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Gecko Platform Test Plan


The particular challenge of testing Gecko Platform is the significant scope of changes between 1.8 and 1.9. Also the reflow branch had a good number of changes as well, and will be challenging to test. Current the PRD does not have a clear definition of where P2 and P3 items are.

Scope of Planned Testing

Our Test coverage will be a multi-leveled approach:

  • FFT in Litmus run on the platform specific test cases

Functional Testing

  • We will run the Litmus platform specific test cases.
  • Litmus test cases will be added for any new platform specific features that are supported.

Stress testing/Negative Testing (depth of functionality):

Ad hoc & regression testing

The Mozilla community users will cover some of the Ad hoc testing. Regression testing will cover:

  • QA Verification of Resolved bugs
  • Daily smoketesting of builds

Platform and Configurations

  • We will cover all platforms that FF 3 supports.

Major Test Areas

Standards Compliance


  • Cairo graphics
  • Linking Content/Chrome Frame Trees
  • nxTextFrame migration to Thebes
  • Frame Display Lists


  • Reflow Branch
  • Caret Painting Rewrite
  • Fix Units in Gecko
  • Residual Style Handling


  • Cross-domain XMLHttpRequest


  • Killing nested event queues, threadmanager
  • Offline Apps
    • Add backend elements for offline app support

PDF Save

  • Save web pages as PDF documents


There is currently no automated test suite for printing yet. So this has to be done manually in litmus, atm.

  • Portrait and Landscape
  • Alexa Top 10 sites plus others
  • Mac specific Firefox print settings

Reference Bugs


A lot of bugs related to offline applications will land for M11. Also most of the MathML bustage should be fixed by then.

( Provide some breakdown of the major areas of the feature, how long it will take to develop or run the tests, and an approximate time this will be done.

(List useful links to the bug containing design info, feature meeting notes, wiki info, standards info, litmus group or subgroup, etc)

Reference Documentation

Test Cases Added to Litmus