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Firefox Share Test Plan


Firefox Share (formerly named Mozilla F1) is a browser extension that allows you to share links in a fast and fun way. Share links from within the browser without leaving the page using the same services you already know and love.

Testing Firefox Share is unique in that in that there are currently three components that comprise Firefox Share in its entirety:

General Information

Area Details


  • Aaron Train (:aaronmt) (Lead)
  • Tony Chung (:tchung)
Tracking Bugs

See bottom, as well as:


  • 2011-05-10: (Landing S-C) → bug 651668
  • 2011-05-24: (MC->Aurora)


Builds based off the former extension have ceased (last available version is 0.8.3 available on AMO here). Developmental builds with Firefox Share are currently integrated in Firefox based off a development branch here.

Instructions on how to build Firefox based off this developmental branch are located here

Public Share Staging Server

The following URL's can be value assigned to the preferences:

Test Strategy

The initial preliminary approach towards testing Firefox Share will involve manual client testing, please see the areas covered and areas not covered below.

Areas Covered

  1. Client Testing

Areas Not Covered

  1. Unit Testing
    • Mochitests


  • Specific Bugs
    • Share: Web Client
      • bug 651552 - Consider accessing different web content based on Firefox release channel
      • bug 649414 - [meta] GMail UI Tracking
      • bug 647578 - [meta] Twitter UI Tracking
      • bug 646144 - [meta] Facebook UI Tracking
    • Share: Firefox Client
    • Server: Share
      • bug 642877 - Tracking bug for link shortening solution