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Tracking Page of Results for the Firefox 3 Beta 3 Testday

Testday 8. January 2008

Testday Moderators and Community

  • QA Team Marcia, Tracy, Tchung, Stephend, Coop, Tomcat, Juanb, Martijn (mw22), Jay, bc and more
  • Developer/other MoCo Folks: Dietrich, Johnath

Many thanks to everyone that made this testday so successful !

We had anytime over 30 testers in the testday channel and mostly new folks. The Testday report show results from 26 Community Testers. Since we we had a lot of new testers, some people have tested the beta3 RC outside of Litmus with own testcases and so they don't show up in the Litmus results.

People were interested in testing Firefox 3 Beta 3 and the new Features. Also the community members started to help each other running tests, which was very awesome.

Testday Results (from 7am till 5pm)

The Testday Report can also be found here: The testday report also including the litmus admins is here :


  • Platform # Results
  • Windows 369
  • Mac(Intel/PPC) 128
  • Linux 32

Over 550(552) ! Testcases run by Community Members

Breakdown by locales

  • Locale # Results
  • en-US 369
  • de 66
  • nl 36
  • fi 28
  • it 28
  • lt 13
  • pt-BR 12

over 180 tests runs for locales !

Breakdown by result status

Result Status # Results

  • Pass 532
  • Test unclear/broken 11
  • Fail 9

Note: This 11 fails are: 7 failed results from me (tomcat). This fails were from places FFT and are related to known bugs that are already addressed to developers.

The other 4 fails look also almost like known bugs.

Bugs filed today

  • bug 416383 Crash going back on and forth on [@nsDOMAttribute::GetValue(nsAString_internal&)]
  • bug 416381 Organize > Move bookmark to Toolbar Folder results in misplaced bookmark
  • bug 416427 Breakpad Doesn.t fire when i use the Test.xpi in Vista X64 SP1
  • bug 416473 Output of printed images is black and white
  • bug 416449 Bookmark name update is saved without pressing Don
  • bug 416448 Losing focus or closing of star icon window does not discard changes
  • bug 416448 Drag and drop text in the location bar should show the Go button
  • bug 416429 The words in the content of various mathml elements are displayed vertical
  • bug 416420 In print preview, back and forward buttons are always enabled
  • bug 416121 [Linux-only] A block element is printed as a bitmap image if it has different values for border-*-color (text unselectable)
  • bug 416425 Home button doesn't show icon in customize window when dragged from Bookmarks Toolbar
  • bug 416421 Firefox hangs when you try to quit the browser and have "Ask every time" set as default