; Vlad and Anthony to investigate]
  • Scheduling page didn't work for SV. [SV to propose test day and receive feedback]
  • Investigate blocking issues for endurance tests [Anthony, Vlad, David]
  • Moving focus away from Fennec XUL to native UI on Android. [Mobile team]

Round Table

(eg. Other items to discuss)

Firefox Updates

(eg. Status, top issues)

  • Mozilla (ashughes, juanb)
    • Firefox 8.0.1 chemspill released -- big thanks to everyone who helped
    • Firefox 9.0b3: testplan -- please help test bug fix verifications on 9.0b2 until we have builds
  • Waverley (Paul, Ioana, Mihaela, Virgil, Simona, VladG)
    • Firefox 8
    • Firefox 9 Beta2 Test Plan
    • Firefox 10 Aurora Test Plan
    • Firefox 11 Test Plan
    • Test day preparation and moderating on November 18 Etherpad
    • Logged issues Link
    • Feature - Silent Update Link
      • Lessen the showing of the what's new page Link - Mihaela
        • Status: Landed
      • Removal of OS security dialog for Windows Link - Simona
        • Status: Health at risk. Created test cases and updated test plan.
      • Add-ons default to compatible Link - Virgil
        • Status: Health ok. In progress-updated test plan, wrote and ran new test cases.
      • Background updates Link - VladG
        • Status: Health at risk. Created preliminary test cases and updated test plan
      • Workflow with Incompatible Add-ons Link - Ioana
        • Status: Updated test plan
      • Lessen the display of app update UI Link - Paul
        • Status: Landed

Automation Updates

(eg. Status, top issues)

WebQA (Selenium)
  • Waverly (Teodosia, Florin, Alin)
    • all AMO files are migrated to WebDriver
    • Alin is back on AMO full time
    • continue doing code review on AMO RC
  • Mozilla (Marlena)
WebQA (Manual)
  • Waverly (Ioan, Cristian)
    • Release testing on AMO Statistics Page, Search facets
    • Regression Testing for Search Suggestions, Dev Tools
    • Testcases: Add new TCs for Packager, Search Suggestions; Review and Update TCs for AMO API, Search
  • Mozilla
Desktop (Mozmill)
  • Waverley (Remus, Alex, Vlad)
    • all failures have fix or skip patches - waiting for review
    • we have a UI map ready for Places API - there is one bottleneck; alex will detail about it
  • Mozilla (Anthony)
    • Focus will be shifting to Endurance tests
    • I am working with Dave Hunt to identify lowest hanging fruit

Fennec Updates

(eg. Status, top issues)

  • Mozilla (test lead)
    • Still tracking releasing 9 Beta 3
    • Going through litmus test cases for 11 native and reviewing failing test
    • Nightly will be going to the birch build tomorrow
      • Pending discussion today
    • This will complicate testing xul fennec as nightly updating will move you to native
  • Waverley (Ioana, Andreea, Catalin, Camelia, Carla, Nicolae)
  • Weekly Status:
  • Important bugs:
    • bug 704109 nor -- Force Close message displayed frequently for different scenarios
    • bug 702956 nor P3 Javascript not working properly on
    • bug 702619 cri P2 Swiftly closing two tabs at once results in an NPE at org.mozilla.gecko.TabsTray$TabsAdapter.<init>( -> VERIFIED FIXED
    • bug 703573 nor -- HTML iframe cannot be panned
    • bug 704185 nor -- PDF content is not properly saved
  • Isuess
    • What do you think about a testday for Native in December,11th ?

Community Mozilla România

  • details requested from present owner
  • created a LinkedIn group, G+ page,Facebook event (we had Facebook page, Twitter )
  • swag bug approved - UPS tracking number received
  • budget bug entered - waiting for news from William Q

Take Aways This Week

(eg. Action items)

  • Everyone welcome to participate in BHAGS discussions, like the one happening tomorrow morning for desktop Firefox @8am
  • Add "Community Update" item to the meeting template to discuss community related work