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xxx Test Results

The covered testing for this release will focus on xxx.

Project contacts

PM: Stuart Parmenter (stuart)
Build: John O'duinn (oduinn)
QA: Joel Maher (jmaher)


Code Freeze
Builds hand to QA
QA test signoff
  • See Test Coverage below

Build Location and IDs



  • Mozilla/5.0 ....

Test Coverage

  • Areas Covered:
    • Smoketests
    • BFTs
    • Bug Fixes
  • Areas Not Covered:

Test Results

Types of Tests Maemo/WinMo
Smoketests tester (desktop)- result
tester (n810) - result'
BFTs tester - result
L10n tester - result
Staging/Live Webpages & Spotchecks & Webpages <web tester>, tester - result

Smoketest Testing

Lite verification tests (or smoketests) will be first ran when the builds are ready. Tests are available on litmus under the Fennec 1.0 test suite. In any case the Smoketests result, we will raise blockers asap before proceeding with the bfts.

Please record your detailed results in the section [below].

BFT / FFT Testing

BFTs are a more comprehensive set of litmus tests that cover the build testing after smoketests result. Tests are available on litmus under the Fennec 1.0 test suite.

FFTs are a full comprehensive set of litmus tests that extend coverage in areas that BFTs dont often get to. These are run at least once during the major milestone timeline.

If you are running a BFT, Please record your detailed results in the section [below].


Visual inspection: Go through the P1 list of locales, and run a spotcheck to see if everything visually looks fine.

Testcases and Results are tracked [here].

Staging/Live Spotchecks & Webpages

1) Verify the following webpages that gets pushed to staging and then to the live sites. Look for content messaging, spelling mistakes, broken links & imnages, etc..

  • Firstrun page ([Staging link])
  • Whatsnew Page ([Staging link])
  • Releasenotes page ([Staging link])

2) Check live site download links on all platforms. Please cover en-US, and 2 or 3 additional Tier 1 locales as well. Pay attention to the following areas:

  • Check for signed installer and applications (windows only)
  • Firstrun page, whatsnew page, Home page, Search plugin
  • Install, uninstall
  • General spotchecks and browser functionality
  • Confirm Build IDs

Fixed Bugs Verifications

The following bugs are fixed for beta 3 and need verifications:


A beta3 Testday will be held and call for the community support to assist with testing. Activities include executing litmus testcases, bug verifications, and focus on the new feature areas that are being implemented. More can be found on QMO.

Detailed Results

Smoketests Results

Desktop [tester]

  • Build:
  • Results
    • Build 1 (20090304233338) result - Results in Litmus (Complete)
  • Notes:
    • [tester]: filed [bug] - bug summary

n810 [tester]

  • Build:
  • Notes:

L10n testing

  • result

BFT Results

maemo [tester1/tester2]

  • Build:
  • Results

Websites Testing

  • Notes

TestDay Results