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Meeting Notes for <04-10/2012>

Tuesdays, 8am PT / 4pm GMT
Backchannel: #qa
Dial in: 800-707-2533
Password 369, conference #245


(eg. headcount, updates with staffing, vacation/away time)

  • ashughes: in Ontario, Canada for 11 days starting Friday
    • PTO: Apr 13, 19, 23
    • WFH: Apr 16, 17, 18, 20
  • Reminder - Monday, April 16 is a national holiday in Romania; all SoftVision teams will be out of office
  • Florin Strugariu: PTO - 12, 13

Take Ways From Last Week

(eg. Action items from last weeks's Take Aways)

Round Table

Firefox Updates

(eg. Status, top issues)

  • Mozilla (juanb, ashughes)
    • Firefox 12.0b4 shipped last week, Firefox 12.0b5 on schedule to ship this Friday
    • 10.0.4esr will go to beta next week (same time as 12.0b6)
    • Still working on finalizing Q2 goals -- should have a nearly final draft done by this week
    • Mozmill daily testruns are now automatically triggered through Jenkins via Pulse
      • use Mozmill CI Dashboard to triage results (functional and endurance)
      • we'll also be migrating to this for release automation in the near future
  • SoftVision (Paul, Ioana, Mihaela, Virgil, Simona, VladG)

Automation Updates

(eg. Status, top issues)

WebQA (Selenium)
  • SoftVision (Teodosia, Florin, Alin)
    • AMO retrospective Q1 meeting
    • migration of Socorro to WebDriver is done - link to Git repo
    • helping with the migration of Mcom to WebDriver - link to Git repo
    • write new tests (ongoing)
    • code review (ongoing)
    • merges (ongoing)
    • refactor tests (ongoing)
    • investigate/fix failing tests (ongoing)
  • Mozilla (Marlena)
    • reviewing the install test from Vlad
Desktop (Mozmill)
  • SoftVision (Alex, Vlad, Remus)
    • Test development is still on hold except remote tests for webqa
    • Waiting to set Q2 goals
    • Working fwd on the same P1 jobs
      • fix failing tests
      • refactoring
  • Mozilla (Anthony)
    • Still working to finalize Q2 goals -- continue to focus on failures and refactoring in the meantime

WebQA Manual Updates

(eg. Status, top issues)

  • SoftVision (Cristi, Victor)
  • Mozilla
    • Exploratory testing on AMO and Marketplace
    • Release testing for and in Litmus
    • Sanity testing on AMO and Marketplace
    • Verify fixed bugs
    • Verified login flow without Browser ID in AMO-dev on Win 7 and Firefox 11
    • Created test cases for Marketplace Consumer pages
    • Created Marketplace Smoke Testrun in Litmus and added test cases for Consumer pages and Dev hub.
    • Updated test cases for AMO and Marketplace
    • Verified the new promo module on Discovery pane on AMO-dev in Firefox 11 and Win 7

Fennec Updates

(eg. Status, top issues)

  • Mozilla (test lead)
  • SoftVision (Ioana, Andreea, Catalin, Adrian, Nicolae, Paul)
  • Important bugs:
    • bug 739584 - Loading will freeze and shut down the device
    • bug 741319 - Adreno200-EGL: eglLockWindowSurface: failed to map the memory
    • bug 732794 - Empty bookmarks tab on awesomescreen
    • bug 742399 - crash [@ ]
    • bug 743662 - Session is not restored when Firefox is restarted by an addon install/uninstall
    • bug 743223 - Undismissed doorhagers appear after loading a page which opens a new doorhanger
    • bug 742267 - URL content is cleared when entering a new character from the hardware keyboard
  • Issues/Questions/ Proposals

BrowserID Updates

(eg. Status, top issues)

  • SoftVision (Ioana Budnar)
    • Regression testing on train-2012.03.28 - Ubuntu 11.10 + Firefox 12.0 beta
      • Sanity/Acceptance/Smoke testing;
      • Basic Functional - Accounts and Email Verification testing;
      • Support For Primaries testing;
      • Specific RP/Client Functional -;
      • UI testing.
      • Reopened bug 567.
      • Logged bugs: 1398, 1404.
  • Mozilla (Tony)

Take Aways This Week

  • Everyone play around with MozTrap and submit feedback so that we can discuss and escalate to Cam
  • Mozilla QA to share their Q2 goals with their SV team