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About the Team


  • Manager: Andrew Overholt (overholt)
  • Engineers: Ehsan Akhgari (ehsan), Anne van Kesteren (annevk), Josh Matthews (jdm), Ben Turner (bent), Boris Zbarsky (bz)
  • QA: Anthony Hughes (ashughes)

How to Contact Us


We do not generally hold team meetings at this time.

Getting Involved

See our Participate page to get a list of projects seeking volunteers.


This page documents the QA strategy for testing Mozilla's DOM implementation. Our primary objective is the continuous improvement of DOM quality through two-week sprints of open, transparent, and data-driven qualification processes.




Current Initiatives

  • improve work flow of incoming and outgoing bugs
  • improve test coverage in the web platform tests
  • improve test coverage of in-product features prior to shipping in a Firefox release
  • improving accessibility to participating in team activities



Triage is the process of going through a list of bugs to identify and prioritize bugs for testing.


Top Crashes

Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
938226 crash in nsHtml5TreeBuilder::flushCharacters() -- NEW
1294193 Crash in mozilla::EventListenerManager::HandleEventInternal P3 NEW
1364138 Crash in mozilla::dom::Event::~Event P3 NEW
1435343 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::workerinternals::RuntimeService::CrashIfHanging]. Shutdown problem in workers. P2 NEW
1564107 Thunderbird Crash in [@ mozilla::ipc::PrincipalInfoToPrincipal] P2 NEW
1588152 Crash in [@ AsyncShutdownTimeout | profile-change-teardown | ServiceWorkerShutdownBlocker: shutting down Service Workers] P2 NEW

6 Total; 6 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);


Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
207323 ASSERTION: nsJSEnvironment initialized more than once: '!gOldJSGCCallback' causes infinite recursion on shutdown -- NEW
238413 element.builder.rebuild() crashes in builds 20040309 and later P5 NEW
245503 setTimeout call fired and crashed when js_GetAtom returned its static dummy atom -- NEW
274595 Too-much-recursion crash on some Macs with <body onload="onload()"> (stack limit varies?) P5 NEW
294418 ###!!! ASSERTION: This is not supposed to fail!: 'Error', file r:/mozilla/js/src/xpconnect/src/nsXPConnect.cpp, line 413 P5 NEW
334368 Creating DOM events after layout shutdown not safe (crashes) P5 NEW
403999 alert() called from deeply nested js function is blank and cannot be closed P5 NEW
413842 OOM crash in nsHtml5TreeBuilder::accumulateCharacters while recursive reading/modification of firstChild -- REOPENED
422722 crash when setting frame src in new webshell instance [@ nsDocShell::DoChannelLoad] -- ASSIGNED
434403 Startup crash [@ nsDocShell::SetupNewViewer(nsIContentViewer*)] [@ nsCOMPtr_base::assign_with_AddRef(nsISupports*) | DocumentViewerImpl::Close(nsISHEntry*) ] (causes: Backdoor.Ulrbot.C Trojan, Spector Pro) -- NEW
459464 Stack exhaustion crash with baseURI recursion P5 NEW
505843 nsDOMConstructor::HasInstance is the only thing that doesn't handle nsJSRuntime::GetNameSpaceManager() failing P5 UNCONFIRMED
507452 Crash (too much recursion in BindToTree) with feed full of "<p/><p/>" -- NEW
523260 Crash [@ nsDocShell::EnsureContentViewer ] P3 NEW
537620 crash with OOM, document.write, <marquee> -- NEW
545302 High memory usage and crashes caused by getElementsByClassName() P5 NEW
569328 document.write DoS loop crash in [@ operator new(unsigned int) | jArray<unsigned short, int>::jArray<unsigned short, int>(int) ] [@ mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | mozalloc_handle_oom() | nsHtml5TreeBuilder::flushCharacters()] -- REOPENED
590269 "location=location;alert()" causes infinite loop/stack of dialogs -- NEW
597339 Crash [@ CDragOperation::UpdateTarget] -- REOPENED
603079 crash mainly at start-up [@ nsHtml5AttributeName::initializeStatics() ] -- NEW
609497 Firefox/4.0b8pre startup crash in [@ nsHtml5Module::InitializeStatics() ] -- NEW
623147 applicationCache crash [@ nsContentUtils::GetOfflineAppManifest] P5 NEW
624286 Crash [@js_TraceObject], [@nsAttrAndChildArray::Compact], or [@KERNELBASE!RaiseException] with massive array, document.write -- REOPENED
634430 Investigate crash using registerProtocolHandler -- NEW
637118 Crash [@ nsGenericHTMLElement::CopyInnerTo(nsGenericElement*) ] -- NEW
640127 If I close An Alert Started By An onFocus Event, With The [x] button on Document Load, FireFox Closes/Crashes?? P5 NEW
641105 Repeated location.reload() makes the "slow script" dialog ineffective (and starves GC/CC?) -- NEW
656952 Firefox Crash [@ nsDocShell::EnsureScriptEnvironment() ] -- NEW
659333 JSON.parse crashes browser when decoding large JSON -- UNCONFIRMED
677388 Crash Report [@ nsINode::doInsertChildAt ] -- NEW
680745 NULL pointer dereference when running cross_fuzz P5 NEW
681118 crash in nsAttrValue::Reset -- NEW
681135 crash in RuleHash::EnumerateAllRules @ nsAttrValue::GetAtomCount P5 NEW
698247 Null dereference with bad channel implementing URI in nsHTMLDocument::StartDocumentLoad P5 NEW
701301 crash nsINode::GetCurrentDoc P5 REOPENED
