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Feature Improvements Tracking Page

We will track feature improvements that will go in Firefox 4 in this page. These will be categorized by component, for example: Tabbed Browsing, Private Browsing, etc.

Please include a brief description of the feature improvements, a link to the sprint documentation if any, tracking bug(s), and links to existing automated test cases, and proposed litmus test cases if necessary, as well as completion percentage estimate to keep track of our progress.


  • Dev: developer
  • QA: tester
  • Sprint Doc: link me
  • Bug: Provide a bug link where the change is being tracked.
  • Description: Brief description of feature change or addition.
  • Target: alpha X, Beta X
  • Status: completion % estimate


  • Dev: dbaron
  • QA: juanb
  • Docs:
  • Bug:
  • Description: :visited privacy fix
  • Target: Beta 1
  • Status: Active