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QA list of relnote items for beta 3

Note: some of the relnoted ones existing in the Firefox 3 beta 2, are still an issue and should be also listed.

✓ means the relnote was included ✗ means the relnote was intentionally not included

Bug / Include? OS Description / suggested relnote / rationale
bug 395983 OSX flash drawing problems on mac
bug 415252 all gmail (new version) doesn't show names in contacts list
bug 414936 all Installing an add-on doesn't show the pop-up with Restart button
bug 413021 OSX Migration/Import Wizard offer migrate from IE on Mac (where no IE is installed) ?
bug 413882 OSX Google Docs almost unusable
bug 406118 all Startup is loading newly disabled extensions on launch after disabling an extension
bug 401846 all Resume fails with "Download could not be saved, because the source file could not be read
bug 415919 linux No AT-SPI focus event when returning focus to Firefox

Other suggested relnote items for beta 3

Bug OS Description / suggested relnote / rationale
bug 415741 all When the Home button is on the bookmarks toolbar, it should be possible to delete it like a bookmark on the bookmarks toolbar (perhaps this isn't an issue that needs to be relnoted, but I got pretty confused by this, at least - mw22)
Not relnote worthy, imo - beltzner
bug 337761 w32 Bookmarks / personal toolbar folder doesn't open for dragged link (this is a windows only bug, afaik - mw22)
bug 407748 linux sudo apt-get install ca-certificates| in order for the crash reporter to be able to submit reports.
bug 405198 all Cannot drag and drop folders / items in Places Organizer. (This is already tracking in b2 relnotes)
bug 363240 all incorrect MathML <mtable> width and position (nsMathMLContainerFrames have zero preferred width)
bug 255949 linux gnome vfs smb (<2.6) doesn't list files with non-ASCII names
bug 324397 all Third party cookies are now blocked by default
bug 412565 w32 Using alt-click to download multiple links can crash Minefield
bug 415444 OSX Back/forward button drop-down menus don't work
bug 416683 w32 Binary downloads are deleted on completion when "Launch applications and unsafe files" is disabled only applies to 3.0b4pre - beltzner
bug 414314 linux Printing problems, all distros.