704794 Crash [@ mozilla::dom::Link::LinkState ] (java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Array index out of range: 1 @ java.util.regex.Matcher.appendEvaluated( -- REOPENED
709231 crash when coming out of fullscreen P5 NEW
710160 crash nsContentList::PopulateSelf P5 NEW
722083 OOM crash on HTML Markup broken site P5 NEW
741757 Reported Crash / vulnerability P5 REOPENED
749913 crash in nsINode::GetProperty -- NEW
768375 crash in nsDocShell::RestoreFromHistory -- NEW
783888 Stack overflow via -- REOPENED
794416 OOM Crash because user not given chance to stop runaway script. P5 UNCONFIRMED
798848 Intermittent test_MozEnteredDomFullscreen_event.xhtml,test_MozEnteredDomFullscreen_event.xul | Exited with code 1 during test run (or application timed out), after "firefox-bin[349:903] invalid drawable" P5 NEW
823408 crash in nsAttrValue::~nsAttrValue() -- NEW
830679 Crash in SaveSubtreeState P3 NEW
836925 "Assertion failure: clearedEntries == 0 (Map should be empty already)" after adopting parent of <bdi> -- NEW
847136 Crash [@ nsRangeUpdater::WillMoveNode] P3 REOPENED
847699 Crash extending the selection after Find [@ nsRange::UnregisterCommonAncestor] -- NEW
854864 crash in nsDocShell::InternalLoad when targeting a load to a docshell that's had nsFrameLoader::StartDestroy but hasn't destroyed its docshell yet -- NEW
864546 Crash in nsDocumentViewer::LoadComplete on with ASan build -- NEW
865284 Buffer overflow xul!mozilla::dom::Element::BindToTree -- NEW
880656 Near-null write in AtomImpl::AtomImpl() -- NEW
883872 [Worker] XHR in worker to unfound uri leads to Assertion failure: mStateData.mResponseText.Length() P5 NEW
889715 Firefox 22 Crashed with large string (document.write) -- REOPENED
897367 Too many Notification objects causes a too-much-recursion crash through EnsureContentViewer P3 NEW
914679 More crashes in nsNodeUtils::LastRelease(nsINode*) -- NEW
917765 Crash bug with excessive/multiple iframes -- NEW
926074 Firefox crashes when loading an mp4 as text/html. -- NEW
937512 xul!nsEditor::DeleteSelectionAndPrepareToCreateNode+0x170 -- REOPENED
938226 crash in nsHtml5TreeBuilder::flushCharacters() -- NEW
947893 Crash in [@ nsDocShellTreeOwner::AddChromeListeners() ] with e10s enabled -- NEW
949893 [@ mozilla::dom::DOMProxyHandler::EnsureExpandoObject] with shadow dom nodelist P5 NEW
985823 crash in nsHtml5TreeOperation::Append(nsIContent*, nsIContent*, nsHtml5DocumentBuilder*) -- NEW
989711 Crash in nsContentIterator::NextNode with Range.toString P5 NEW
992748 copy and paste leads to crash: Assertion failure: selection->GetAnchorFocusRange() && selection->GetAnchorFocusRange()->Collapsed() (Selection not collapsed after delete), at ../../../../editor/libeditor/base/nsEditor.cpp -- UNCONFIRMED
1002185 crash in nsRuleNode::ComputeUIResetData(void*, nsRuleData const*, nsStyleContext*, nsRuleNode*, nsRuleNode::RuleDetail, bool) P5 REOPENED
1043698 Stuck mouse with mozRequestPointerLock and window.close P5 NEW
1045992 crash in mozilla::CycleCollectedJSRuntime::DeferredFinalize(nsISupports*) P5 NEW
1047695 crash in nsHtml5TreeOperation::AppendText(char16_t const*, unsigned int, nsIContent*, nsHtml5DocumentBuilder*) -- NEW
1061125 crash in [@ nsBrowserStatusFilter::OnStateChange(nsIWebProgress*, nsIRequest*, unsigned int, tag_nsresult)] from testSafeBrowsingNotificationBar.js -- NEW
1061708 crash in nsWindow::SetCursor(nsCursor) -- REOPENED
1062724 crash in nsAttrAndChildArray::TakeChildAt(unsigned int) -- NEW
1088482 FileReader.readAsArrayBuffer() crashs on out of memory condition P5 NEW
1120107 Creating large blobs crashes the browser -- UNCONFIRMED
1121206 crash in [@ OOM | large | NS_ABORT_OOM | nsTextFragment::AppendTo] P5 NEW
1134393 Intermittent test_blob_worker_xhr_read_slice.html | timeout and application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::workers::WorkerThread::SetWorker] after "Assertion failure: !mOtherThreadsDispatchingViaEventTarget (XPCOM Dispatch hapenning at the same time our thread" P5 NEW
1143873 crash in shutdownhang | mozilla::EventDispatcher::Dispatch(nsISupports*, nsPresContext*, mozilla::WidgetEvent*, nsIDOMEvent*, nsEventStatus*, mozilla::EventDispatchingCallback*, nsCOMArray<mozilla::dom::EventTarget>*) -- NEW
1143973 Interface crashes and OOM with crafted Ajax -- NEW
1144813 crash in shutdownhang | mozilla::dom::CallbackObject::CallSetup::CallSetup(mozilla::dom::CallbackObject*, mozilla::ErrorResult&, mozilla::dom::CallbackObject::ExceptionHandling, JSCompartment*, bool) -- NEW
1189215 Crash without Crash Reporter coming up. Attached manually captured stack traces P5 UNCONFIRMED
1192060 crash in _wcsicmp P5 NEW
1192544 Nested XML <!ENTITY> definitions in XML/SVG attributes can cause crash due to OOM -- NEW
1197540 crash in nsGlobalWindow::InnerSetNewDocument(JSContext*, nsIDocument*) P5 NEW
1199669 setDragImage causes a Firefox window to disappear completely on Linux if the first argument is <panel> (but works perfectly on Windows) -- UNCONFIRMED
1204909 crash in TraceCallbackFunc::Trace(JS::Heap<T>*, char const*, void*) in nsJSArgArray -- NEW
