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This Testplan will focus on the rework of Bookmarks and History as they are transformed into the Places component for Firefox 3. From the Places feature plan:

The primary objectives of this project are to:

   * Improve access to History and Bookmarks
   * Make it easier for people to Bookmark pages 

Secondary objectives include:

   * Consolidating user data formats
   * Providing a platform for using interesting per-URL metadata
   * Improving the capabilities of Live Bookmarks
   * Providing a solid architecture for bookmark sync and remote storage

Scope of planned testing

Coverage includes:

  • Basic Functional tests will cover the most common user based functions of Bookmark and History (litmus BFT)
  • Full Functional test will cover the BFT's and a much deeper level of functional testing. (litmus FFT)
  • Unit tests are run with every tinderbox cycle.

Platform and Configurations

Places must work on all platforms Firefox 3.0 will support.

Major Test Areas

  • Functionality: All areas of Bookmarks, History, Tagging and to some extent RSS and Microsummaries
    • Pull test cases from the bugs filed on this component and convert them to Litmus test cases. Especially for the P1 and P2 items of the Places PRD.
    • Also expand around those test cases in areas that appear slim in Litmus
    • Write new Litmus test cases and rework old ones where applicable for the new Places UI
  • Performance:
  • Extensibility:
    • Extension developers will have to stay on top of changes affecting their extensions.


Milestones: The milestone schedule continues to be in flux, but this is how it roughly lays out for the next couple of milestones: (using M series where M1 was A1.. M9 should be B1)

  • M10: more UI and perf tweaks
  • M9: UI and perf tweaks
  • M8: Places front end to land
  • M7: performance tweaks and push to parity with 2.0 with protection against data loss
  • M5-M6: backend of bookmarks and history landed

Testing Schedule:

  • Cyclic Plan:
    • Meet with the Places dev team a week or so before each milestone freeze to plan out the testing strategy for that milestone (what needs specific attention, big landings to prep for, etc..)
    • Since so much is changing with Places, I think it makes sense to run FFT's as often as is reasonable. This will help us catch bugs early in each milestone cycle. An FFT every 4 weeks (even if it's spread out over a few days).
    • BFT's for post 3.0.0.x stable testing

regular testing:

  • bug fix verifications
  • daily smoketests ( a very small set of Places related tests)
  • Unit tests are run with every tinderbox cycle.