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Aero Peek

  • [robarnold] Development Status: - landed for 1.9.2 (beta1)
  • Feature Testing: - on-going (10-27-2009)


[robarnold] Provide a brief description of the feature


Developer: Rob Arnold (robarnold) -- handing off to Jim Mathies
QA:, Anthony Hughes (ashughes)

Things We Test

List the tests we have where applicable:

  • [robarnold] Unit tests - n/a
  • Manual Tests - Windows 7 Tab Preview test suite added to in Litmus (~30 tests)
  • Mozmill - n/a
  • Code Coverage
    • [robarnold] Need to know what files this touches so I can evaluate

Things We Don't Test

  • [robarnold] Anything?
  • No automated functional tests at the moment (e.g. Mozmill tests)