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Asynchronous Location Bar

  • Development Status: - Polish and consideration work
  • Feature Testing: - Complete (09-25-2009)


Form autocomplete should rank its suggestions using an awesomebar-like frecency algorithm. It should also do substring matches on previously entered entries.


Sprint lead: Matthew Noorenberghe (MattN)
Sprinters: dolske
QA: tracy

Things We Test

List the tests we have where applicable:

  • Unit tests
  • Manual Tests
    • query
    • Functional testing only
  • Mozmill - a few mozmill test cases will have to be altered and/or added to support this feature.
  • Code Coverage
    • Satchel - Lines: 72.9%, Functions: 75.6%

Things We Don't Test

  • Performance
  • Large form entries (many entries to the same field)