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As requested, some information about the Litmus Triage Team

  • Triage Team Member: Marcia, Juanb, Tomcat, everyone is welcome to join us
  • Meeting Time: Tuesdays at 12:00PM
  • ConfCall: #290 (Tomcats Extension)


We triage the in-Litmus ? Requests to assure that all requests have owners in the QA Team and to improve quality and covering of potential problems in Litmus

  • The flag in-litmus ? means that a testcase in litmus is requested for the issues in this bug.
  • The flag in-litmus + means the testcase has been created and is active

in Litmus.

What we do :

We use the in-Litmus ? Query and go through this list (or parts of this list) and we check if the Bug is filed for Components that is owned by a QA Team member.

  • -> If in-Litmus ? is requested for a component that has a QA Team member as Owner we make sure that this QA Member is cc'd to this bug
  • -> If in-Litmus ? is requested for a component that does not have a QA Team Member assigned, Marcia and Tomcat volunteer and sign up to cover these tests.

In the future we need more volunteers from the Community and/or QA Team to cover those testcases

When we triage bugs, we leave comments in this bugs like:

  • Litmus Triage Team: xxx, will you handle this Litmus case? -> When we ask if you could handle this testcase, because you are the component owner.
  • Litmus Triage Team: xxx will handle this test case. -> When someone from the Triage Team Agreed to cover this testcase
  • Litmus Triage Team: We are uncertain as to whether a Litmus test case is needed for this bug. -> When the triage is unsure if this specific bug should really be covered in a litmus testcase
  • Litmus Triage Team: Adding xxx to the bug for Litmus coverage. -> When we the bug has a in-litmus ? Flag and the QA component contact is not cc'd for the Bug.

If you monitor the bugs in your Component (like Places) and you take care of in-litmus requests but you don`t cc yourself to this bugs, please drop a short note to the Triage Team, so that we aware of this and don`t need to CC you to this bugs.

What we don`t do !

We don`t change or set flags. We triage only the existing in-litmus ? flags and we don`t set this flag.

How can you help the triage team ?

If you set the in-litmus ? flag it would be great if you could make a short comment if you take the ownership to create a testcase, or if you just want to make sure with the in-litmus request that this issue is covered in litmus.

For in-litmus ? requests set by the QA Component Owners we assume that you will take care of creating a testcase. A comment in the bug would also be great and help the triage team.

Thanks The Litmus Triage Team