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Firefox 3 M8 Test Results

Contact Info

Build: John O'Duinn (joduinn)
QA: Tony (tchung), marcia


Code Freeze
Code Build
QA test signoff
ETA 9/14

Release Notes

M8 Release Notes


Features landed


Gecko & Platform


  • Areas Not Covered:
    • FFTs
    • L10N
    • Distribution
    • Updates

Tests are ran against en-US locale only.

Test Results

Types of Tests Win XP Win Vista (Vista Litmus Test Suite) Mac Linux
Smoketest Tomcat - PASS tomcat - PASS marcia - PASS juanb - pass
BFT Tomcat PASS tomcat - PASS marcia - 90% completed. PASS tchung - PASS
Focused Testing stephend marcia stephend tchung

Detailed Results

  • Top Site Testing (Tomcat) - PASS
    • Top 35 Alexa Sites PASS
  • Mac BFT - PASS
    • 1/2 on Intel Mac and 1/2 on PPC Mac
    • Testing Date: 9/14/07, 9/15/07 and 9/17/07
    • Build ID: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X; en-US; rv:1.9a8) Gecko/2007091211 GranParadiso/3.0a8
    • Issues Noted:
      • Could not run any of the MS test cases due to the ispiked's test cases not being on
      • "Visit Date" column in Organize Bookmarks does not show the date and time for bookmarks that I added today. This is way the functionality was on 2.0.0.x branch. Also should be addressed for polish.
      • Safari migration needs attention. Currently a number of prefs are not migrated. I will search for open bugs and make comments. Seth fixed the search history migration on the 2.0.0.x branch but did not check that fix into the trunk.
    • Bugs Noted:
  • Linux Smoketest (juanb) - Pass
    • Bugs found so far:
    • Migration story is unclear. Only cookies are imported from Seamonkey, for example. Should we worry about migration in Linux? How much should we worry?

  • Linux BFT (tchung) - PASS
    • Issues Found:
      • Report a broken website link is still broken. Bug 385935
      • AJAX is still broken on backbase website. Fails litmus case 4312. Bug 390859
  • Mac FT (stephend) - PASS

Live Spot Checks for M8

When we go live at 3 PM it would be great team members could download an M8 build quickly and make sure everything looks ok.

  • Windows XP Tomcat - PASS
  • Windows Vista -> Tomcat PASS
  • Mac PPC/Intel-> tomcat PASS
  • Linux -> Tomcat PASS

Blocker Bugs for M8

Litmus Test Case Issues

  • ispiked's Microsummaries test cases are not accessible due to his account not being on has been filed to address this.
    • Need an owner for the MS area as this does not fall under the feature categories
    • That owner should correct the test cases to show the new location of the test cases.