1207381 Intermittent 371041-1.html | application crashed [@ DebuggerObject_getDisplayName] P5 NEW
1212104 Firefox 44.0a1 Crash [@ nsContentUtils::WrapNative(JSContext*, nsISupports*, nsWrapperCache*, nsID const*, JS::MutableHandle<T>, bool) ] -- UNCONFIRMED
1216175 GC handling in workers is broken | crash in OOM | large | NS_ABORT_OOM | mozilla::dom::CallbackObject::Init P2 REOPENED
1221357 crash in nsHTMLDocument::StartDocumentLoad -- NEW
1227357 Firefox crash using window fatigue -- UNCONFIRMED
1230384 Crash [@ nsTypeAheadFind::GetSearchContainers] with createShadowRoot -- REOPENED
1238702 [e10s] Frequent dom/workers/test/serviceworkers/test_xslt.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::ContentProcessManager::GetTabContextByContentProcess(mozilla::dom::IdType<mozilla::dom::ContentParent> const &)] P5 NEW
1238758 Crash to desktop from javascript execution P5 UNCONFIRMED
1242910 Assertion failure: !win->IsDying(), at XPCJSRuntime.cpp:1443 -- NEW
1244445 Intermittent test_child-src_worker_data.html | application crashed [@ nsCSPContext::SendReports(nsISupports*, nsIURI*, nsAString_internal&, unsigned int, nsAString_internal&, nsAString_internal&, unsigned int)] P3 NEW
1256001 Intermittent test_sibling-off-domain.html,test_zero_opacity.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::workers::WorkerPrivate::DoRunLoop] after Assert failure WorkerPrivate.cpp:4518 P5 NEW
1260757 crash in AssignJSString<T> P5 NEW
1261716 Intermittent test_xhr_withCredentials.html | application terminated with exit code 11 | application crashed [@ mozilla::::RunWatchdog] P5 NEW
1264117 Long IFrame "src" attributes cause crash -- UNCONFIRMED
1268482 AVR:NULL c09.1cb @ firefox.exe!xul.dll!nsEditor::DeleteSelectionAndPrepareToCreateNode -- NEW
1271788 WebAnimations: Assertion failure: (aA != 9223372036854775807i64 || aB != (-9223372036854775807i64 - 1)) && (aA != (-9223372036854775807i64 - 1) || aB != 9223372036854775807i64) ('Infinity + -Infinity' and '-Infinity + Infinity' are undefined) P3 ASSIGNED
1276373 Intermittent test_bug600307-DBOps.html | application crashed [@ 0x0][@ nsCycleCollectionParticipant::CanSkip] P5 NEW
1277085 null pointer in nsHTMLEditRules::GetNodesForOperation -- NEW
1286756 Crash in mozilla::dom::Element::WrapObject P3 NEW
1286904 Crash in `anonymous namespace''::MessageEventRunnable::DispatchDOMEvent P2 NEW
1294193 Crash in mozilla::EventListenerManager::HandleEventInternal P3 NEW
1301712 Assertion failure: false (NS_SUCCEEDED(mActorTarget->Dispatch(destroyRunnable, nsIEventTarget::DISPATCH_NORMAL))), at dom/ipc/Blob.cpp:2239 P3 NEW
1309857 Intermittent /WebCryptoAPI/encrypt_decrypt/rsa.worker | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::RsaHashedKeyAlgorithm::ToObjectInternal] P3 NEW
1313822 Crash in nsTimerImpl::Fire P3 NEW
1313994 Crash [@ nsAttrAndChildArray::IndexOfAttr ] P3 NEW
1314862 Mozilla Firefox 49.0.2 - crash-buffer some tools P3 NEW
1316798 Using in a background tab the browser is hung P2 NEW
1318269 Crash in mozilla::dom::Element::QueryInterface P3 REOPENED
1328545 Crash [@ OOM | small ] with FragmentOrElement.cpp involved P5 NEW
1337426 [TSF] Crash in CCompartmentMgr::GetCompartment P3 NEW
1337712 Crashes @ mozilla::dom::Element::UnbindFromTree P3 UNCONFIRMED
1354025 Assertion failure: selection->GetAnchorFocusRange() && selection->GetAnchorFocusRange()->Collapsed() (Selection not collapsed after delete) P3 NEW
1364138 Crash in mozilla::dom::Event::~Event P3 NEW
1379542 ASAN: null pointer deref in HasWrapperFlag() P3 NEW
1386058 Permanent false-positive /content-security-policy/frame-src/frame-src-self-unique-origin.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::detail::nsStringRepr::First] -- NEW
1389451 Crash in nsWrapperCache::GetWrapperPreserveColor P3 REOPENED
1394516 crash in [@ nsRange::UnregisterCommonAncestor] P4 NEW
1397642 Memory corruption issue - Access violation reading address P2 UNCONFIRMED
1399739 crash near null in [@ ResetAutoDirection] P3 NEW
1401865 Crash in mozilla::dom::XULElementBinding::Wrap P3 NEW
1402364 crash near null in [@ mozilla::IMEStateManager::SetIMEState] P3 NEW
1405521 Crash in nsGlobalWindow::ClearDocumentDependentSlots: MOZ_CRASH(Unhandlable OOM while clearing document dependent slots.) P2 NEW
1411494 Intermittent /service-workers/service-worker/fetch-event-redirect.https.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::FetchDriverObserver::OnResponseAvailable] P3 NEW
1413695 crash at null in [@ ChangeStyleTransaction] P2 REOPENED
1416910 crash at null in [@ nsWebBrowserFind::GetFrameSelection] P3 NEW
1421492 Null crash [@ mozilla::EventStateManager::SetPointerLock] P3 NEW
1421525 Null crash [@ nsGlobalWindow::ClearDocumentDependentSlots] P2 NEW
1425637 Intermittent mochitest crash | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::FetchDriver::~FetchDriver()] after Assertion failure: mResponseAvailableCalled P3 NEW
1425732 Crash in mozilla::dom::Element::SetAttribute P3 NEW
1426165 Crash in mozilla::dom::FragmentOrElement::DestroyContent P3 NEW
1428062 Near null crash [@ GetPreviousSibling] P2 NEW
