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Feature Addons Test Plan


This Testplan will focus on the new components of Addons that will be included with Firefox 3.

Priority 1 items include:

  • New Addons Manager UI (bug 404024)
  • Unify add-ons management system and add plugin management system (bug 339056)
  • Support shipping of localized user-facing Add-on text

priority 2 items include:

  • Add-ons can be installed in fewer mouse clicks
  • Ensure user understands the risks about installing extensions
  • Clarify XPi install dialogs and user interactions
  • Allow Add-on configuration UI to be accessed from main application configuration UI
  • Improve discoverability of Add-on configuration UI
  • Add visual indication to browser UI when Add-on updates are available
  • Add permanent button for restarting Firefox (bug 369075)
  • Simplify language and unify terminology related to Add-ons
  • Support displaying information about the update in the updater
  • Support add-on conflict resolution
  • Promote the existence of Add-ons that could help the user accomplish their current task
  • Help documents should link to related Add-on categories on

The following items are At Risk for this milestone.

  • Remove extension installation whitelist (Help wanted)
  • Install Add-on without requiring a browser restart

Scope of planned testing

(What do you plan to test? What is covered by Developer testing? What is not practical to test?)

Coverage includes:

  • Priority one feature test cases.

Platform and Configurations

( Describe any particular OS platform, environmental configurations or FireFox configuration considerations)

  • Testing will occur on Mac 10.4, 10.5, Windows XP, Vista, and Linux ubuntu.

Major Test Areas

Extensions & themes

  • New Addons Manager UI
  • Get addons functionality from AMO pane
    • recommendation list
    • searching for addons
    • displaying addons by star weighting
    • clearing search
    • installing/uninstalling
    • thumbnail previews, descriptions
    • error handling


  • Blocklisting
  • Sorting of the plugins, including eliminating duplicate entries
  • Selection/focus
    • Enabling/Disabling
  • Find Updates button
  • Vendor homepage link
  • "Make compatible" functionality
  • Edge cases, such as:
    • Disabling a plugin while it's running
      • Clicking refresh while in this state
    • Re-enabling, then refreshing
    • Ensuring that plugins stay enabled/disabled on restart
    • Any interaction with about:plugins
  • Making sure to get broad coverage of plugins


Completion time of testing around the Beta releases.


(Litmus testcases)