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Meeting Notes for <02-28/2012>


(eg. headcount, updates with staffing, vacation/away time)

  • Upcoming PTO
    • Teodosia Pop - March 2 - 9

Take Ways From Last Week

(eg. Action items from last weeks's Take Aways)

Round Table

Firefox Updates

(eg. Status, top issues)

  • Mozilla (juanb, ashughes)
    • March 13 (release day) is fast approaching
      • Make sure Firefox 11 fixes are verified
      • Make sure Firefox 12 features are tested and signed off
      • Make sure Firefox 13 features have test plans ready to go
      • Make sure Firefox 14 features have owners lined up and reach out to devs
  • Waverley (Paul, Ioana, Mihaela, Virgil, Simona, VladG)
    • Firefox 11 Beta 4 Test Plan
    • Firefox 12
      • Feature ownership
    • Firefox 13
    • Feature - Silent Update Link
      • Removal of OS security dialog for Windows Link - Simona
        • Status: Health ok. Prepared test plan for test day, ran test cases, fixed bugs verification
      • Background updates Link - VladG
        • Status: Health ok. Testing is in progress on the oak branch
      • Workflow with Incompatible Add-ons Link - Ioana
        • Status: Updated the test plan, working on test cases

Automation Updates

(eg. Status, top issues)

WebQA (Selenium)
  • Waverley (Teodosia, Florin, Alin)
  • Mozilla (Marlena)
Desktop (Mozmill)
  • Waverley (Alex, Vlad, Remus)
    • Commit access for Vlad and Alex Level 2
    • Focus is on fixing failing tests
    • Monitoring endurance and functional reports daily
  • Mozilla (Anthony)
    • Vlad and Alex now have commit access Level 2 to mozmill-tests & litmus-data repository
      • Limited in responsibility by our mozmill-tests commit policy
      • Adds another level of contribution to the project -- will be blogging about it this week
    • Currently drafting a plan to migrate mozmill-tests, Shared Modules, and litmus-data from MPL 1.1 to MPL2


/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,
 * You can obtain one at

WebQA Manual Updates

(eg. Status, top issues)

Fennec Updates

(eg. Status, top issues)

  • Mozilla (test lead)
  • Waverley (Ioana, Andreea, Catalin, Camelia, Nicolae, Paul)
    • run BFTs and daily smoke tests on following devices ( Galaxy Tab, LG Optimus 2X P990, HTC Desire Z, Google Nexus S, Motorola Droid 2, Motorola Droid Pro, Samsung Galaxy SII) daily results ; archive .
    • bug validation Commented bugs;
    • Logged issues
    • watch assigned features - spreadsheet
    • in-litmus TC creation and litmus testcase update.
    • MWC demo testing
    • Beta 11.0b4 testing
    • bug verification on Firefox 11.0, Firefox 12.0a2, Firefox 13.0a1
    • bug triage, results here
    • GL layers testing. Results here
  • Important bugs:
    • bug 721782 - Add-ons are migrated as disabled from XUL to Native
    • bug 721784 - Installed add-ons migrated from XUL to Native are visible only after restart
    • bug 724571 - Graphic issues and flickering screen on Adreno GPU devices
    • bug 730358 - unable to resolve virtual method 4068: Ljava/util/LinkedList;.push / .pop
    • bug 728614 - Fix the zoom level on rotation on Maple
  • Issues/Questions/ Proposals
    • There are a lot of bugs marked fixed and many of them even verified, with the flag "status-firefox 11:fixed", but we do not have an official beta channel build for native. Should we wait for an official beta native build to verify those bugs? e.g.: bug 696062, bug 704520

BrowserID Updates

(eg. Status, top issues)

  • Waverley (Ioana)
    • BrowserID train-2012.02.16 Details
      • Fixed bugs verification.
      • Test failure modes with cookies disabled.

Take Aways This Week

(eg. Action items)