1429474 Intermittent any test PROCESS-CRASH | application crashed [@ mozilla::TimeStamp::operator-(mozilla::TimeStamp const &)] after Assertion failure: !aOther.IsNull() (Cannot compute with aOther null value) P3 NEW
1430362 Intermittent dom/crypto/test/test_WebCrypto_ECDH.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::net::CacheFile::NotifyListenersAboutOutputRemoval()] P5 REOPENED
1433689 Intermittent linux32-non-e10s dom/push/test/test_serviceworker_lifetime.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::FetchDriver::~FetchDriver] after Assertion failure: mResponseAvailableCalled, at FetchDriver.cpp:360 P3 NEW
1435343 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::workerinternals::RuntimeService::CrashIfHanging]. Shutdown problem in workers. P2 NEW
1435994 Crash in nsTSubstring<T>::Replace P2 ASSIGNED
1436230 Permanent false-positive /shadow-dom/DocumentOrShadowRoot-prototype-elementFromPoint.html | application crashed [@ nsDocument::ElementsFromPointHelper(float,float,unsigned int,nsTArray<RefPtr<mozilla::dom::Element> > &)] -- NEW
1443084 Crash in _alldiv P2 NEW
1445438 IPC: crash [@Hdr] P2 NEW
1445974 Crash [@ HasWrapperFlag] P2 NEW
1447858 Intermittent tools/profiler/tests/chrome/test_profile_worker.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::WorkerThread::SetWorker] after Assertion failure: !mOtherThreadsDispatchingViaEventTarget P3 NEW
1450694 Crash [@ get] near mozilla::EditorBase::IsTextNode P3 NEW
1454370 Infinite memory consumption on programmatic file download P3 NEW
1457433 Intermittent Assertion failure: parsedPolicyStr.Find("default-src") >= 0 (about: page must contain a CSP including default-src), at /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/dom/base/nsDocument.cpp:5415 P3 REOPENED
1458106 Assertion failure: mDestroyCalled, at src/dom/base/nsFrameLoader.cpp:200 P3 NEW
1458756 Intermittent dom/serviceworkers/test/test_notification_get.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::ServiceWorkerRegistration::ShowNotification] P3 NEW
1466583 Crash in mozilla::dom::WorkerPrivate::RunCurrentSyncLoop P3 NEW
1466621 Crash in mozilla::CycleCollectedJSContext::PerformMicroTaskCheckPoint P3 NEW
1472262 Assertion failure: deltaToStep > Decimal(0) (stepBelow/stepAbove will be wrong), at /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/dom/html/HTMLInputElement.cpp:4915 P3 NEW
1473564 Crash in IPCError-browser | SHMEM_CREATED_MESSAGE Payload error: message could not be deserialized P3 NEW
1473684 Crash in mozilla::dom::binding_detail::GenericMethod<T> P3 NEW
1475377 Crash in static <T> core::result::unwrap_failed<T> | static union core::option::Option<T> style::gecko::wrapper::get_animation_rule P3 NEW
1477527 window.getSelection() into a text input can trigger application crash P3 NEW
1478164 Assertion failure: mFlushState == eNotFlushing (Tried to run script while flushing.), at src/parser/html/nsHtml5TreeOpExecutor.cpp:729 P3 NEW
1483204 Crash in mozilla::dom::TimeoutManager::RunTimeout P3 NEW
1488480 Crash in nsGlobalWindowInner::InnerSetNewDocument P2 NEW
1489764 crash near null [@ InsertChildToChildList] P3 NEW
1490469 crash near null in [@ mozilla::HTMLEditor::DoInsertHTMLWithContext] P2 NEW
1490485 crash near null in [@ mozilla::EditorBase::CanContainTag] P2 NEW
1494592 Intermittent Last test finished | application crashed [@ xul.dll + 0x2b542c7] after application terminated with exit code 1 P5 REOPENED
1506637 Incorrect OS passwords can cause the browser to crash P3 NEW
1507234 Crash in std::_Func_impl_no_alloc<T>::_Do_call P3 NEW
1507410 Crash in OOM | large | NS_ABORT_OOM | nsGenericHTMLElement::GetURIAttr P3 NEW
1513143 crash near null in [@ mozilla::dom::WindowGlobalParent::Init] P3 NEW
1515074 Assertion failure: mAbortPromise, at /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/dom/payments/PaymentRequest.cpp:853 P2 NEW
1517028 Crash [@ mozilla::HTMLEditRules::ReturnInHeader] or [@ mozilla::HTMLEditor::HandleInsertParagraphInHeadingElement ] P3 NEW
1518610 Crash in nsGlobalWindowInner::RunTimeoutHandler P3 NEW
1523428 Intermittent /service-workers/service-worker/postmessage-from-waiting-serviceworker.https.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::ShutdownXPCOM(nsIServiceManager *)] P3 NEW
1525403 Error: PPaymentRequest::Msg_RespondPayment Route error: message sent to unknown actor ID [@mozilla::dom::ContentChild::ProcessingError] P2 NEW
1525925 Intermittent dom/workers/test/test_bug1104064.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::XMLHttpRequestWorker::MaybeDispatchPrematureAbortEvents(mozilla::ErrorResult&)] P3 NEW
1528505 Intermittent docshell/base/crashtests/1257730-1.html (finished) | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::Selection::AddSelectionListener(nsISelectionListener *)] | After Assertion failure: aNewListener, at z:/build/build/src/dom/base/Selection.cpp:3107 P5 NEW
1530464 Intermittent dom/payments/test/test_abortPayment.html | application crashed [@ + 0x8dd27] P3 NEW
1530838 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::UpdateReflectorGlobal] P3 NEW
1533516 Intermittent editor/libeditor/tests/test_abs_positioner_appearance.html | application timed out after 370 seconds with no output P3 NEW
