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Test Plan for Location Bar / Autocomplete changes for Firefox 3.0.

Originally created by stephend on 12/3/2007


Scope of planned testing

As the critical entry path to navigate to new sites (alongside the Search bar), care must be taken to test that the location bar is of high quality. To ensure this, we will test as much as possible, from UI changes to core search/result-matching changes.

What's Covered?

  • Context menus
  • Autocomplete
    • Including tags and stars
  • Selection
    • Single-clicking (note: bug 406662 is pretty annoying)
    • Double-clicking
    • Triple-clicking
  • Focus issues
  • Tooltips for cropped text

Location of Test Cases

Test cases are located in Litmus, here, and are being added on an ongoing basis.

Platform and Configurations

Firefox is cross-platform, so changes to these components should apply to Windows, Mac, and Linux in similar ways. However, full location bar selection differs on the platforms, whether single-click on Windows, double-click on Windows/Linux, or triple-click on Windows/Mac/Linux.

  • MacOS X builds now have Cocoa widget support, so we will need to pay special attention to UI differences between that platform vs Windows and Linux.


(Provide some breakdown of the major areas of the feature, how long it will take to develop or run the tests, and an approximate time this will be done.)


Bug 399664 - Tracking bug for matching query results
Bug 405745 - [meta] improve url bar autocomplete results
Bug 403159 - Switch location bar autocomplete to two-line view


  • Tracking bug for the design of location bar auto-complete: bug 393508
Alex Faaborg's people page, with screenshots (note: don't file bugs based on these):