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Mozmill Tests Team Meeting - November 14, 2011

Important Information:

Previous Action Items

No action items carried over

Discussion Items

Release Automation Execution
  • What is the current status?
  • Notes:
    • very laggy from Romania
    • Ady and Matt are aware and discussing
    • Vlad seems to believe that the bottleneck is in a hop between Europe and North America
Failure Policy
  • Failures need to be disabled 24 hours after being reported
  • Policy needs to be exaggerated when face with failures on mozilla-release during a chemspill
  • The purpose is so that we can investigate failures without affecting release testing
Pivotal Tracker
  • should we retire it for mozmill-tests?
  • Do you use it? If so, for what?
  • Notes:
    • Etherpad, Bugzilla, Spreadsheet is sufficient
    • Pivotal Tracker seems like duplicated work
    • Is there an "Agile", PM benefit Pivotal is adding?

Current Status

Mozmill tracking spreadsheet

Action Items

  • ashughes
    • email Vlad et al Desktop Automation goals
    • start discussion about retiring Pivotal for mozmill-tests
    • talk to Dave about Endurance test automation to start next week
    • upload minimized flash videos
  • Softvision
    • continue to investigate bandwidth issues