1533603 Crash in [@ nsGlobalWindowOuter::GetPrincipalForPostMessage] P2 NEW
1538109 Intermittent PROCESS-CRASH | Main app process exited normally | application crashed [@ std::__1::__function::__func<nsDocShell::ResumeRedirectedLoad(unsigned long long, int)::$_2, std::__1::allocator<nsDocShell::ResumeRedirectedLoad(unsigned long long, P5 NEW
1538368 Intermittent dom/base/crashtests/xhr-with-pagehide-1.html | application crashed [@ + 0x1c3dc] After application timed out after 370 seconds with no output P3 NEW
1540293 Intermittent /FileAPI/url/url-reload.window.html | application crashed [@ libdispatch.dylib + 0x25f5] P5 NEW
1540702 Intermittent /beacon/beacon-navigate.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::PContentParent::SendPParentToChildStreamConstructor(mozilla::ipc::PParentToChildStreamParent*)] P2 REOPENED
1544522 Intermittent | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::ClientSource::MaybeCreateInitialDocument()] [@ mozilla::dom::ClientSource::SnapshotState(mozilla::dom::ClientState*) ] P3 REOPENED
1545571 Intermittent backgrounds/vector/wide--auto--nonpercent-width-omitted-height.html | application crashed [@ JS::RuntimeHeapState()] P3 NEW
1546670 Intermittent | application crashed [@ nsNodeInfoManager::RemoveNodeInfo(mozilla::dom::NodeInfo *)] P3 NEW
1547221 Intermittent /service-workers/service-worker/postmessage-blob-url.https.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::ShutdownXPCOM(nsIServiceManager *)] P2 NEW
1547223 Intermittent dom/base/test/test_messagemanager_targetchain.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::ipc::FatalError(char const*, bool)] P3 NEW
1547270 AddressSanitizer: SEGV in get near [@ mozilla::dom::FragmentOrElement::SetInnerHTMLInternal] P2 NEW
1547990 AddressSanitizer: stack-overflow [@ mozilla::dom::ShadowRoot::Bind] P2 NEW
1549998 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::ContentChild::ProvideWindowCommon] P3 ASSIGNED
1550740 Intermittent PROCESS-CRASH | Main app process exited normally | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::ChildSHistory::LegacySHistory()] P5 NEW
1551665 Intermittent dom/serviceworkers/test/test_https_origin_after_redirect.html, test_gzip_redirect.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::net::HttpChannelChild::ContinueAsyncOpen()] P3 NEW
1552083 Intermittent dom/file/tests/test_blobURL_expiring.html | application crashed [@ + 0x21ad8] P3 NEW
1552395 Intermittent dom/base/test/test_bug298064.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::detail::EntrySlot<js::gc::Cell* const>::setLive<js::gc::Cell*&>(unsigned int, js::gc::Cell*&)] after application terminated with exit code 1 P3 NEW
1552663 Intermittent dom/crypto/test/<test_name> | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::WorkerThread::SetWorker(mozilla::dom::WorkerThreadFriendKey const&, mozilla::dom::WorkerPrivate*)] P3 NEW
1553907 Intermittent dom/workers/test/test_notification_child.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::WorkerRunnable::Run()] P3 NEW
1554181 Intermittent dom/serviceworkers/test/test_self_update_worker.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::MozPromise<mozilla::dom::ServiceWorkerRegistrationDescriptor, mozilla::CopyableErrorResult, false>::~MozPromise()] P3 NEW
1555191 Intermittent tier 2 mozrunner-startup | application crashed [@ mozilla::net::HttpChannelChild::ContinueAsyncOpen()] P3 NEW
1556905 Intermittent /html/browsers/the-window-object/garbage-collection-and-browsing-contexts/discard_iframe_history_3.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::BrowserChild::GetTabId() const] | After A content process crashed and MOZ_CRASHREPORTER_SHUTDOWN is P5 NEW
1556912 Intermittent mozrunner-startup | application crashed [@ mozilla::MediaCacheStream::NotifyDataStartedInternal(unsigned int, long, bool, long)] P3 NEW
1557552 Intermittent dom/tests/mochitest/dom-level1-core/test_nodeappendchildgetnodename.html | application crashed [@ + 0x8c66a] after P5 NEW
1557863 Intermittent mozrunner-startup | application crashed [@ PLDHashTable::Search(void const*) const] P3 NEW
1557903 Intermittent docshell/base/crashtests/1257730-1.html (finished) | application crashed [@ mozilla::a11y::DocManager::CreateDocOrRootAccessible(mozilla::dom::Document*)] P5 NEW
1560615 Intermittent Tier 2 Android 7 mozrunner-startup | application crashed [@ arena_t::Malloc(unsigned long, bool)] P3 NEW
1560709 Intermittent /html/semantics/document-metadata/the-meta-element/pragma-directives/attr-meta-http-equiv-refresh/parsing.html?111-120 | application crashed [@ mozilla::net::CacheFile::Init(nsTSubstring<char> const &,bool,bool,bool,bool,bool,mozilla::ne P5 NEW
1561139 Intermittent /eventsource/dedicated-worker/eventsource-prototype.htm | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::EventSourceImpl::ReadyState()] P5 NEW
1561751 Intermittent mozrunner-startup | application crashed [@ mozilla::net::HttpChannelParent::OnProgress(nsIRequest*, nsISupports*, long, long)] P3 NEW
1561986 Intermittent /WebCryptoAPI/encrypt_decrypt/aes_gcm.https.worker.html | application crashed [@ JS::RuntimeHeapState()] P3 NEW
1562987 Intermittent mozrunner-startup | application crashed [@ JS::ReadableStreamReleaseCCObject(JSObject*)] P3 NEW
1563647 Intermittent mozrunner-startup | application crashed [@ arena_t::AllocRun(unsigned long, bool, bool)] P5 NEW
1563882 Intermittent netwerk/test/mochitests/test_samedomain.html | application crashed [@ 0x0] P5 NEW
1564107 Thunderbird Crash in [@ mozilla::ipc::PrincipalInfoToPrincipal] P2 NEW
1564196 Select All in very long text file crashes the content process P2 NEW
1565020 Intermittent mozrunner-startup | application crashed [@ RedBlackTree<arena_chunk_map_t, ArenaAvailTreeTrait>::Remove(RedBlackTree<arena_chunk_map_t, ArenaAvailTreeTrait>::TreeNode)] P5 NEW
1565866 Intermittent mozrunner-startup | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::WorkerThread::SetWorker(mozilla::dom::WorkerThreadFriendKey const&, mozilla::dom::WorkerPrivate*)] P3 REOPENED
1566242 Intermittent PROCESS-CRASH | Main app process exited normally | application crashed [@ mozilla::ipc::BackgroundChildImpl::ProcessingError(mozilla::ipc::HasResultCodes::Result, char const*)] P3 NEW
1566718 Intermittent Last test finished | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::workerinternals::RuntimeService::CrashIfHanging()] after application terminated with exit code 11 P3 NEW
1567171 Intermittent file:///Z:/task_1563386218/build/tests/jsreftest/tests/jsreftest.html?test=test262/built-ins/Object/defineProperties/ (finished) | application crashed [@ nsGlobalWindowInner::ClearDocumentDependentSlots(JSContext *)] P3 NEW
1568400 Intermittent /bluetooth/idl/idlharness.tentative.https.window.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::Vector<js::irregexp::NativeRegExpMacroAssembler::LabelPatch,4,js::SystemAllocPolicy>::growStorageBy(unsigned __int64)] -- NEW
1569268 Intermittent dom/tests/mochitest/fetch/test_fetch_observer.html | application crashed [@ + 0x8c66a] P5 NEW
1570833 Intermittent /bluetooth/server/getPrimaryServices/services-found-with-uuid.https.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::Element::NotifyUAWidgetTeardown(mozilla::dom::Element::UnattachShadowRoot)] -- NEW
1570934 Intermittent PROCESS-CRASH | Main app process exited normally | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::RemoteObjectProxyBase::GetOrCreateProxyObject(JSContext*, void*, js::Class const*, JS::Handle<JSObject*>, JS::MutableHandle<JSObject*>, bool&) const] P3 NEW
1571594 Intermittent Last test finished | application crashed [@ nsStringBuffer::Release()] P3 NEW
1572431 Intermittent test262/language/expressions/object/accessor-name-literal-numeric-octal.js (finished) | application crashed [@ nsGlobalWindowInner::InnerSetNewDocument(JSContext *,mozilla::dom::Document *)] P2 NEW
1573265 Intermittent js/xpconnect/tests/unit/test_file.js | application crashed [@ PLDHashTable::Add(void const*, std::nothrow_t const&)] P5 NEW
1573464 Intermittent file:///Z:/task_1565696263/build/tests/jsreftest/tests/jsreftest.html?test=test262/language/expressions/new/S11.2.2_A4_T1.js (finished) | application crashed [@ nsGlobalWindowInner::ClearDocumentDependentSlots(JSContext *)] P5 NEW
1573487 Intermittent Last test finished | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::(anonymous namespace)::QuotaClient::ShutdownTimedOut()] P5 NEW
1573706 Intermittent toolkit/components/antitracking/test/browser/browser_partitionedSharedWorkers.js | Test timed out - P3 NEW
1574074 Intermittent toolkit/components/antitracking/test/browser/browser_referrerDefaultPolicy.js | application crashed [@ xul.dll + 0xf7142] P5 NEW
1574697 Intermittent /fetch/stale-while-revalidate/fetch-sw.https.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::net::HttpChannelParent::OnProgress(nsIRequest*, nsISupports*, long, long)] P3 NEW
1574717 Intermittent PROCESS-CRASH | Main app process exited normally | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::AutoJSAPI::Init()] P3 NEW
1574793 Intermittent dom/xhr/tests/test_XHR_timeout.html | application crashed [@ + 0x8c66a] P5 NEW
1575367 Intermittent /service-workers/service-worker/worker-client-id.https.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::AutoJSAPI::Init()] P5 NEW
1576185 Intermittent /service-workers/service-worker/update-after-oneday.https.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::AutoJSAPI::Init()] P5 NEW
1576485 Intermittent PROCESS-CRASH | Main app process exited normally | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::IPCBlobInputStreamThread::~IPCBlobInputStreamThread()] P5 NEW
1577675 Intermittent /html/browsers/the-window-object/apis-for-creating-and-navigating-browsing-contexts-by-name/open-features-tokenization-noreferrer.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::ContentProcessManager::GetContentProcessById(mozilla::dom::IdType<mo P3 NEW
1577957 Intermittent dom/security/featurepolicy/test/mochitest/test_parser.html | application crashed [@ dalvik-jit-code-cache (deleted) + 0x40b88] P5 NEW
1578916 crash near null in [@ mozilla::HTMLEditor::InsertBRElementIfHardLineIsEmptyAndEndsWithBlockBoundary] P2 NEW
1579206 Intermittent dom/tests/browser/browser_test_new_window_from_content.js | application crashed [@ CrashReporter::TerminateHandler()] P3 NEW
1579934 crash near null in [@ mozilla::HTMLEditor::IsContainer] P3 NEW
1580035 Intermittent docshell/test/navigation/test_triggeringprincipal_window_open.html | application crashed [@ nsWindow::LayerViewSupport::OnDetach(already_AddRefed<mozilla::Runnable>)::{lambda()#1}::operator()() const] P5 NEW
1580136 Intermittent dom/presentation/tests/xpcshell/test_tcp_control_channel.js | application crashed [@ mozilla::psm::AuthCertificateHook(void*, PRFileDesc*, int, int)] P3 NEW
1580199 Intermittent dom/base/test/test_timeout_clamp.html | application crashed [@ + 0x8c66a] P5 NEW
1581246 stack-overflow in [@ mozilla::HTMLEditor::HandleDeleteAroundCollapsedSelection] P2 NEW
1583110 Crash in [@ nsGlobalWindowInner::ThawInternal] P3 NEW
1583981 Intermittent /upgrade-insecure-requests/link-upgrade.sub.https.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::scache::StartupCache::WriteToDisk()] P5 NEW
1584232 Crash in [@ OOM | unknown | js::AutoEnterOOMUnsafeRegion::crash | mozilla::dom::Window_Binding::setTimeout] P3 NEW
1584496 Intermittent Android request/destination/fetch-destination-worker.https.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::RemoteWorkerChild::TransitionStateToRunning(already_AddRefed<mozilla::dom::WorkerPrivate>, already_AddRefed<mozilla::dom::WeakWorkerRef>)] P5 NEW
1585379 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::WebIDLGlobalNameHash::GetEntry] P1 NEW
1585685 Intermittent /service-workers/service-worker/ready.https.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::ClientHandleParent::FoundSource(mozilla::dom::ClientSourceParent*)] P3 NEW
1585768 Intermittent /eventsource/shared-worker/eventsource-onmessage.htm | application crashed [@ + 0x8aafd] P5 NEW
1585774 MOZ_Crash [@ mozilla::dom::PWebAuthnTransactionChild::OnMessageReceived] P3 NEW
1587589 Intermittent android wpt /service-workers/service-worker/<test_name> | application crashed [@ mozilla::MozPromise<bool, nsresult, false>::DispatchAll()] P3 NEW
1588152 Crash in [@ AsyncShutdownTimeout | profile-change-teardown | ServiceWorkerShutdownBlocker: shutting down Service Workers] P2 NEW
1588586 Intermittent /service-workers/service-worker/import-module-scripts.https.html | registration-script.https.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::ThreadBound<mozilla::dom::RemoteWorkerChild::LauncherBoundData>::AssertIsCorrectThread() const] P3 NEW
1589220 Intermittent /service-workers/cache-storage/serviceworker/cache-matchAll.https.html | application crashed [@ SnowWhiteKiller::MaybeKillObject(SnowWhiteKiller::SnowWhiteObject&)] P3 NEW
1589244 Intermittent /content-security-policy/script-src/script-src-wildcards-disallowed.html | application crashed [@ BaseAllocator::malloc(unsigned long)] P5 NEW
1589350 Intermittent /eventsource/shared-worker/eventsource-eventtarget.htm, eventsource-onmessage.htm | application crashed [@ PLDHashTable::Search(void const*) const] P3 NEW
1589807 Intermittent dom/security/test/general/test_cache_split.html | application crashed [@ + 0x8c66a] P5 NEW
1593228 Crash in [@ AssignJSString<T>] P1 NEW
1593425 Crash in [@ mozilla::EventTargetChainItem::GetEventTargetParent] P3 NEW
1593704 Crash near [@nsGlobalWindowInner::InnerSetNewDocument] P2 NEW
1594450 Intermittent /service-workers/cache-storage/serviceworker/cache-match.https.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::cache::Context::RemoveActivity(mozilla::dom::cache::Context::Activity*)] P3 NEW
1594971 Intermittent /html/infrastructure/safe-passing-of-structured-data/shared-array-buffers/broadcastchannel-success.https.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::ipc::MessageChannel::DispatchSyncMessage(mozilla::ipc::ActorLifecycleProxy *,IPC::Message const &, P5 NEW
1598510 Intermittent telemetry/marionette/tests/client/ TestEventPing.test_event_ping | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::workerinternals::RuntimeService::CrashIfHanging()] P3 NEW
1599312 Intermittent /eventsource/dedicated-worker/eventsource-close.htm | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::EventSourceImpl::Dispatch(already_AddRefed<nsIRunnable>, unsigned int)] P3 NEW
1602205 Crash in [@ OOM | large | NS_ABORT_OOM | mozilla::dom::DOMString::ToString] P5 NEW
1602393 Crash in [@ AsyncShutdownTimeout | profile-before-change | ServiceWorkerRegistrar: Flushing data] P2 NEW
1605741 crash near null in [@ mozilla::HTMLEditor::NodeIsBlockStatic] P3 NEW
1607433 Intermittent /fetch/api/request/destination/fetch-destination-worker.https.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::RemoteWorkerChild::Pending& mozilla::Variant<mozilla::dom::RemoteWorkerChild::Pending, mozilla::dom::RemoteWorkerChild::Running, mozilla P3 NEW
1608395 Intermittent /url/failure.html | application crashed [@ std::_Function_handler<void (bool&&), mozilla::dom::CanonicalBrowsingContext::PendingRemotenessChange::Complete(mozilla::dom::ContentParent*)::$_20>::_M_invoke(std::_Any_data const&, bool&&)] P5 NEW
