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Session Restore Test Plan

Owner: marcia Created on 10/31/2008


The major change related to Session Restore for FF 3.1 is to change from a prompt to an error page. According to Alex Faaborg, after the first crash, when you reopen Firefox it automatically restores your session (no dialog or error tab).

The particular challenges with testing this feature would be to make sure there is no data loss when we restore windows and tabs and that the "Restore Session" and "Start New Session" function properly.

Test Strategy

Schedule Scoping

Estimate amount of time it will take to complete feature(Consider nightly builds, security reviews, bugs turnaround time)


  • Bug 448976 - turn the Session Restore prompt into an error page (and dependent bugs). - The spec for this feature is basically the mockup from Alex (attachment 336774).
  • Bug 346337 - Form input field data not retained on session restore
  • Bug 339445 - Session store should save/restore sessionStorage data (from DOMStorage)

Litmus Test Cases Added

UI Nits