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Alpha 1 is the first release of Fennec on Windows Mobile. This is utilizing the beta quality code and UI from Maemo, but using the port to WinMo. In Alpha 1 we will be delivering a .cab file for anybody interested in pre-release versions of Fennec.

For Alpha 1 QA expects to see:

  • daily builds for [wince-arm].
  • mochitests running on nokia device.
  • all bugs for Alpha 1 verified
  • Initial pass through the Litmus smoketests (not required to pass everything, but at least get basic coverage of the browser)

Test Results

Test Areas

  • The focus will be on basic browsing and functionality, not specific features
  • We will look into device:
    • Installation
    • General compatibility (soft keyboard, orientation, interop)
    • Performance
    • Usability (screen size, etc..)
  • All major browsing stuff is in for the Maemo Beta. Some stuff is changing such as (and we won't be concerned with testing these but be aware there might be issues):
    • Add ons
    • Weave
    • Security Certs Management
    • General UI
    • Perf improvements

Additional References

This section is left to add any additional references relevant to the Mobile project