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  • Version 1.0
    • original created 02-28-08, this is a Work In Progress

Scope of planned testing

The primary goal of this QA test plan is testing the Offline applications feature, which is new to Firefox 3.

1. Will Test

Adding Offline Content

  • Adding Offline Content
  • Allowing a website to store offline content
  • Adding and Removing Exceptions

Removing Offline Content

  • Removing Offline Content via Preferences
  • Removing Offline Content via Clear Private Data
  • Clearing the Offline Content cache

Working Offline

  • Go offline, then restart browser and apply an update
  • Go offline, then disconnect from the network, then try to load a page.

Negative and Boundary Testing

  • Seeing what happens when you hit the limit for the offline cache

Current Test Cases

Major Test Areas



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