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Snow Leopard Test Plan


The primary goal of this QA test plan is the testing of the OS integration piece of Firefox as it relates to Snow Leopard, the latest operating system which Apple is expected to release sometime in the early fall. This is make sure that all basic existing functionality works (especially and that all newly supported functionality works (primarily support of spaces, parental controls, etc.). Note that this test plan was written primarily for the 3.5 branch, but should easily translate to Firefox next as well. Areas that need special attention and focus in Firefox 3.5 are called out in the plan in bold.

Scope of Planned Testing

Testing will cover the areas below. Exceptions are noted under the Will not test section.

  • Installing and Uninstalling Firefox on Snow Leopard
    • Installing in the Default Applications Directory
    • Installing in a non-default directory (Such as a desktop folder)
    • Uninstalling Firefox
  • Running as a User with Parental Controls invoked
    • Confirm that when someone blocks Firefox that the user cannot launch the application.
  • Interfacing with Growl
    • Ensuring you can register Firefox with Growl
    • Ensuring you receive notifications when Firefox is registered
      • Software updates and downloads
  • Setting Firefox as the Default Application
    • Resetting Safari as the default, then setting Firefox as the default
    • Setting FF as the default from the install
    • Checking FF is the default after launch using "Check Now"
    • Setting FF as the default after a software update
    • Setting FF as the default before a software update
    • Checking FF is the default by launching from link or shortcuts
  • Migration/Import of bookmarks, history, etc from other browser
    • Parity with what we have on Leopard
  • RSS Feed Reader - Support of Client Side Applications
  • Downloading files to the desktop
    • Honoring whatever is set as the default download location on Leopard
  • Fonts
  • Plugins
    • Flash
    • Shockwave
    • Quicktime
    • Flip for Mac
    • PDFs
    • Java
    • RealPlayer
  • Add-ons
    • Installing
    • Uninstalling
    • Enabling and Disabling
    • Finding Updates
    • Add-ons Compatibility checks
  • Popups management
  • Preferences and Dialogs
    • Check scrolling and buttons
  • Printing
    • Ensure basic printing functionality
    • Save as PDF
  • Search plugins
    • Changing them, testing the suggestions and history
  • Scrolling and Drawing
  • XUL Controls
  • Password Manager
  • Security
    • Browsing secure sites
    • Saving Passwords
    • Password management
    • Setting a Master Password
    • Installing a certificate
  • Software Update
    • Ensuring that users can perform a minor update
    • Ensuring that users can perform a major update
    • Make sure non-admin users do not get the option to update
  • Spaces
    • Ensuring that Firefox can be added to Spaces
    • Confirming that nothing shows in Spaces when Firefox is minimized to the dock.
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Tagging of Downloaded Applications
    • Confirm that Apple dialog correctly identifies Firefox when you have downloaded a program or file using Firefox
  • Theme issues

Will Not Test

Platforms and Configurations

We will test Snow Leopard on both PPC Mac and Intel Mac. We have a variety of machines that we can test on, including those with limited memory as well as robust memory.

Major Test Areas

Our Test coverage will be a multi-leveled approach:

  • 1. Functional testing and
  • 2. Some stress/boundary/negative tests (depth of functionality):
    • FFT in Litmus run on the Snow Leopard platform
  • 3. Ad hoc and regression testing

Functional Testing

  • We will run the Litmus Leopard specific testing suite. Eventually a modified suite may be created due to new functionality.
  • Litmus test cases will be added for any new Snow Leopard specific features that are supported.
  • We will run the Litmus Native Form Controls suite.

Stress testing/Negative Testing(depth of functionality):

Ad hoc & regression testing

The Mozilla community users may cover some of the Ad hoc testing. Regression testing will cover:

  • QA Verification of Resolved bugs
  • Daily smoketesting of builds

Gettings bugs that need attention to developers

Helpful Bug Links

Bugs to Keep an eye on

Litmus test cases added or changed


  • Focused testing on OS integration points
  • Focused testing of Firefox
  • Creation of test cases specific to Leopard
    • As time permits

Sites that don't work in Safari but work in Firefox

Building a Community of Leopard testers

  • QMO Snow Leopard Patrol Project