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Firefox 3 Final Test Results

The tests here will ensure the final stages of Fx3 testing are out the door. Mostly includes websites and bits verifications.

Related Pages

Project Release Tracking Page

Contact Info

PM: Mike Beltzner (beltzner)
Build: John O'Duinn (joduinn)
QA: Tony for bits, Stephend for websites


QA test signoff
ETA 6/16
  • Bouncer Links result
  • Websites result

Test Coverage

  • Areas Covered:
    • Bouncer links with final strings and filenames
    • Mozilla.com Website testing

Test Results

Types of Tests Windows Mac Linux
Bouncer Links Tomcat/Tchung - result Marcia - result Tracy - result
Websites Stephend - result Juanb - result Stephend - result

Bouncer links Testing

Note: set up your hosts file beforehand to redirect to authstage first. See wiki for more instructions.

Check bouncer links on https://www.authstage.mozilla.com/en-US and live site download links on all platforms. Please cover en-US, and 2 or 3 additional Tier 1 locales as well. Pay attention to the following areas:

  • Check for signed installer and applications (windows only)
  • Firstrun page, whatsnew page, Home page, Search plugin
  • Install, uninstall
  • General spotchecks and browser functionality
  • Confirm Build IDs

OS assignments:

  • Windows - Tomcat - result
  • Mac - Tchung - result
  • Linux - Tracy result


Note: set up your hosts file beforehand to redirect to authstage first. See wiki for more instructions.

The following website Content will need to be checked and verified. The content and layout should render the expected results.

(Yeah, yeah, I'll probably need to make a Wiki table; will do that tomorrow :-P) -- stephend

"Getting Started" pages (not version-specific, and thus, should appear in the 3.x style; also, these have already been tested):

"First Run" pages:

"What's New" pages

"Release Notes" pages (should appear in the 3.x style):

(For the curious, the bug in which the actual work is taking place is bug 431591.

Detailed Results

Websites testing

  • The gray area at the bottom of each mozilla.com page gets messed up when the window size is changes. Before. After.