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Things I need to do on 248970 sorted in no particular order:

  1. figure out why after saving and closing the session, the URL bar is not focused.
  2. add a pref to enter the private browsing mode each time the browser starts up.
  3. write some unit tests for the private browsing service itself.
  4. figure out a better place for the private browsing service to live (mconnor, bsmedberg)
  5. chat with :mak77 about his ideas on the places implementation.
  6. complete the tests laid out in the test plan as they arrive.
  7. investigate the crashes on with content jit enabled ( et al.)
  8. chat with mconnor about the modules he excluded in the functional spec, to make sure he really wants them to be excluded (there should only be a few of them)
  9. keep the extensions API updated
  10. investigate the SecretDecoderRing failures after closing the session (
  11. investigate why SSL pages don't restore correctly after exiting the PB mode when the original session has been saved and closed
  12. based on a talk with dcamp, file a follow-up on this use case:
say I put stuff in sessionStorage
then I go in to private mode
then I close a tab
then I reopen the tab from the history menu
and then leave private mode
shouldn't my sessionStorage still be there?

This that would be nice to do, but I may not have enough time for:

  1. create an extension in order to model the private browsing UI
  2. get some sleep