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For Fennec 4.0b4pre - Jan 25 to Feb 1

Top 5 crashes:

1) - 20 crashes

Related bug: bug 626051
This is again #1 top crasher in Fennec 4.0b4pre for the last week as well. Steve Kondik commented that this is mostly on CM7(Gingerbread version). CM isnt released yet and hence they re still testing their nightly. Hopefully this should be fixed in final release.

2)js::mjit::JaegerShot - 16 crashes

Related bug: bug 615993
It is #2 top crasher in Fennec 4.0b4pre for the last week.This is an armv6 crash. We dont really care about that. But some people saw them on arm7 devices as well. URL's are: (Nexus S) (Nexus one) (G1)

But this is not 100% reproducible.

3)EqualityCompiler::update - 13 crashes

Related bug: bug 626361 It is a new crash signature. Crashes first appeared in Fennec 4.0b4pre/20110115. It is #3 top crasher in Fennec 4.0b4pre.
The regression range is -
nhirata saw this on droid 2 once but not reproducible from the steps in the bug comment.

4) - 6 crashes

Related bug: bug 576933 It is #4 top crasher in Fennec 4.0b4pre for the last week. Its a bug form the desktop firefox build on the linux platform. Not sure how it was reported in Fennec. Need someone from the dev to look into it.

5) - 3 crashes

Related bug: bug 628708 It is #5 top crasher in Fennec 4.0b4pre for the last week.Ted mentioned it was due to all of Socorro was moved to the Phoenix data center recently, but symbols are still uploaded to a server in the San Jose colo. So there are not much symbols for this. But does not happen any more on the current nightlies.