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Firefox 5 Testplan

Coordinating QA:

  • Lead:, juanb (IRC)
  • Shadowing:, ashughes (IRC)


Firefox 5 will be the first release of Firefox under the new release process that aims to ship smaller sets of features every six weeks. Features will be implemented and landed on mozilla-central and promoted to the other channels when they are ready.

The six-week development cycle for Firefox will be completed by Tuesday, April 12th. At that point all features which might make it into Firefox 5 will be done, and further changes will only include improvements to these features. It also means that a new development cycle, corresponding to Firefox 6, will begin and we will track our QA work in a different test plan page. Depending on completion of features in Fx5 we may have to carry over some of the work onto the next release.

Features Targeted

These are the major features targeted for the next few releases including Fx5. These are all tentative depending on their readyness:

Tasks and Scheduling

Each of the branches will have specific quality assurance tasks associated with them. It's up to us to determine if a feature is ready to be included in the next channel.