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The Discovery Pane is to be built in to the new add-ons manager to

  • Introduce new users to the concept of add-ons
  • Highlight editorially selected add-ons that have wide appeal
  • Promote additional retention features related to add-ons such as personal recommendations and collections

Things We Test

  • Default page shown to users when browser is in offline mode
  • Display only recommended add-ons based on the platform that the user is on(eg do not display Mac only add-ons to Windows users , Linux only add-ons to Mac / Windows users etc)
  • Do already installed add-ons show up in recommended lists ( the plan is to hide already installed add-ons
  • Are notifications showed to users with no add-ons installed?(Are these notifications going to be localized?)
  • Page layout
  • Notifications when user clicks to install an addon from this page
  • Links to are redirected based on locale of Firefox client. If locale doesn't exist on AMO it should default to English
  • XSS and other security related issues.
  • Test disabling Discovery Pane via pref
  • Test layout of localized pages especially right to left languages like Farsi
  • Test the opt in / opt out process


  • Would AMO users be able to login from this page?
  • Justin answered no

Things We Don't Test