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Private Browsing Test Plan
  • First draft created 9-15-08 by marcia - This is a work in progress


Provide a way for users to not be tracked when doing private browsing. According to mconnor's document, there should be a clear delineation between your "public" and "private" browsing sessions.

There will be some challenges with testing this feature since it is a complex area and many areas of stored data will need to be tested including:

    • Cookies
    • History
    • Cache
    • Content Prefs
    • User Passwords
    • Autocomplete
    • DOM storage
    • Authenicated Sessions
    • Downloads
    • Session Store

Test Strategy

  • Major areas of test coverage
    • Entering Private Browsing Mode
      • Confirm Pref Keep My Session Open
      • Confirm Pref Save and Close my Session
  • Exiting Private Browsing Mode
  • Cookies
    • Unit tests should cover the various states that a cookie would be in when moving between normal->Private Browsing mode. We would want to have a few manual tests here.
  • History

Unit tests should cover the various states that history would be in when moving between normal->Private Browsing mode. We would want to have a few manual tests here.

    • Adding tags
    • Adding keywords
    • Confirm visited link coloring is turned off in private mode.
  • Cache
    • Memory cache
    • Offline cache
  • Content Prefs
    • Unit tests will cover retaining zoom setting, for example. Need to figure out what other content prefs might be affected here.
  • Passwords
    • Unit tests will cover the UI piece (confirming the password prompt).
  • Autocomplete/Location Bar
  • DOM Storage
  • Authenticated Sessions
  • Download Manager
  • Session Store
    • [from ehsan] we currently do a little bit of work with the session restore at the start of the private mode and we need to special case it to just disable writing session data on disk if that pref is on, I guess...
  • Kill Process/Crash while in Private Browsing Mode
    • With Session Restore
    • Without Session Restore
  • Edge Cases
    • Visiting the same site in both Private and Normal Browsing Modes
    • Importing data during Private Browsing session

There will be a set of manual test cases that will be added to Litmus to cover this feature area.

Schedule Scoping

Estimate amount of time it will take to complete feature (Consider nightly builds, security reviews, bugs turnaround time)


Current Open Bugs

  • 460609 Temporary files for helper applications are not deleted when leaving Private Browsing mode
  • 462218 Read the sessionstore data from the disk instead of keeping it in memory when saving the session for private browsing mode
  • 462579 Strip off Private Browsing license headers when building
  • 462639 Handle view-source windows in Private Browsing mode
  • 462832 Enable private browsing support for all of the Mozilla-based applications

Litmus Test Cases added

General Operation:


Download Manager test case coverage: