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About the Team


  • Manager: Andrew Overholt (overholt)
  • Engineers: Ehsan Akhgari (ehsan), Anne van Kesteren (annevk), Josh Matthews (jdm), Ben Turner (bent), Boris Zbarsky (bz)
  • QA: Anthony Hughes (ashughes)

How to Contact Us


We do not generally hold team meetings at this time.

Getting Involved

See our Participate page to get a list of projects seeking volunteers.


This page documents the QA strategy for testing Mozilla's DOM implementation. Our primary objective is the continuous improvement of DOM quality through two-week sprints of open, transparent, and data-driven qualification processes.




Current Initiatives

  • improve work flow of incoming and outgoing bugs
  • improve test coverage in the web platform tests
  • improve test coverage of in-product features prior to shipping in a Firefox release
  • improving accessibility to participating in team activities



Triage is the process of going through a list of bugs to identify and prioritize bugs for testing.


Top Crashes

Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
1266546 crash in mozilla::dom::XULDocument::OnScriptCompileComplete P5 NEW
1267692 crash in shutdownhang | WaitForSingleObjectEx | WaitForSingleObject | PR_WaitCondVar | nsThread::ProcessNextEvent | NS_ProcessNextEvent | mozilla::dom::workers::RuntimeService::Cleanup P3 NEW
1294193 Crash in mozilla::EventListenerManager::HandleEventInternal P3 NEW
1364138 Crash in mozilla::dom::Event::~Event P3 NEW
1435343 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::workerinternals::RuntimeService::CrashIfHanging]. Shutdown problem in workers. P2 NEW
1468541 Crash in AllocInfo::Get<T> P3 NEW
1535699 Properly clear the client (i.e. window) and controller (i.e. Service Worker) on a load info when performing a "process switch"/"process swap" P1 REOPENED
1542485 Crash in [@ shutdownhang | mozilla::SpinEventLoopUntil<T> | mozilla::dom::quota::QuotaManager::Observer::Observe] P1 ASSIGNED

8 Total; 8 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);


Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
207323 ASSERTION: nsJSEnvironment initialized more than once: '!gOldJSGCCallback' causes infinite recursion on shutdown -- NEW
238413 element.builder.rebuild() crashes in builds 20040309 and later P5 NEW
245503 setTimeout call fired and crashed when js_GetAtom returned its static dummy atom -- NEW
274595 Too-much-recursion crash on some Macs with <body onload="onload()"> (stack limit varies?) P5 NEW
294418 ###!!! ASSERTION: This is not supposed to fail!: 'Error', file r:/mozilla/js/src/xpconnect/src/nsXPConnect.cpp, line 413 P5 NEW
308339 null principals [@ nsHTMLDocument::GetCookie] -- ASSIGNED
334368 Creating DOM events after layout shutdown not safe (crashes) P5 NEW
403999 alert() called from deeply nested js function is blank and cannot be closed P5 NEW
459464 Stack exhaustion crash with baseURI recursion P5 NEW
505843 nsDOMConstructor::HasInstance is the only thing that doesn't handle nsJSRuntime::GetNameSpaceManager() failing P5 UNCONFIRMED
545302 High memory usage and crashes caused by getElementsByClassName() P5 NEW
581877 crash [@ nsAttrAndChildArray::GetAttr(nsIAtom*, int)] P3 REOPENED
590269 "location=location;alert()" causes infinite loop/stack of dialogs -- NEW
603938 Crash on startup nsDocument::ResetToURI | nsHTMLDocument::ResetToURI | nsContentDLF::CreateBlankDocument P5 NEW
623147 applicationCache crash [@ nsContentUtils::GetOfflineAppManifest] P5 NEW
624286 Crash [@js_TraceObject], [@nsAttrAndChildArray::Compact], or [@KERNELBASE!RaiseException] with massive array, document.write -- REOPENED
629221 Firefox 4.0b10pre Crash crash [@ nsGlobalWindow::QueryInterface(nsID const&, void**) ] -- NEW
631005 Crash [@ nsTHashtable<nsBaseHashtableET<nsURIHashKey, nsCOMPtr<nsIURI> > >::s_HashKey(PLDHashTable*, void const*) ] -- NEW
634430 Investigate crash using registerProtocolHandler -- NEW
637118 Crash [@ nsGenericHTMLElement::CopyInnerTo(nsGenericElement*) ] -- NEW
640127 If I close An Alert Started By An onFocus Event, With The [x] button on Document Load, FireFox Closes/Crashes?? P5 NEW
641105 Repeated location.reload() makes the "slow script" dialog ineffective (and starves GC/CC?) -- NEW
664504 Firefox Crash @ nsGenericHTMLElement::SetAttr -- NEW
677388 Crash Report [@ nsINode::doInsertChildAt ] -- NEW
680745 NULL pointer dereference when running cross_fuzz P5 NEW
681118 crash in nsAttrValue::Reset -- NEW
681135 crash in RuleHash::EnumerateAllRules @ nsAttrValue::GetAtomCount P5 NEW
683271 Endless nested Web Workers loop with passing a large string crashes firefox [@ OOM | small ] P5 NEW
698247 Null dereference with bad channel implementing URI in nsHTMLDocument::StartDocumentLoad P5 NEW
701301 crash nsINode::GetCurrentDoc P5 REOPENED
704794 Crash [@ mozilla::dom::Link::LinkState ] (java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Array index out of range: 1 @ java.util.regex.Matcher.appendEvaluated( -- REOPENED
709231 crash when coming out of fullscreen P5 NEW
710160 crash nsContentList::PopulateSelf P5 NEW
722083 OOM crash on HTML Markup broken site P5 NEW
741757 Reported Crash / vulnerability P5 REOPENED
749913 crash in nsINode::GetProperty -- NEW
783888 Stack overflow via -- REOPENED
794416 OOM Crash because user not given chance to stop runaway script. P5 UNCONFIRMED
798848 Intermittent test_MozEnteredDomFullscreen_event.xul | Exited with code 1 during test run (or application timed out), after "firefox-bin[349:903] invalid drawable" P5 NEW
823408 crash in nsAttrValue::~nsAttrValue() -- NEW
830679 Crash in SaveSubtreeState P3 NEW
836925 "Assertion failure: clearedEntries == 0 (Map should be empty already)" after adopting parent of <bdi> -- NEW
838806 Crash [@ nsGlobalWindow::GetInnerHeight(int*)] -- NEW
847347 Firefox crashes on FileReader readAsDataURL of large file (>100mb) P5 NEW
865284 Buffer overflow xul!mozilla::dom::Element::BindToTree -- NEW
868905 Crash while playing Epic Citadel demo [@ mozilla::dom::Element::UnbindFromTree(bool, bool) ] -- NEW
880656 Near-null write in AtomImpl::AtomImpl() -- NEW
883872 [Worker] XHR in worker to unfound uri leads to Assertion failure: mStateData.mResponseText.Length() P5 NEW
897367 Too many Notification objects causes a too-much-recursion crash through EnsureContentViewer P3 NEW
914679 More crashes in nsNodeUtils::LastRelease(nsINode*) -- NEW
917765 Crash bug with excessive/multiple iframes -- NEW
949893 [@ mozilla::dom::DOMProxyHandler::EnsureExpandoObject] with shadow dom nodelist P5 NEW
983708 crash in nsNodeInfoManager::GetNodeInfoInnerHashValue(void const*) P5 NEW
989711 Crash in nsContentIterator::NextNode with Range.toString P5 NEW
1002185 crash in nsRuleNode::ComputeUIResetData(void*, nsRuleData const*, nsStyleContext*, nsRuleNode*, nsRuleNode::RuleDetail, bool) P5 REOPENED
1043698 Stuck mouse with mozRequestPointerLock and window.close P5 NEW
1045992 crash in mozilla::CycleCollectedJSRuntime::DeferredFinalize(nsISupports*) P5 NEW
1062724 crash in nsAttrAndChildArray::TakeChildAt(unsigned int) -- NEW
1069008 Intermittent test_webapp_clearBrowserData_oop_inproc.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::indexedDB::`anonymous namespace'::Database::ActorDestroy(mozilla::ipc::IProtocolManager<mozilla::ipc::IProtocol>::ActorDestroyReason)] (!mActorDestroyed) P5 NEW
1088482 FileReader.readAsArrayBuffer() crashs on out of memory condition P5 NEW
1120107 Creating large blobs crashes the browser -- UNCONFIRMED
1121206 crash in [@ OOM | large | NS_ABORT_OOM | nsTextFragment::AppendTo] P5 NEW
1134393 Intermittent test_blob_worker_xhr_read_slice.html | timeout and application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::workers::WorkerThread::SetWorker] after "Assertion failure: !mOtherThreadsDispatchingViaEventTarget (XPCOM Dispatch hapenning at the same time our thread" P5 NEW
1139309 Intermittent xpcshell-child-process.ini:dom/indexedDB/test/unit/test_indexes_funny_things.js | application crashed [@ libsystem_kernel.dylib + 0x115da] P5 NEW
1140913 Intermittent test_discovery.js | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::indexedDB::::DatabaseOfflineStorage::~DatabaseOfflineStorage] (Assertion failure: !mRegisteredWithQuotaManager, at dom/indexedDB/ActorsParent.cpp:7976) P5 NEW
1143873 crash in shutdownhang | mozilla::EventDispatcher::Dispatch(nsISupports*, nsPresContext*, mozilla::WidgetEvent*, nsIDOMEvent*, nsEventStatus*, mozilla::EventDispatchingCallback*, nsCOMArray<mozilla::dom::EventTarget>*) -- NEW
1144813 crash in shutdownhang | mozilla::dom::CallbackObject::CallSetup::CallSetup(mozilla::dom::CallbackObject*, mozilla::ErrorResult&, mozilla::dom::CallbackObject::ExceptionHandling, JSCompartment*, bool) -- NEW
1145866 Allocation size overflow P3 NEW
1152924 Intermittent test_closeOnGC.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::workers::WorkerPrivateParent<mozilla::dom::workers::WorkerPrivate>::Thaw(JSContext *,nsPIDOMWindow *)] after "Assertion failure: mParentFrozen, at WorkerPrivate.cpp:3211" P5 REOPENED
1169726 Intermittent mozrunner-startup | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::indexedDB::::QuotaClient::FindDatabasesForIdleMaintenance] (Assertion failure: !databasePaths.Contains(idbFilePath), at ActorsParent.cpp:17232) P5 NEW
1170702 Intermittent test_viewport_resize.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::HTMLSourceElement::WouldMatchMediaForDocument(nsAString_internal const&, nsIDocument const*)] "Assertion failure: pctx (Called for document with no prescontext)" P5 NEW
1184946 Intermittent dom/push/test/test_unregister.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::indexedDB::::ConnectionPool::CloseDatabase] after "Assertion failure: !aDatabaseInfo->TotalTransactionCount(), at ActorsParent.cpp:11154" P5 NEW
1189215 Crash without Crash Reporter coming up. Attached manually captured stack traces P5 UNCONFIRMED
1192060 crash in _wcsicmp P5 NEW
1194538 Intermittent test_bug353539.html,test_bug694503.html,test_localStorageOriginsDiff.html,test_nodelist_holes.html,test_windowedhistoryframes.html, | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::workers::WorkerPrivate::DoRunLoop] P5 NEW
1196087 Intermittent test_bug976311.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::indexedDB::`anonymous namespace'::ConnectionPool::CloseDatabase(mozilla::dom::indexedDB::A0xc05c8310::ConnectionPool::DatabaseInfo *)] P5 NEW
1197540 crash in nsGlobalWindow::InnerSetNewDocument(JSContext*, nsIDocument*) P2 NEW
1203894 Intermittent test_video_dimensions.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::workers::WorkerPrivate::DoRunLoop] P5 NEW
1204909 crash in TraceCallbackFunc::Trace(JS::Heap<T>*, char const*, void*) in nsJSArgArray -- NEW
1207381 Intermittent 371041-1.html | application crashed [@ DebuggerObject_getDisplayName] P5 NEW
1212104 Firefox 44.0a1 Crash [@ nsContentUtils::WrapNative(JSContext*, nsISupports*, nsWrapperCache*, nsID const*, JS::MutableHandle<T>, bool) ] -- UNCONFIRMED
1216175 GC handling in workers is broken | crash in OOM | large | NS_ABORT_OOM | mozilla::dom::CallbackObject::Init P2 REOPENED
1220086 Intermittent test_ipc_messagemanager_blob.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::BlobParent* mozilla::dom::BlobParent::CreateFromParams<mozilla::ipc::PBackgroundParent>(mozilla::ipc::PBackgroundParent*, mozilla::dom::ParentBlobConstructorParams const P5 NEW
1221357 crash in nsHTMLDocument::StartDocumentLoad -- NEW
1227357 Firefox crash using window fatigue -- UNCONFIRMED
1230384 Crash [@ nsTypeAheadFind::GetSearchContainers] with createShadowRoot -- REOPENED
1238702 [e10s] Frequent dom/workers/test/serviceworkers/test_xslt.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::ContentProcessManager::GetTabContextByContentProcess(mozilla::dom::IdType<mozilla::dom::ContentParent> const &)] P5 NEW
1238758 Crash to desktop from javascript execution P5 UNCONFIRMED
1239795 Intermittent test_getElementsByClassName-11.xml | Test timed out. - Test timed out. P5 NEW
1242910 Assertion failure: !win->IsDying(), at XPCJSRuntime.cpp:1443 -- NEW
1244445 Intermittent test_child-src_worker_data.html | application crashed [@ nsCSPContext::SendReports(nsISupports*, nsIURI*, nsAString_internal&, unsigned int, nsAString_internal&, nsAString_internal&, unsigned int)] P3 NEW
1256001 Intermittent test_sibling-off-domain.html,test_zero_opacity.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::workers::WorkerPrivate::DoRunLoop] after Assert failure WorkerPrivate.cpp:4518 P5 NEW
1256081 Intermittent test_peerConnection_verifyAudioAfterRenegotiation.html | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output | application crashed [@ _pthread_mutex_lock + 0x1e] P5 NEW
1259125 Crash in [@ nsINode::Slots | nsNodeWeakReference::Release] → [@ IPCError-browser | ShutDownKill ] P3 NEW
1260757 crash in AssignJSString<T> P5 NEW
1261716 Intermittent test_xhr_withCredentials.html | application terminated with exit code 11 | application crashed [@ mozilla::::RunWatchdog] P5 NEW
1264117 Long IFrame "src" attributes cause crash -- UNCONFIRMED
1266546 crash in mozilla::dom::XULDocument::OnScriptCompileComplete P5 NEW
1267692 crash in shutdownhang | WaitForSingleObjectEx | WaitForSingleObject | PR_WaitCondVar | nsThread::ProcessNextEvent | NS_ProcessNextEvent | mozilla::dom::workers::RuntimeService::Cleanup P3 NEW
1271788 WebAnimations: Assertion failure: (aA != 9223372036854775807i64 || aB != (-9223372036854775807i64 - 1)) && (aA != (-9223372036854775807i64 - 1) || aB != 9223372036854775807i64) ('Infinity + -Infinity' and '-Infinity + Infinity' are undefined) P3 ASSIGNED
1275140 Intermittent test_cleanup_transaction.js | application crashed [@ mozalloc_abort] P5 NEW
1275809 Crash in nsAString_internal::Assign | nsString::nsString | nsFrameLoader::ActivateFrameEvent -- NEW
1275979 Intermittent test_transaction_abort_hang.js | application crashed [@ mozalloc_abort(char const*)] P5 NEW
1276373 Intermittent test_bug600307-DBOps.html | application crashed [@ 0x0][@ nsCycleCollectionParticipant::CanSkip] P5 NEW
1286756 Crash in mozilla::dom::Element::WrapObject P3 NEW
1286904 Crash in `anonymous namespace''::MessageEventRunnable::DispatchDOMEvent P2 NEW
1289739 Crash in nsINode::IsEditableInternal P3 NEW
1294193 Crash in mozilla::EventListenerManager::HandleEventInternal P3 NEW
1301712 Assertion failure: false (NS_SUCCEEDED(mActorTarget->Dispatch(destroyRunnable, nsIEventTarget::DISPATCH_NORMAL))), at dom/ipc/Blob.cpp:2239 P3 NEW
1305287 Intermittent xpcshell-child-process.ini:dom/indexedDB/test/unit/test_create_index_with_integer_keys.js | application crashed [@ mozilla::ipc::BackgroundChildImpl::ProcessingError(mozilla::ipc::HasResultCodes::Result,char const *)] P5 NEW
1306867 Crash in mozilla::TimeStampValue::operator- P3 NEW
1309857 Intermittent /WebCryptoAPI/encrypt_decrypt/rsa.worker | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::RsaHashedKeyAlgorithm::ToObjectInternal] P3 NEW
1313822 Crash in nsTimerImpl::Fire P3 NEW
1313994 Crash [@ nsAttrAndChildArray::IndexOfAttr ] P3 NEW
1314862 Mozilla Firefox 49.0.2 - crash-buffer some tools P3 NEW
1316798 Using in a background tab the browser is hung P2 NEW
1317146 Intermittent xpcshell-child-process.ini:dom/indexedDB/test/unit/test_rename_objectStore_errors.js | application crashed [@ mozilla::ipc::BackgroundChildImpl::ProcessingError(mozilla::ipc::HasResultCodes::Result,char const *)] P5 NEW
1318269 Crash in mozilla::dom::Element::QueryInterface P3 REOPENED
1324563 Crash in OOM | large | NS_ABORT_OOM | nsACString_internal::SetLength P3 NEW
1325918 Crash in mozilla::ipc::BackgroundChildImpl::ProcessingError from PBackgroundChild::SendPServiceWorkerManagerConstructor P3 NEW
1326199 Intermittent test_blob_worker_crash.html | timeout and application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::workers::WorkerThread::SetWorker] after "Assertion failure: !mOtherThreadsDispatchingViaEventTarget (XPCOM Dispatch hapenning at the same time our thread" P5 NEW
1328253 [e10s] crash in nsGlobalWindow::AreDialogsEnabled when the authentication prompt is dismissed a few times P3 UNCONFIRMED
1328545 Crash [@ OOM | small ] with FragmentOrElement.cpp involved P5 NEW
1328566 Crash [@ OOM | large | NS_ABORT_OOM | AppendASCIItoUTF16 | mozilla::dom::NodeBinding::get_nodeValue ] P3 NEW
1332696 Crash in nsGlobalWindow::InsertTimeoutIntoList P3 NEW
1337712 Crashes @ mozilla::dom::Element::UnbindFromTree P3 UNCONFIRMED
1338864 ASAN: null pointer deref in in ShiftData<nsTArrayInfallibleAllocator> (nsTArray-inl.h:260) P2 NEW
1345020 Crash in mozilla::MozPromise<T>::ThenValueBase::AssertIsDead P3 NEW
1347143 Crash in mozilla::ipc::FatalError | mozilla::ipc::IProtocol::HandleFatalError | mozilla::ipc::IProtocol::FatalError | mozilla::dom::cache::PCacheOpParent::Write P3 NEW
1347519 Crash in libsystem_pthread.dylib@0x14fc P2 NEW
1362306 Intermittent dom/browser-element/mochitest/test_browserElement_inproc_Titlechange.html | application crashed [@ 0xd5a3cdee] -- NEW
1364138 Crash in mozilla::dom::Event::~Event P3 NEW
1367501 Crash in mozilla::dom::indexedDB::`anonymous namespace''::GetFileForFileInfo P2 NEW
1373310 Crash in mozilla::net::HttpChannelParent::ConnectChannel P5 NEW
1373912 Crash in mozilla::dom::TimeoutManager::~TimeoutManager P3 NEW
1379542 ASAN: null pointer deref in HasWrapperFlag() P3 NEW
1386058 Permanent false-positive /content-security-policy/frame-src/frame-src-self-unique-origin.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::detail::nsStringRepr::First] -- NEW
1389320 Intermittent dom/events/test/test_wheel_default_action.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::`anonymous namespace'::RunWatchdog] -- NEW
1389451 Crash in nsWrapperCache::GetWrapperPreserveColor P3 REOPENED
1397642 Memory corruption issue - Access violation reading address P2 UNCONFIRMED
1399739 crash near null in [@ ResetAutoDirection] P3 NEW
1401865 Crash in mozilla::dom::XULElementBinding::Wrap P3 NEW
1402364 crash near null in [@ mozilla::IMEStateManager::SetIMEState] P3 NEW
1402733 Crash in mozilla::dom::FetchBody<T>::BeginConsumeBodyMainThread P3 NEW
1403348 Crash in mozilla::dom::ServiceWorkerRegistrar::GetShutdownPhase[STALLED] P2 NEW
1405521 Crash in nsGlobalWindow::ClearDocumentDependentSlots: MOZ_CRASH(Unhandlable OOM while clearing document dependent slots.) P2 NEW
1411494 Intermittent /service-workers/service-worker/fetch-event-redirect.https.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::FetchDriverObserver::OnResponseAvailable] P3 NEW
1418300 Crash in nsINode::GetParentObject P3 NEW
1421492 Null crash [@ mozilla::EventStateManager::SetPointerLock] P3 NEW
1421525 Null crash [@ nsGlobalWindow::ClearDocumentDependentSlots] P2 NEW
1425637 Intermittent mochitest crash | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::FetchDriver::~FetchDriver()] after Assertion failure: mResponseAvailableCalled P3 NEW
1425732 Crash in mozilla::dom::Element::SetAttribute P3 NEW
1426165 Crash in mozilla::dom::FragmentOrElement::DestroyContent P3 NEW
1426991 Intermittent dom/security/test/csp/test_child-src_worker.html | application crashed [@ TimerThread::Run] -- REOPENED
1428062 Near null crash [@ GetPreviousSibling] P2 NEW
1429474 Intermittent any test PROCESS-CRASH | application crashed [@ mozilla::TimeStamp::operator-(mozilla::TimeStamp const &)] after Assertion failure: !aOther.IsNull() (Cannot compute with aOther null value) P3 NEW
1429788 Web storage file size limitation is unsuitable P2 UNCONFIRMED
1430362 Intermittent dom/crypto/test/test_WebCrypto_ECDH.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::net::CacheFile::NotifyListenersAboutOutputRemoval()] P5 REOPENED
1433689 Intermittent linux32-non-e10s dom/push/test/test_serviceworker_lifetime.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::FetchDriver::~FetchDriver] after Assertion failure: mResponseAvailableCalled, at FetchDriver.cpp:360 P3 NEW
1434950 Crash in _EH_prolog3 P2 NEW
1435343 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::workerinternals::RuntimeService::CrashIfHanging]. Shutdown problem in workers. P2 NEW
1435994 Crash in nsTSubstring<T>::Replace P2 ASSIGNED
1436230 Permanent false-positive /shadow-dom/DocumentOrShadowRoot-prototype-elementFromPoint.html | application crashed [@ nsDocument::ElementsFromPointHelper(float,float,unsigned int,nsTArray<RefPtr<mozilla::dom::Element> > &)] -- NEW
1437361 firefox segfaults on first page load with umatrix extension P3 NEW
1443084 Crash in _alldiv P2 NEW
1445438 IPC: crash [@Hdr] P2 NEW
1445974 Crash [@ HasWrapperFlag] P2 NEW
1447858 Intermittent tools/profiler/tests/chrome/test_profile_worker.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::WorkerThread::SetWorker] after Assertion failure: !mOtherThreadsDispatchingViaEventTarget P3 NEW
1454155 Crash in mozilla::ipc::Shmem::OpenExisting P2 NEW
1454370 Infinite memory consumption on programmatic file download P3 NEW
1457433 Intermittent GECKO(1038) | Assertion failure: parsedPolicyStr.Find("default-src") >= 0 (about: page must contain a CSP including default-src), at /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/dom/base/nsDocument.cpp:5415 P3 REOPENED
1458106 Assertion failure: mDestroyCalled, at src/dom/base/nsFrameLoader.cpp:200 P3 NEW
1458411 Intermittent /IndexedDB/idbobjectstore-rename-store.html | application crashed after Assertion failure: !keyUnset (Generated key had a collision!), at /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/dom/indexedDB/ActorsParent.cpp:26370 P3 REOPENED
1458756 Intermittent dom/serviceworkers/test/test_notification_get.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::ServiceWorkerRegistration::ShowNotification] P3 NEW
1466583 Crash in mozilla::dom::WorkerPrivate::RunCurrentSyncLoop P2 NEW
1466600 Crash in mozilla::dom::ServiceWorkerManager::RemoveScopeAndRegistration P2 NEW
1466621 Crash in mozilla::CycleCollectedJSContext::PerformMicroTaskCheckPoint P3 NEW
1467069 Crash when using the element picker in devtools, in Mutation Observers P5 NEW
1468042 Crash in mozilla::dom::ServiceWorkerManager::SendPushEvent P2 NEW
1468541 Crash in AllocInfo::Get<T> P3 NEW
1472262 Assertion failure: deltaToStep > Decimal(0) (stepBelow/stepAbove will be wrong), at /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/dom/html/HTMLInputElement.cpp:4915 P3 NEW
1473684 Crash in mozilla::dom::binding_detail::GenericMethod<T> P3 NEW
1475377 Crash in static <T> core::result::unwrap_failed<T> | static union core::option::Option<T> style::gecko::wrapper::get_animation_rule P3 NEW
1483204 Crash in mozilla::dom::TimeoutManager::RunTimeout P3 NEW
1488480 Crash in nsGlobalWindowInner::InnerSetNewDocument P2 NEW
1488643 Intermittent dom/quota/test/test_simpledb.html | application crashed [@ + 0x1c3dc] after application timed out after 370 seconds with no output P3 REOPENED
1494323 AddressSanitizer: ILL /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/mfbt/Assertions.cpp in MOZ_CrashPrintf near [@ mozilla::dom::WebAuthnTransactionChild::RecvAbort] P3 NEW
1494634 Crash in __crt_strtox::parse_integer<T> P3 NEW
1497543 Crash in mozilla::net::InterceptedHttpChannel::AsyncOpenInternal P2 NEW
1499207 Crash in OOM | large | mozalloc_abort | mozalloc_handle_oom | moz_xrealloc | nsTArray_base<T>::EnsureCapacity<T> | nsContentList::PopulateSelf P3 NEW
1502242 Crash [@GetMutableData] P3 NEW
1503277 [10.14] Crash in shutdownhang | libsystem_kernel.dylib@0x41b2 P3 NEW
1506637 Incorrect OS passwords can cause the browser to crash P3 NEW
1507234 Crash in std::_Func_impl_no_alloc<T>::_Do_call P3 NEW
1507316 DatabaseConnection::UpdateRefcountFunction::ProcessValue: crash when using google docs P3 NEW
1507410 Crash in OOM | large | NS_ABORT_OOM | nsGenericHTMLElement::GetURIAttr P3 NEW
1513143 crash near null in [@ mozilla::dom::WindowGlobalParent::Init] P3 NEW
1517540 Crash in mozilla::perfecthash::Lookup<T> P3 NEW
1518610 Crash in nsGlobalWindowInner::RunTimeoutHandler P3 NEW
1521477 Crash in shutdownhang | mozilla::SpinEventLoopUntil<T> | mozilla::dom::StorageObserver::Observe P3 NEW
1522493 TypedArrays/TextEncoder().encode() crashes Firefox(or the ServiceWorker) inside a ServiceWorker P2 ASSIGNED
1523428 Intermittent /service-workers/service-worker/postmessage-from-waiting-serviceworker.https.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::ShutdownXPCOM(nsIServiceManager *)] P3 NEW
1523751 Intermittent /service-workers/service-worker/fetch-frame-resource.https.html | application crashed [@ mozalloc_abort] P3 NEW
1523825 Intermittent /service-workers/service-worker/fetch-header-visibility.https.html | application crashed [@ mozalloc_abort] P3 NEW
1525403 Error: PPaymentRequest::Msg_RespondPayment Route error: message sent to unknown actor ID [@mozilla::dom::ContentChild::ProcessingError] P2 NEW
1525925 Intermittent dom/workers/test/test_bug1104064.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::XMLHttpRequestWorker::MaybeDispatchPrematureAbortEvents(mozilla::ErrorResult&)] P3 NEW
1528878 Intermittent /kv-storage/api-surface.https.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::ScriptLoader::ProcessOffThreadRequest(mozilla::dom::ScriptLoadRequest*)] | After Assertion failure: aRequest->mProgress == ScriptLoadRequest::Progress::eCompiling P2 NEW
1529184 Crash in [@ shutdownhang | ntdll.dll | kernelbase.dll | mozilla::SpinEventLoopUntil<T> | mozilla::dom::quota::QuotaManager::ShutdownObserver::Observe] P3 NEW
1530223 Crash in mozilla::dom::WorkerPrivate::Notify P2 ASSIGNED
1530464 Intermittent dom/payments/test/test_abortPayment.html | application crashed [@ + 0x8dd27] P3 NEW
1530838 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::UpdateReflectorGlobal] P3 NEW
1532014 Intermittent /service-workers/service-worker/fetch-mixed-content-to-inscope.https.html | application crashed [@ mozalloc_abort] P3 REOPENED
1533415 Intermittent dom/indexedDB/test/test_abort_deleted_index.html | application timed out after 370 seconds with no output P3 REOPENED
1533603 Crash in [@ nsGlobalWindowOuter::GetPrincipalForPostMessage] P5 NEW
1534222 LSNG: Check for maximum message size before calling SendCheckpoint() P2 NEW
1534634 Crash in [@ shutdownhang |] P2 NEW
1535699 Properly clear the client (i.e. window) and controller (i.e. Service Worker) on a load info when performing a "process switch"/"process swap" P1 REOPENED
1535750 Intermittent /IndexedDB/idbobjectstore-rename-store.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::indexedDB::(anonymous namespace)::ObjectStoreAddOrPutRequestOp::DoDatabaseWork(mozilla::dom::indexedDB::(anonymous namespace)::DatabaseConnection*)] P3 NEW
1535921 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::FetchStream::OnInputStreamReady] P3 NEW
1536596 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::quota::`anonymous namespace'::PrincipalVerifier::Run] P1 ASSIGNED
1538368 Intermittent dom/base/crashtests/xhr-with-pagehide-1.html | application crashed [@ + 0x1c3dc] After application timed out after 370 seconds with no output P3 NEW
1540293 Intermittent /FileAPI/url/url-reload.window.html | application crashed [@ libdispatch.dylib + 0x25f5] P5 NEW
1540702 Intermittent /beacon/beacon-navigate.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::PContentParent::SendPParentToChildStreamConstructor(mozilla::ipc::PParentToChildStreamParent*)] P2 REOPENED
1540893 Intermittent dom/tests/mochitest/sessionstorage/test_sessionStorageReplace.html | application crashed [@ dalvik-jit-code-cache (deleted) + 0x325c0] P5 NEW
1540903 Intermittent dom/indexedDB/test/unit/<testname> | application crashed [@ static void `anonymous namespace'::ScriptErrorRunnable::Dump(const class nsTSubstring<char16_t> & const, const class nsTSubstring<char16_t> & const, unsigned int, unsigned int, un P5 NEW
1541776 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::indexedDB::`anonymous namespace'::QuotaClient::ShutdownTimedOut] P1 ASSIGNED
1541928 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::(anonymous namespace)::QuotaClient::ShutdownTimedOut] P1 ASSIGNED
1542037 Crash in [@ mozilla::net::nsIOService::NewChannelFromURIWithProxyFlagsInternal] P3 NEW
1542485 Crash in [@ shutdownhang | mozilla::SpinEventLoopUntil<T> | mozilla::dom::quota::QuotaManager::Observer::Observe] P1 ASSIGNED
1544522 Intermittent | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::ClientSource::MaybeCreateInitialDocument()] P5 NEW
1544683 Intermittent | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::ClientSource::SnapshotState(mozilla::dom::ClientState *)] P3 NEW
1544870 Crash in [@ mozilla::detail::SupportCheckedUnsafePtrImpl<T>::~SupportCheckedUnsafePtrImpl] P2 NEW
1545196 Crash in [@ mozilla::SerializedStructuredCloneBuffer::SerializedStructuredCloneBuffer] due to OOM copying indexedDB::ObjectStoreAddPutParams P2 NEW
1545571 Intermittent backgrounds/vector/wide--auto--nonpercent-width-omitted-height.html | application crashed [@ JS::RuntimeHeapState()] P3 NEW
1546475 Crash in [@ OOM | unknown | mozalloc_abort | mozalloc_handle_oom | moz_xmalloc | nsContentUtils::SerializeNodeToMarkup] P5 NEW
1546670 Intermittent | application crashed [@ nsNodeInfoManager::RemoveNodeInfo(mozilla::dom::NodeInfo *)] P3 NEW
1546731 AddressSanitizer: SEGV /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/obj-firefox/dist/include/nsWrapperCacheInlines.h:14:13 in GetWrapperPreserveColor P2 NEW
1547221 Intermittent /service-workers/service-worker/postmessage-blob-url.https.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::ShutdownXPCOM(nsIServiceManager *)] P2 NEW
1547223 Intermittent dom/base/test/test_messagemanager_targetchain.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::ipc::FatalError(char const*, bool)] P3 NEW
1547270 AddressSanitizer: SEGV in get near [@ mozilla::dom::FragmentOrElement::SetInnerHTMLInternal] P2 NEW
1547990 AddressSanitizer: stack-overflow [@ mozilla::dom::ShadowRoot::Bind] P2 NEW
1548246 Intermittent dom/tests/browser/browser_frame_elements.js | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::BrowsingContext::Detach(bool)] after application terminated with exit code 1 P3 NEW
1549998 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::ContentChild::ProvideWindowCommon] P3 ASSIGNED
1550427 Crash in [@ IPCError-browser | ShutDownKill] from dom::LSObject::GetItem P3 NEW
1551665 Intermittent dom/serviceworkers/test/test_https_origin_after_redirect.html, test_gzip_redirect.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::net::HttpChannelChild::ContinueAsyncOpen()] P3 NEW
1551709 Intermittent PROCESS-CRASH | Main app process exited normally | application crashed [@ memchr] P3 NEW
1552083 Intermittent dom/file/tests/test_blobURL_expiring.html | application crashed [@ + 0x21ad8] P3 NEW
1552395 Intermittent dom/base/test/test_bug298064.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::detail::EntrySlot<js::gc::Cell* const>::setLive<js::gc::Cell*&>(unsigned int, js::gc::Cell*&)] after application terminated with exit code 1 P3 NEW
1552663 Intermittent dom/crypto/test/<test_name> | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::WorkerThread::SetWorker(mozilla::dom::WorkerThreadFriendKey const&, mozilla::dom::WorkerPrivate*)] P3 NEW
1552800 Intermittent dom/indexedDB/test/unit/test_clear.js | application crashed [@ Dump] P5 NEW
1552891 Intermittent TV dom/events/test/test_bug574663.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::layers::CompositorBridgeParent::SetTestSampleTime(mozilla::layers::LayersId const&, mozilla::TimeStamp const&)] after application terminated with exit code 11 P3 NEW
1553907 Intermittent dom/workers/test/test_notification_child.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::WorkerRunnable::Run()] P3 NEW
1553983 Intermittent PROCESS-CRASH | Main app process exited normally | application crashed [@ js::ContextChecks::check(JSObject *,int)] -- NEW
1554181 Intermittent dom/serviceworkers/test/test_self_update_worker.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::MozPromise<mozilla::dom::ServiceWorkerRegistrationDescriptor, mozilla::CopyableErrorResult, false>::~MozPromise()] P3 NEW
1555191 Intermittent tier 2 mozrunner-startup | application crashed [@ mozilla::net::HttpChannelChild::ContinueAsyncOpen()] P3 NEW
1556898 Intermittent dom/localstorage/test/test_largeItems.html | application crashed [@ + 0x8c66a] | After application timed out after 370 seconds with no output P3 NEW
1556905 Intermittent /html/browsers/the-window-object/garbage-collection-and-browsing-contexts/discard_iframe_history_3.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::BrowserChild::GetTabId() const] | After A content process crashed and MOZ_CRASHREPORTER_SHUTDOWN is P5 NEW
1556912 Intermittent mozrunner-startup | application crashed [@ mozilla::MediaCacheStream::NotifyDataStartedInternal(unsigned int, long, bool, long)] P3 NEW
1557496 Intermittent mozrunner-startup | application crashed [@ malloc_init()] P2 NEW
1557552 Intermittent dom/tests/mochitest/dom-level1-core/test_nodeappendchildgetnodename.html | application crashed [@ + 0x8c66a] after P5 NEW
1557863 Intermittent mozrunner-startup | application crashed [@ PLDHashTable::Search(void const*) const] P2 NEW
1558020 Intermittent dom/file/ipc/tests/browser_ipcBlob.js | application crashed [@ NS_CopySegmentToBuffer(nsIInputStream*, void*, char const*, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int*)] after application terminated with exit code 11 P2 NEW
1559406 Intermittent PROCESS-CRASH | Main app process exited normally | application crashed [@ VCRUNTIME140.dll + 0x1ce0] P5 NEW
1559663 Crash in [@ nsFocusManager::ActivateRemoteFrameIfNeeded] P2 NEW
1559890 Crash in [@ PLDHashTable::Search | mozilla::dom::quota::QuotaObject::Release] P2 NEW
1560615 Intermittent Tier 2 Android 7 mozrunner-startup | application crashed [@ arena_t::Malloc(unsigned long, bool)] P3 NEW
1560641 Intermittent mozrunner-startup | <test-name> | application crashed [@ nsWindow::LayerViewSupport::OnDetach(already_AddRefed<mozilla::Runnable>)::{lambda()#1}::operator()() const] P2 NEW
1560709 Intermittent /html/semantics/document-metadata/the-meta-element/pragma-directives/attr-meta-http-equiv-refresh/parsing.html?111-120 | application crashed [@ mozilla::net::CacheFile::Init(nsTSubstring<char> const &,bool,bool,bool,bool,bool,mozilla::ne P5 NEW
1560947 Intermittent toolkit/components/antitracking/test/browser/browser_permissionInPrivateWindows.js | application crashed [@ js::ObjectGroup::defaultNewGroup(JSContext*, js::Class const*, js::TaggedProto, JSObject*)] after exit code 1 P3 NEW
1560963 Crash in [@ nsGlobalWindowOuter::Dispatch] P3 NEW
1561139 Intermittent /eventsource/dedicated-worker/eventsource-prototype.htm | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::EventSourceImpl::ReadyState()] P5 NEW
1561751 Intermittent mozrunner-startup | application crashed [@ mozilla::net::HttpChannelParent::OnProgress(nsIRequest*, nsISupports*, long, long)] P3 NEW
1561986 Intermittent /WebCryptoAPI/encrypt_decrypt/aes_gcm.https.worker.html | application crashed [@ JS::RuntimeHeapState()] P3 NEW
1562930 Intermittent dom/tests/mochitest/fetch/test_readableStreams.html | application crashed [@ JS_SetPrivate(JSObject*, void*)] -- NEW
1562987 Intermittent mozrunner-startup | application crashed [@ JS::ReadableStreamReleaseCCObject(JSObject*)] P3 NEW
1563647 Intermittent mozrunner-startup | application crashed [@ arena_t::AllocRun(unsigned long, bool, bool)] P5 NEW
1563882 Intermittent netwerk/test/mochitests/test_samedomain.html | application crashed [@ 0x0] P5 NEW
1564621 Intermittent <test-name> | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::ScreenOrientation::~ScreenOrientation()] -- NEW
1564700 Intermittent dom/workers/test/test_bug949946.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::WorkerPrivate::ModifyBusyCount(bool)] P3 NEW
1565020 Intermittent mozrunner-startup | application crashed [@ RedBlackTree<arena_chunk_map_t, ArenaAvailTreeTrait>::Remove(RedBlackTree<arena_chunk_map_t, ArenaAvailTreeTrait>::TreeNode)] P5 NEW
1565866 Intermittent mozrunner-startup | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::WorkerThread::SetWorker(mozilla::dom::WorkerThreadFriendKey const&, mozilla::dom::WorkerPrivate*)] P3 NEW
1565903 Intermittent mozrunner-startup | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::indexedDB::(anonymous namespace)::ObjectStoreAddOrPutRequestOp::DoDatabaseWork(mozilla::dom::indexedDB::(anonymous namespace)::DatabaseConnection*)] P3 NEW
1566242 Intermittent PROCESS-CRASH | Main app process exited normally | application crashed [@ mozilla::ipc::BackgroundChildImpl::ProcessingError(mozilla::ipc::HasResultCodes::Result, char const*)] P3 NEW
1566438 Crash in [@ nsGlobalWindowInner::EventListenerAdded] -- NEW

284 Total; 284 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);


Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
1243998 Leak with accessibility, document.fonts, and geolocation prompt in background P5 NEW
1352061 mouseover-event not fired if "overflow: hidden;" is applied and mouse button is pressed P3 NEW
1378149 Performance Regressions in IE Test Drive Benchmarks P3 NEW
1417308 Navigation timing responseStart reported wrong P3 NEW
1419263 element.value = '' does not change the value P3 UNCONFIRMED
1473566 Intermittent Copy-using-keyboard-shortcut failure P3 NEW
1532009 Assertion failure: mState == eClosed, at /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/ipc/glue/IPCStreamSource.cpp:101 P3 NEW
1536385 Popup opened from sandboxed iframe that allows for sandbox escaping does not execute script P3 NEW
1558197 TEST-UNEXPECTED-TIMEOUT | /upgrade-insecure-requests/worker-subresource-fetch-redirect-upgrade.https.html | insecure/cross-origin => insecure/cross-origin fetch - Test timed out when Gecko 69 merges to Beta on 2019-07-01 P1 ASSIGNED
1562156 [Fission] Reddit Sign Up password field cannot be interacted with if Fission is activated P2 NEW
1562168 [Fission] Facebook games are not working properly if Fission is activated -- NEW

11 Total; 11 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Recent Reports

Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
1559806 Add IndexedDB tests for geometry interfaces including DOMMatrix etc. -- UNCONFIRMED
1559996 Link rel=prefetch may fire onload without sending network request. P2 UNCONFIRMED
1560488 self.serviceWorker within service worker P3 UNCONFIRMED
1561820 Browser hang's on excessive download attempts P2 UNCONFIRMED
1562620 Windows 1903 U2F prompt closes extension popup (browserAction) window -- UNCONFIRMED
1562908 Provide content security policy hash and CSP header value in error message P3 UNCONFIRMED
1563200 macOS focus event not triggered on mousedown -- UNCONFIRMED
1563236 WebCrypto unwrapKey does not work with AES-KW wrapped keys -- UNCONFIRMED
1563747 Starting navigating to a cross-origin download causes same-origin XHRs to be sent unauthenticated -- UNCONFIRMED
1563951 Web Push Notifications Event: notificationclose event is triggered when clicked the notification P3 UNCONFIRMED
1564593 Enabling first party isolation breaks WebExtension IndexedDB storage -- UNCONFIRMED
1566404 CVE-2019-11730 causes icon fonts & web fonts to break for HTML files that are run locally -- UNCONFIRMED
1566420 X-Frame-Options Allow-From no error message -- UNCONFIRMED

13 Total; 13 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Stale Reports

Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
221489 can't stop event bubbling when using function keys, browser keep on doing normal behavior P5 UNCONFIRMED
224970 "onresize" inline HTML event doesn't function on FRAME P3 UNCONFIRMED
238008 Disabling contextMenu should also not fire onMouseDown Events -- UNCONFIRMED
242763 eventPhase property of event object was "2"(Target Phase) even though Bubble Phase when object is the target object of event -- UNCONFIRMED
246409 NS_KEY_PRESS events should always have a keyCode P5 UNCONFIRMED
257870 Keypress not recognised as user event for popup blocker P3 UNCONFIRMED
279314 click event occurs in certain cases when it shouldn't P5 UNCONFIRMED
289165 onmouseout() generates onmouseover() when onmouseover() is not set P5 UNCONFIRMED
297134 Using setTimeout workaround for select() in onBlur event causes bizarre behaviour if Firefox loses and regains focus -- UNCONFIRMED
301538 cannot dispatch "command" event (event data stored as code) P5 UNCONFIRMED
305915 window.location.reload() does not throw an error on server failure to deliver. P5 UNCONFIRMED
306517 mouseup fails to fire when part of a table is selected P5 UNCONFIRMED
308399 CPU at 100% when minimize the Window and reopen the Window if run some javascript codes including document.write P5 UNCONFIRMED
314870 possibly incorrect value of ctrlKey of a keydown event when pressing control key P5 UNCONFIRMED
316809 Keydown event not fired on table P5 UNCONFIRMED
317727 Webpage Forces a first window overtop of a second window, including the preferences window, if "raise or lower windows" is enabled in javascript settings. P5 UNCONFIRMED
318304 sizeToContent fails on 2nd P5 UNCONFIRMED
318615 Click and drag on empty portion of DIV - events don't fire P5 UNCONFIRMED
329547 mouse events not generated for embed tag inside an object tag P5 UNCONFIRMED
332524 Textarea submitting incorrect string under wrap=hard P3 UNCONFIRMED
336717 DIVs on top of Flash lose onMouseOut event P5 UNCONFIRMED
337172 Can't cancel ctrl+tab on keydown P5 UNCONFIRMED
337965 Ctrl key doesn't fire keydown (and keyup) event P5 UNCONFIRMED
337975 Non printing synthesized key events are not handled (e.g. arrow keys in textarea) P5 UNCONFIRMED
337982 keydown action bug P5 UNCONFIRMED
339573 TAB key focuses the next field in HTML form onChange event even if return value for the event was false P5 UNCONFIRMED
339799 Shifting the focus results in orphaned menus P5 UNCONFIRMED
340158 Multiple SUBMITs performed when Submit Button "pushed" with Spacebar P5 UNCONFIRMED
342561 Text input field change detected with asymmetrical checkpoints (before focus and before blur) P5 UNCONFIRMED
344224 window.status set from link's mouseover event should evaporate automatically (without onmouseout event) P5 UNCONFIRMED
345604 Assertions when trying to use events P5 UNCONFIRMED
346670 DOMContentLoaded is not being fired for Javascript-created pages P5 UNCONFIRMED
346860 Dragging an object from a div with position absolute and overlow auto doesn't propagate events P5 UNCONFIRMED
350850 onload handler fires with DOM manipulation, but without reloading P5 UNCONFIRMED
351934 The button's event property is undefined under FF2.0 and TB2.0 P5 UNCONFIRMED
352517 javascript keeps firing on onkeyup, long after firing, infinite loop P5 UNCONFIRMED
353305 First triggered event skips listener P5 UNCONFIRMED
360875 Mouseout event triggered for parent when mouseover on autocomplete drop down -- UNCONFIRMED
362303 window.opener property erased after posting from a popup P5 UNCONFIRMED
364081 Window opened with alwaysLowered=yes feature does not stay lowered P5 UNCONFIRMED
372670 onkeydown for modifiers is only fired every second time P5 UNCONFIRMED
373776 Scrolling does not correctly fire repeated DOM events but only seems to fire a 'start' and 'end' event -- UNCONFIRMED
377533 Firefox does not support run-time javascript file handling. P5 UNCONFIRMED
379095 mouseout event in embedded (X)HTML document fails to fire P5 UNCONFIRMED
379642 javascript onkeydown/onkeyup event not triggered for multiple non control keys simultaneously pressed on linux. P5 UNCONFIRMED
380050 Script-defined (expando) property for HTML element cannot be deleted ("Security Manager vetoed action") P5 UNCONFIRMED
384557 Line breaks in textarea's defaultValue are handled differently from those in value P5 UNCONFIRMED
387922 Bug in nsGenericHTMLElement::GetOffsetRect() causing deviations in Position and Dimention calculations P5 UNCONFIRMED
389007 FF throws "Component returned failure" exception when submiting dynamically created form in JavaScript P5 UNCONFIRMED
389704 Large memory leak when changing textarea.value P5 UNCONFIRMED
402702 broken handing onkeyup when you type text too fast in input P5 UNCONFIRMED
406752 Esc key kan not be cancelled P5 UNCONFIRMED
407880 error console should throw up a warning when pre-dom1 javascript element fetching is used P5 UNCONFIRMED
409198 No events when setting menulist value with JS P5 UNCONFIRMED
411031 LayerX/Y properties are incorrectly calculated when a event is manually dispatched (initmouseevent) P5 UNCONFIRMED
417474 Popups are not placed in the correct location P5 UNCONFIRMED
421297 New restriction on setting element Style properties P5 UNCONFIRMED
422295 CSS :focus{overflow:hidden} breaks click event handling on input elements P5 UNCONFIRMED
429997 onscroll event is not sent often enough in fx3 P5 UNCONFIRMED
430967 dump() is fully buffered P5 UNCONFIRMED
433356 FF 3 sends a mouseup event when using selecting using a select control; FF2 doesn't. P5 UNCONFIRMED
445844 Javascript event (function) not working as expected P5 UNCONFIRMED
447769 No built-in way to retrieve information about what events a DOM node listens to P5 UNCONFIRMED
451755 Are mouse out event's always triggered? P5 UNCONFIRMED
457853 DOMMouseScroll multiple fires P5 UNCONFIRMED
457998 DOM focus() and blur() tests fail. P5 UNCONFIRMED
458617 div.offsetWidth value WRONG (too small) -- causes text wrapping P5 UNCONFIRMED
463083 When using the bold html tags it appears on that the text goes away. P5 UNCONFIRMED
463908 DOM Load throws Security Error 1000 from an extension P5 UNCONFIRMED
470372 DOMNodeInserted event doesn't fire on DIV where event listener was added to a DOM element accessible via window.content P5 UNCONFIRMED
476519 After clicking an input image the form cannot be submitted via script P5 UNCONFIRMED
478004 flash component loses focus when you scroll the page P5 UNCONFIRMED
478277 Firefox 3 onload and DOMContentLoaded event firing before the page is fully loaded (2). P5 UNCONFIRMED
479664 some pages with a div set to 'display:table-row' have wrong client width for that div P5 UNCONFIRMED
483194 Location of the parent window cannot be changed from Javascript P5 UNCONFIRMED
483386 javascript:window.close() not closing window P5 UNCONFIRMED
484570 key wrong binded for '=' under javascript event P5 UNCONFIRMED
485842 Popup blocker fails to block popups which open in the background while firefox browse window is open. P5 UNCONFIRMED
486067 setting window.opener to null does not hide MessageEvent.origin P5 UNCONFIRMED
489197 elementFromPoint returning HTML instead of BODY element P5 UNCONFIRMED
492551 offsetLeft and offsetTop of a position:absolute element is off by the offsetParent's border. P5 UNCONFIRMED
503359 Spry Links using CSS and javascript don't work P5 UNCONFIRMED
515145 contentWindow.document not immediately available in a programmatically created iframe P5 UNCONFIRMED
516774 Invalid onclick event handler execution order when BODY is involved. P5 UNCONFIRMED
517577 'setTimeout()' doesn't recall for global functions in Firefox. P5 UNCONFIRMED
520001 range.surroundContents throws 0x805c0001 if a <span> is in the range. P5 UNCONFIRMED
523376 Event Bubble and Capture phase are reversed on target (eventPhase=2) P5 UNCONFIRMED
524360 Pressing of escape key will auto - reinput the value which has been modified during onkeyup event P5 UNCONFIRMED
530054 Iframe with fields (input type, textarea) doesn't fire onchange/onblur events and not recovery values. P5 UNCONFIRMED
532579 Drag and drop of content in contenteditable fails in XHTML P5 UNCONFIRMED
538963 Writability check on rows 128 and 129 in swfobject 2.2 makes subsequent call to document.body.removeChild excruciatingly slow P5 UNCONFIRMED
544923 window.close() should work for browser windows created from the command line P5 UNCONFIRMED
546187 Websites can hijack text copying P5 UNCONFIRMED
552695 DOM Range getClientRects returns questionable position inside wrapped text P5 UNCONFIRMED
568050 DOMContentLoaded: firing before document loaded, upon user action P5 UNCONFIRMED
575703 Focus event does not fire on the bubble phase using FF3.6+ P5 UNCONFIRMED
587536 There should allowVideos and allowAudios in the docshell to allow developers stop loading such resources P5 UNCONFIRMED
596143 element.dispatchEvent() doesn't synthesize navigation keys P5 UNCONFIRMED
599642 enable DOMActivate for all focusable elements P5 UNCONFIRMED
620625 mousemove events are not fired while dragging resizer P5 UNCONFIRMED
626613 'onload' event for images is fired when loading begins, and not when it's finished -- UNCONFIRMED
629504 IndexedDB needs an admin interface P3 UNCONFIRMED
635832 Reduce string copying from nsHTMLSharedElement::GetHref P5 UNCONFIRMED
637319 Fire load event for inline scripts P5 UNCONFIRMED
645097 KeyboardEvent.constants.DOM_VK_ENTER is 14, not 13 -- UNCONFIRMED
650740 Firefox does not show full view of an element P5 UNCONFIRMED
654740 Benchmark - Failure to give focus to anchors, not triggering event listeners P5 UNCONFIRMED
655024 DOM in FX4 and SM 2.1b3: modal dialogs (alert/prompt/confirm) are not shown from window.unload handlers when the app window is being closed P5 UNCONFIRMED
657265 Input goes to wrong element if focus changes during keypress P5 UNCONFIRMED
662169 Should set Accept header to object/@type when fetching remote object -- UNCONFIRMED
670322 event.PageX gives wrong results when page is zoomed in/out P5 UNCONFIRMED
673379 event.keyCode returns wrong code on United Kingdom keyboard P3 UNCONFIRMED
674292 Drop support for UIEvent.layerX and UIEvent.layerY P5 UNCONFIRMED
677123 add "DOMParser" to webworkers -- UNCONFIRMED
694839 IMG.complete must return false (not HTML5 compliant) P5 UNCONFIRMED
696885 DOMContentLoaded attached on appcontent, fires for an orphaned doc, already replaced in the dom tree P5 UNCONFIRMED
700123 Keyboard Lock P3 UNCONFIRMED
701648 Onresize event should fire on CSS-enabled resize P5 UNCONFIRMED
702380 Provide interface to allow control of do-not-track signal on a per-site basis P5 UNCONFIRMED
706770 let setAttributeNS() only set the attribute value (not its prefix) P5 UNCONFIRMED
729023 Triggering contextual error message for inputs P5 UNCONFIRMED
731941 alt+e on keydown only fires the alt keydown P5 UNCONFIRMED
732694 KeyEvent for tab key not work P5 UNCONFIRMED
738105 DOM 3 Event, mousedown and mouseup default actions P5 UNCONFIRMED
740012 dispatched keyboard events are not working P5 UNCONFIRMED
742654 Registering a Protocol and Content handler is not implementing the schemes(http/https) as different origins P5 UNCONFIRMED
751051 FF>3 accept="image/*" array is not configurable P5 UNCONFIRMED
753536 Focusing page after focusing the Location Bar doesn't refocus any frames you previously had focused P5 UNCONFIRMED
754607 Problem with onmouseup event P5 UNCONFIRMED
757913 worker with timeout modal box P5 UNCONFIRMED
758042 Worker messages received drifted from the order being sent P5 UNCONFIRMED
771241 The :active pseudo class is turned off by event.preventDefault() for the mouseover event (for an absolutely positioned element nested within another absolutely positioned element) P5 UNCONFIRMED
785243 script execution order is incorrect if a script contains a sync xhr call P5 UNCONFIRMED
791080 Reload after Undo Close for POST'd content results in GET P5 UNCONFIRMED
792547 IndexedDB data insert increases as number of records is increased P5 UNCONFIRMED
798766 Javascript mousemove event only fires sporadically on ubuntu 12.04. P5 UNCONFIRMED
804502 IndexedDB: permission on multiple connections at once P5 UNCONFIRMED
804889 Any html elements having `src` attribute should support `defer`(async load), NOT only the <script> P5 UNCONFIRMED
807298 element.dispatchEvent returns false instead of true P5 UNCONFIRMED
809410 onkeydown not matched by onkeyup when AltGr is pressed on Windows P3 UNCONFIRMED
814144 Server Sent Event doesn't always retry -- UNCONFIRMED
816437 spacebar triggers click event on wrong element P5 UNCONFIRMED
818185 Onkeydown/up fire wrong values for some keys under Windows P5 UNCONFIRMED
824870 Provide preference to set deltaMode value of DOM WheelEvent P3 UNCONFIRMED
827709 Text selection prevents the CSS 'pointer-events' rule being applied. P5 UNCONFIRMED
830072 IndexedDB does not honor network.cookie.lifetimePolicy P5 UNCONFIRMED
830076 <noscript>-content is not rendered in sandboxed iframe P5 UNCONFIRMED
833798 html5 video-tag on-error event fails in some conditions P5 UNCONFIRMED
837141 horrible performance storing indexeddb blobs P5 UNCONFIRMED
843554 Firefox checkbox change\click event order is non-standard -- UNCONFIRMED
849605 Dynamic change to iframe's "location.href" is not properly maintained in DOM P5 UNCONFIRMED
855737 Button disabled still disabled after reload page P5 UNCONFIRMED
862689 No onerror event on deleting a nonexistent database P5 UNCONFIRMED
868395 Have event target chain accessible from the event object? P3 UNCONFIRMED
870645 IndexedDB asynchronous operations fail to complete when browser is closed P5 UNCONFIRMED
873874 Modified mousedown events blocked, polluted, or misreported P5 UNCONFIRMED
874022 dragleave not fired for removed elements P5 UNCONFIRMED
876742 JS performance regression beginning with AU91 P5 UNCONFIRMED
884883 preventDefault() on swipe event should prevent scrolling but doesn't P5 UNCONFIRMED
890094 mouseout not emitted when element moved in dom P5 UNCONFIRMED
890505 The capability of listing event listeners on an element in order to be able to unbind them P5 UNCONFIRMED
897860 calling removeEventListener during listener execution shall not remove it from the list P5 UNCONFIRMED
906393 getData() in drag-and-drop event handler does not return empty string when drag data store is in protected mode. P5 UNCONFIRMED
906415 Drag data store mode is wrong in dragover and dragend event P5 UNCONFIRMED
913596 CSP violation reports do not authenticate with NTLM P4 UNCONFIRMED
915603 Firefox ignores click on Continue button with Mixed Active Content block on GET form submit -- UNCONFIRMED
919631 drageenter and dragleave are not fired in balanced pairs. -- UNCONFIRMED
921209 compositionend event fires when it shouldn't -- UNCONFIRMED
923389 Focus does not back on web page after printing from FireFox PrintDialog. P5 UNCONFIRMED
923774 "beforeunload" triggered on documents before "close" on browser window P5 UNCONFIRMED
923846 Firefox is mangling objects in unexpected ways (Worker example). P5 UNCONFIRMED
925906 MozSwipeGesture event no longer fires when no browser back history P5 UNCONFIRMED
929890 HTMLMediaElement.preload returns the empty string instead of e.g. "preload" P5 UNCONFIRMED
932345 IndexedDatabaseManager::InitWindowless fails with NS_ERROR_FAILURE in FF27 P5 UNCONFIRMED
932897 Focus method should dispatch associated focus event synchronously P5 UNCONFIRMED
933186 Cross-compilation with Apple's GCC is broken in ESR 17.0.10 P5 UNCONFIRMED
935365 (web compat) window.scrollTo() should not throw an error when called with 0 or 1 arguments P5 UNCONFIRMED
941297 Firefox 25 crashes when run WebWorker with infinityloop P5 UNCONFIRMED
944414 xul <browser> element should not care for x-frame-options -- UNCONFIRMED
949361 Setting of out-of-range? unsigned long IDL attributes not handled per spec P5 UNCONFIRMED
951805 Alert does not block UI thread execution P5 UNCONFIRMED
953066 iframes may trigger mousemove event just *after* becoming invisible P5 UNCONFIRMED
961708 Transiction to select from options list fire an event but not a event.FromElement P5 UNCONFIRMED
962990 input onblur weird problem P5 UNCONFIRMED
966794 indexed db - object store creation on the transaction do not work P5 UNCONFIRMED
967221 Firefox onDrag Event is missing correct position values P3 UNCONFIRMED
968700 High memory usage due to FCKEditor P5 UNCONFIRMED
973168 if keydown and keyup listener, if type two keys real fast togather, keydown doent fire P5 UNCONFIRMED
974974 New Firefox menu buttons do not trigger command events P5 UNCONFIRMED
979634 IndexedDB throwing UnknownError erratically P5 UNCONFIRMED
980863 Hidden input value gets saved/restore on refresh P5 UNCONFIRMED
982184 HTTP request for Webworker script omits referer header P5 UNCONFIRMED
987799 Huge memory leak after terminating a web worker P5 UNCONFIRMED
989061 Checkbox not in DOM does not change state P5 UNCONFIRMED
992676 onerror handler doesn't give access to event object P5 UNCONFIRMED
992703 User Interface Event Types and their inheritance P5 UNCONFIRMED
995628 DDos from the browser through Web Worker P5 UNCONFIRMED
1001610 getSelection should be null after tabbing out of a selection P5 UNCONFIRMED
1004895 mouseup does not trigger a click event on the current item P5 UNCONFIRMED
1005548 The overall performance of Firefox is bad, scrolling or panning movement isn't smooth -- UNCONFIRMED
1005634 IndexedDB same-origin policy implementation for local files with query string P5 UNCONFIRMED
1006163 Number spinners not affecting scrollWidth properties for input[type="number"] P5 UNCONFIRMED
1006325 Modify input placeholder by javascript will fire mouseover event P5 UNCONFIRMED
1011860 select: cancelling onkeydown doesn't cancel arrow button clicks P5 UNCONFIRMED
1013528 Pressing The Escape Key in the system file browser also fires the main window's keyup event -- UNCONFIRMED
1014004 is text node in click event after hiding parent in mouseup event P5 UNCONFIRMED
1015198 adding child to droptarget on dragenter fires additional dragenter P5 UNCONFIRMED
1016984 Too much I/O for simple IndexedDB transactions P5 UNCONFIRMED
1019079 302'd Images in conjuction with load events and CSS transitions do not act properly P5 UNCONFIRMED
1022088 Select element with title attribute, drop down list always shows that title value P3 UNCONFIRMED
1025582 CORS request intermittently fails after refreshing page rapidly -- UNCONFIRMED
1026552 filehandle getMetadata does not return any result P5 UNCONFIRMED
1027207 The mappings of the PS3 gamepad are all wrong(Apart from the Analog sticks) P5 UNCONFIRMED
1027219 Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2's facebutton mappings are off as are the axes, the d-pad is unmapped. P5 UNCONFIRMED
1036408 mouseout event fires erroneously when file upload dialog is open P5 UNCONFIRMED
1037941 Selection of text in <label> interferes with focusing the labeled control -- UNCONFIRMED
1045635 `blur` that happens because of a mouse click is sent to the element that is inserted and focused during `mousedown` that is fired for the same click P5 UNCONFIRMED
1048930 Anchor, Area & Link elements should be selected by :enabled CSS Selector when 'href' attribute is set P5 UNCONFIRMED
1050027 Dynamically inserting a selected option into a <select> behaves weirdly, P5 UNCONFIRMED
1062403 [HTML5] Color input doesn't fire change event when needed P5 UNCONFIRMED
1068430 window.scroll to a number outside the signed 32-bit integer range has odd behavior P5 UNCONFIRMED
1077411 Combining Accents do not work with KeyboardEvent on Linux P5 UNCONFIRMED
1079753 navigator.mimeTypes is empty in an iframe sandbox -- UNCONFIRMED
1084610 Gamepad API gamepadconnected event always shows buttons as not pressed, even when they are pressed down when the controller is connected P5 UNCONFIRMED
1089683 input type="email" allows cyrillic in username part of username@email.tld -- UNCONFIRMED
1097732 Drag-and-Drop event handler not called for object-tags P5 UNCONFIRMED
1101296 onbeforeunload and Back button P5 UNCONFIRMED
1103360 Scripts are getting rendered from image files P2 UNCONFIRMED
1107985 WheelEvent constructor doesn't set mozMovementX/Y, layerX/Y and mozInputSource P5 UNCONFIRMED
1108543 Broken references via window.frames P5 UNCONFIRMED
1111313 Allow "Browse…" button-text to be customized, on <input type="file"> button P5 UNCONFIRMED
1111510 Resize event not fired if switching to another tab after resizing browser window P5 UNCONFIRMED
1112576 Accessing IndexedDB within a blank tab throws "Illegal value" Exception P5 UNCONFIRMED
1112889 Firefox reports a CSP violation when using the "onload" attribute on a div -- UNCONFIRMED
1126220 DOMSubtreeModified event handler 100% CPU usage P5 UNCONFIRMED
1131785 Event.timeStamp measures microseconds, should be milliseconds P5 UNCONFIRMED
1144121 Emit event after enabling input P5 UNCONFIRMED
1165505 Remember password prompt disabling onchange -- UNCONFIRMED
1170275 Copy event doesn't fire in certain conditions -- UNCONFIRMED
1170580 click events not delivered with trivial CSS class change P4 UNCONFIRMED
1171093 Right-clicking on link brings up context-menu AND opens link P5 UNCONFIRMED
1171271 indexeddb data gone actorsparent P5 UNCONFIRMED
1175351 Inserting element into a container that has display: table cause scroll event to be fired on contained textarea -- UNCONFIRMED
1176510 Popups from a Site that is in the "Allowed List" (whitelist) are blocked, starting with the n-th popup (dom.popup_maximum) -- UNCONFIRMED
1176706 Async write to blank document in new window is ignored if there were no sync write. -- UNCONFIRMED
1176801 gamma and beta in orientation events are reported wrong in landscape orientation P3 UNCONFIRMED
1178759 Keypress event when 'Enter' key is pressed has charCode set to 0 -- UNCONFIRMED
1189215 Crash without Crash Reporter coming up. Attached manually captured stack traces P5 UNCONFIRMED
1192657 throbber shown for ajax -- UNCONFIRMED
1192789 :hover event triggers on other elements when input select field is open -- UNCONFIRMED
1194170 Something in profile causes indexedDB InvalidStateError "A mutation operation was attempted on a database that did not allow mutations." P3 UNCONFIRMED
1197572 Indexeddb fails with unkown error on low (<500MB) free disk space P5 UNCONFIRMED
1200127 Disabled fieldset stops event bubbling from its legend -- UNCONFIRMED
1203095 ondrop: XMLHttpRequestProgressEvent message undefined when dropping blocked file -- UNCONFIRMED
1203368 ondragstart cursor title or image -- UNCONFIRMED
1210025 Consider moving <input>'s validation message position from borders of border-box to borders of content-box -- UNCONFIRMED
1214368 Swipes and pinches should not be translated into wheel and zoom events on Windows/Surface P5 UNCONFIRMED
1217257 [indexedDB]UnknownError is thrown from indexedDB when 2 different Firefox coexist P5 UNCONFIRMED
1219825 Combobox internal state is inconsistent when set via javascript -- UNCONFIRMED
1220143 .focus() in onkeydown handler causes a click event on a link when pressing the Enter key P3 UNCONFIRMED
1220167 document.querySelector(':target') fails to select :target element before page load -- UNCONFIRMED
1221047 Version 41.0.2 on Win requires Access-Control-Allow-Origin for the same domain. -- UNCONFIRMED
1221757 number input value property is not updating when entering number and period -- UNCONFIRMED
1223414 [Enhancement] Expose modern 'wheel' event parameters -- UNCONFIRMED
1223457 Synchronous AJAX requests break event processing -- UNCONFIRMED
1225878 onprogress event not fired correctly -- UNCONFIRMED
1226835 Focusing on iframe fails in certain event listeners -- UNCONFIRMED
1228669 Lost click event if :focus selector adds :after element -- UNCONFIRMED
1229143 Not receiving click event on the common ancestor of two elements -- UNCONFIRMED
1230472 Input events are lost after running for some time -- UNCONFIRMED
1231070 size and position specs are not honored -- UNCONFIRMED
1234152 Alternative of nsClipboardCommand::IsCommandEnabled("copy"/"cut") -- UNCONFIRMED
1238471 event.dataTransfer.setDragImage(image, xOffset, yOffset); -- UNCONFIRMED
1240553 document.execCommand insertHTML loses the startContainer instance -- UNCONFIRMED
1241834 Enhancement request: Quota Management API implementation in indexedDB P3 UNCONFIRMED
1249947 takes 15 seconds for html5 videos to enter fullscreen -- UNCONFIRMED
1257436 firefox does not run javascript on submit -- UNCONFIRMED
1257437 allow separate pop-up windows to be turned into tabs -- UNCONFIRMED
1259357 mouseup event target is wrong when the mousedown element is in overflow:hidden P3 UNCONFIRMED
1264117 Long IFrame "src" attributes cause crash -- UNCONFIRMED
1267506 Data folder in storage/default breaks IndexedDB after upgrade to 45.0 P3 UNCONFIRMED
1272328 Autofocus doesn't work in iframe after navigation P5 UNCONFIRMED
1274607 UnbindFromTree is extremely slow with deep DOM trees, leads to aborted shutdown -- UNCONFIRMED
1277966 setting scrollTop to values larger than 2^31-1 (max signed 32-bit int) leads to overflow P3 UNCONFIRMED
1291179 The html datalist search not working like chrome? P5 UNCONFIRMED
1292897 title of form input takes precedent over custom validity text P3 UNCONFIRMED
1308614 Web NFC support P3 UNCONFIRMED
1309482 refetched when set to same value P3 UNCONFIRMED
1312029 Trying to read a dropped folder in Firefox should trigger an error but it doesn't in the 32bit version P3 UNCONFIRMED
1315881 compositionend/compositionstart should not be fired for partial-commit P3 UNCONFIRMED
1321305 Show a modal warning, when a window wants to manipulate its opener P5 UNCONFIRMED
1327025 Mousemove events don't fire if I press left mouse button on the page and move mouse above iframe P3 UNCONFIRMED
1329198 Issue with Google Chrome CSP evaluation of child-src P3 UNCONFIRMED
1330153 WindowObjectReference.focus() has no action P3 UNCONFIRMED
1335338 FF does not accept user input without prefix in <input type="url" /> P5 UNCONFIRMED
1338097 Warning of internal getElementById-call triggered by <label> shows up in console P3 UNCONFIRMED
1338535 submitanyway attribute (like readonly) P3 UNCONFIRMED
1341711 and handles to windows of a domain and .focus() problems P3 UNCONFIRMED
1345886 CSP: Include a script sample of the offending script also for event-handlers P3 UNCONFIRMED
1348277 onchange event is not fired going through <select> and when ESC key is clicked P3 UNCONFIRMED
1355122 Tweetdeck opens new tab of user when clicking the spyglass P5 UNCONFIRMED
1358106 SVG foreignObject doesn't display images with inlined styles when CSP is enabled P3 UNCONFIRMED
1358706 Wrong error fired when calling cursor.update on an openKeyCursor cursor - complains about readonly transaction P3 UNCONFIRMED
1359440 MouseEvent.offsetX and offsetY are only available on the current event, not on all events P3 UNCONFIRMED
1360755 Keystrokes on <datalist> fire keyboard events on associated <input> P3 UNCONFIRMED
1361917 File created from IDBMutableFile does not work where other File objects do P5 UNCONFIRMED
1362769 Private window shows notifications from the site in normal window P3 UNCONFIRMED
1363374 Document's named getter should return applet/object/img by id even if there's another element with the same id P2 UNCONFIRMED
1363964 focusout not fired when activeElement is focused P3 UNCONFIRMED
1365239 Why firefox is not reporting active mixed content loaded by <link> tag? P3 UNCONFIRMED
1368921 Script without `crossorigin` attribute reports errors to window.onerror P3 UNCONFIRMED
1368924 CSP: Add warning if <meta> CSP is ignored for whatever reason P3 UNCONFIRMED
1370512 TouchDisplay not detected P3 UNCONFIRMED
1371067 PushManager subscribe() automatically failing with NotAllowedError when permission state is prompt P3 UNCONFIRMED
1373903 Problem playing videos P3 UNCONFIRMED
1375821 securityerror dom exception: blocked frame xx from accessing yy doesn't point at offending line or script P5 UNCONFIRMED
1387075 Setting responseType on an XMLHttpRequest object when readyState is 2 from a web worker throws an InvalidStateError P2 UNCONFIRMED
1389964 macOS: pasting a batch of multiple files from the OS results in empty event.clipboardData.items / event.clipboardData.files P3 UNCONFIRMED
1390648 "Connection is Not Secure" message appears even for P3 UNCONFIRMED
1390657 Firefox Nightly Registers Service Worker in windows with insecure opener P3 UNCONFIRMED
1391447 CSP bypass using about URLs P3 UNCONFIRMED
1397255 unload event didn't fire when close browser P3 UNCONFIRMED
1397642 Memory corruption issue - Access violation reading address P2 UNCONFIRMED
1401222 Key events re-queued out of order if focus changes on keydown P2 UNCONFIRMED
1402266 sendKeyEvent and sendMouseEventToWindow will not deliver the event when the Firefox lost focus in xpcom extensions P5 UNCONFIRMED
1402276 clientX/clientY inconsistent between the same website loaded in non-e10s and e10s enabled Firefox P3 UNCONFIRMED
1404215 unable to read window content through javascript when opening an JSON file P2 UNCONFIRMED
1404419 Setting sometimes scrolls long page slightly up P3 UNCONFIRMED
1404438 CSP frame-ancestors works incorrectly when x-origin iframe is nested inside srcdoc iframe P3 UNCONFIRMED
1404675 innerText should ignore "invisible" break when serializing HTML fragment P3 UNCONFIRMED
1405003 Applications run outside sandbox P3 UNCONFIRMED
1409646 webkitdirectory implementation slow/freezes if File-chooser selects a CD/DVD drive P3 UNCONFIRMED
1419263 element.value = '' does not change the value P3 UNCONFIRMED
1420629 jquery mouse.over problems P3 UNCONFIRMED
1424842 Send an (change) event when the user cancels the file (webkitdirectory) selection (upload) window. P3 UNCONFIRMED
1425208 slow network download for merged Blob from FileSystem sliced one P5 UNCONFIRMED
1430812 Doubleclick event is handled differently from other browser P3 UNCONFIRMED
1430999 Service Workers can navigate uncontrolled clients P5 UNCONFIRMED
1431708 setTimeout loop in web worker causing memory leak P2 UNCONFIRMED
1433262 Focused element does not change if tab keydown event hides active element P2 UNCONFIRMED
1434135 terrible animation performance P3 UNCONFIRMED
1437521 Only the last listener is triggered when multiple listeners are added to navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition P3 UNCONFIRMED
1439710 object-position and animations P3 UNCONFIRMED
1441592 "which" and "buttons" properties set incorrectly for some mouseevent events P3 UNCONFIRMED
1442956 The input does not clear the selection range when onblur. P5 UNCONFIRMED
1447534 dom.disable_window_open_feature.titlebar is ignored for both user.js and about:config P5 UNCONFIRMED
1448442 Add a small delay for mouseup of context menu-opening mousedown selecting a menu item P5 UNCONFIRMED
1451786 mkv isn't recognized as a file type thus File.type is empty P3 UNCONFIRMED
1452888 Scrolling does not work at P3 UNCONFIRMED
1454195 SELECT2 function is not available correctly on modal use P3 UNCONFIRMED
1458709 bypasses container isolation P3 UNCONFIRMED
1460692 U2F sign not returning DEVICE_INELIGIBLE when no key handle matches P3 UNCONFIRMED
1461885 File input content null if file size changed after selection P3 UNCONFIRMED
1464940 Gamepad API does not register D-Pad inputs P3 UNCONFIRMED
1464941 Gamepad API does not register analog stick inputs on JoyCons P3 UNCONFIRMED
1468825 document.elementsFromPoint skips children inside of button element P3 UNCONFIRMED
1470821 DoS: Nested Blobs are causing unbounded recursion in MultipartBlobImpl::GetAllocationSize and crash P3 UNCONFIRMED
1470876 The selectionchange event fires before the focus event, only when the document had no focus P3 UNCONFIRMED
1471212 by using Scroll or ScrollBy with the behavior smooth to the top of the webpage, you are unable to scroll down again by js P3 UNCONFIRMED
1471608 An iframe embedded within an iframe never fires the load event P3 UNCONFIRMED
1471805 Webworker violating cross-origin policy silently ignored, instead of throwing a SecurityError P3 UNCONFIRMED

361 Total; 361 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);


Roadmap / Trello / Template
Feature Target Milestone Assignee Tracking Bug Development Testing
Screen Orientation API Firefox 40 (August 11, 2015) William Chen [:wchen] bug 1043102 IN PROGRESS
Service Workers Firefox 39 (June 30, 2015) Nikhil Marathe [:nsm] bug 903441 IN PROGRESS
IndexedDB/SQLite Performance Firefox 39 (June 30, 2015) Ben Turner [:bent] several DONE DONE
Picture Tag (use cases) Firefox 38 (May 12, 2015) John Schoenick [:johns] bug 870022 DONE DONE
BroadcastChannel API Firefox 38 (May 12, 2015) Andrea Marchesini [:baku] bug 966439 DONE DONE
IndexedDB in Workers Firefox 37 (March 31, 2015) Ben Turner [:bent] bug 701634 DONE DONE
Web Sockets in Workers Firefox 37 (March 31, 2015) Andrea Marchesini [:baku] bug 504553 DONE DONE