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Breakpad Client Test Plan


To test Breakpad, we need to verify all features of the crash reporter work on all OSes.

Scope of planned testing

We plan to test all functions of the crash reporter including:

  • Comments field
  • Email field
  • Last URL sending
  • Sending of the report to the server
  • Failed sending when not online
  • Restarting Firefox
  • Confirmation that information to be sent can be previewed
  • Not sending the report when the user says not to
  • Any and all other functions not listed here.

Platform and Configurations

We need to test Breakpad on the following OSes:

  • Windows 2000 (known failure)
  • Windows XP (standard and admin users)
  • Windows Vista (standard and admin users)
  • Fedora Core 7
  • Fedora Core 8
  • Ubuntu 7.04
  • Ubuntu 7.10
  • Mac OS X 10.4
  • Mac OS X 10.5

Major Test Areas

Since this is a new shipping app, all features need to be tested.

For some parts of the testing, we'll need to contact webdev/IT to verify that the information has made it into the database. For example, email addresses and URLs which are not currently displayed in the Socorro interface.


Testing functions in the crash reporter app on all platforms should take a day or two, provided there are VMs for all VMable OSes.