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The QA organization has need for ongoing infrastructure to have the resources necessary for both manual and automated testing amongst all of the supported projects of Mozilla.

Ongoing Projects

Infrastructure Use

The infrastructure above is available to members of the QA organization on demand.

The resources are:

  • ESX server in PHX capable of running virtual machines to act as servers for QA members.
  •, which serves up tests checked into hg. These are automatically synched every 15 minutes.
  • Automation machines in MV. These are dedicated for Mozmill and Selenium. These are:
    • A series of mac minis (3 running OS X 10.5, 3 running 10.6, and 8 running 10.7).
    • 8 ESX servers running ESX 5. These are currently in the process of being made into a vCenter cluster by IT (bug 701889)

Additionally there is a shared network drive all of those machines make use of to store the templates of necessary VMs. It can be accessed via SMB on ''. For details see bug 695164.

In order to gain access to these resources, you should open a bug in bugzilla with the following parameters:

  • Product: Mozilla QA
  • Component: Infrastructure

Bugs should be assigned to XXXX at this point.

Examples of why to open bugs:

  • You're working on a project and need a Linux or Windows server for QA development for a quarter or two. You can get an PHX hosted virtual machines on the ESX server.
  • You have testcases or scripts that need to be publicly accessible. It is possible to permanently add these to the configuration of or get access there to run code (such as PHP). (SSL certificates and virtual hosts that were put in place, for example).

Generally speaking, virtual machines running in ESX should be for short or medium term use by QA. If you need a server on a more permanent, long term basis, you should open an IT bug and have the IT provision one for you. That enables long term support and back ups.

The links to the projects at the top of the page explain more about available resources.


Open bugs can be queried here.

Note: Many open issues do not appear in query as they are logged as IT Server Operations issues since IT staff are necessary to resolve some issues.


XXXX is the contact for QA Infrastructure


1) Unable to screen share connect to an OS X automation server

  • Can you ping the machine?
    • Machine is likely offline, ask someone in Mountain View to turn it on or file a bug
  • Yes, can you SSH into the machine?
  • Yes, Screen Sharing settings are likely misconfigured
  • Connect to the machine using SSH and run...
    • sudo /System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/ -activate -configure -access -on -restart -agent -privs -all
    • This will turn on screen sharing for all users.