1608827 Assertion failure: ok (Failed to serialize nsIInputStream), at /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/ipc/glue/IPCStreamUtils.cpp:535 P2 NEW
1609293 Intermittent dom/workers/test/test_terminate.html | application crashed [@ + 0x8c66a] P3 NEW
1609775 AddressSanitizer: SEGV /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/ipc/glue/MessageLink.cpp:151:5 in mozilla::ipc::ProcessLink::SendMessage(IPC::Message*) P2 NEW
1611083 Intermittent dom/workers/test/test_bug1002702.html | application crashed [@ <name omitted>] P3 NEW
1612322 Intermittent /workers/modules/shared-worker-import-blob-url.any.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::BlobURL::EqualsInternal(nsIURI*, mozilla::net::nsSimpleURI::RefHandlingEnum, bool*)] P3 NEW
1612848 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::Window_Binding::matchMedia] P5 NEW
1614357 AddressSanitizer: SEGV /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/obj-firefox/dist/include/mozilla/Assertions.h:332:3 in MOZ_Crash P2 NEW
1615976 Intermittent /html/semantics/links/links-created-by-a-and-area-elements/target_blank_implicit_noopener_base.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::detail::RunnableFunction<nsWindow::LayerViewSupport::OnDetach(already_AddRefed<mozilla::Runnable>)::{lambda( P3 NEW
1616402 Intermittent [TV] dom/serviceworkers/test/test_abrupt_completion.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::ServiceWorkerRegistrationInfo::UpdateRegistrationState(mozilla::dom::ServiceWorkerUpdateViaCache)] P3 NEW
1616846 AddressSanitizer: SEGV /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/dom/base/nsINode.h:2050:34 in HasSlots P3 NEW
1617067 Assertion failure: IsSameOrigin(*match, aClientUrl), at src/dom/serviceworkers/ServiceWorkerManager.cpp:239 P2 NEW
1619804 Intermittent PROCESS-CRASH /referrer-policy/gen/iframe.http-rp/<something> | application crashed [@ mozalloc_abort + 0x44] P3 NEW
1619862 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::WorkerPrivate::OfflineStatusChangeEventInternal] P3 NEW
1620614 Crash in [@ IPCError-browser | ShutDownKill | mozilla::dom::XMLHttpRequestMainThread::SendInternal] P3 NEW
1620742 Intermittent /eventsource/dedicated-worker/eventsource-close.htm | application crashed [@ <name omitted>] P3 NEW
1621240 Intermittent docshell/test/browser/browser_bug655273.js | application crashed [@ mozilla::EventListenerManager::MarkForCC()] P3 NEW
1622241 Intermittent org.mozilla.geckoview.test.crash.ParentCrashTest.crashParent | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::RemoteWorkerService::Thread()] P3 NEW
1626425 Intermittent /html/cross-origin-embedder-policy/cache-storage-reporting-dedicated-worker.https.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::DeadlockDetector<mozilla::BlockingResourceBase>::InTransitiveClosure(mozilla::DeadlockDetector<mozilla::Blocking P2 NEW
1627673 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::DataTransfer::HasType] P2 NEW
1627764 Intermittent dom/messagechannel/tests/test_messageChannel_worker_forceClose.html | application crashed [@ + 0x81f52] P3 NEW
1627921 Crash in [@ nsTextEditorState::GetValue] P2 NEW
1627926 SharedWorkers should be forced to shutdown at browser shutdown. Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::RemoteWorkerService::Thread] P3 NEW
1629066 Intermittent **/cache-storage-reporting-shared-worker.https.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::DeadlockDetector<mozilla::BlockingResourceBase>::InTransitiveClosure(mozilla::DeadlockDetector<mozilla::BlockingResourceBase>::OrderingEntry const*, P2 NEW
1629166 Intermittent /mixed-content/gen/top.meta/unset/worklet-paint-import-data.https.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::DocGroup::~DocGroup()] P3 NEW
1629232 Intermittent PROCESS-CRASH | Main app process exited normally | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::DocGroup::~DocGroup()] P3 NEW
1632170 Crash in [@ mozilla::PendingAnimationTracker::TriggerPendingAnimationsOnNextTick] P3 NEW
1633019 Crash in [@ mozilla::PresShell::EventHandler::MaybeFlushThrottledStyles] P3 NEW
1633298 Intermittent <test_name> | application crashed [@ mozilla::ThreadBound<struct mozilla::dom::WorkerPrivate::WorkerThreadAccessible>::AssertIsCorrectThread const + 0x160] P3 NEW
1633469 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::`anonymous namespace'::GetSubscriptionCallback::OnPushSubscription] P3 NEW
1634385 Intermittent dom/file/tests/test_blob_reading.html | application crashed [@ TimerThread::Run()] P3 NEW
1634750 Intermittent layout/generic/crashtests/472587-1.xhtml | application crashed [@ bool mozilla::dom::WrapObject<nsIPrincipal>(JSContext*, nsIPrincipal*, nsWrapperCache*, nsID const*, JS::MutableHandle<JS::Value>)] -- NEW
1636143 Intermittent dom/security/test/csp/test_upgrade_insecure_navigation.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::ipc::PrincipalInfoToPrincipal(mozilla::ipc::PrincipalInfo const&, nsresult*)] P4 NEW
1636664 stack overflow: Modified mutate-dl test crashes the tab after loading for a few seconds P3 NEW
1636709 OOM in nsNodeInfoManager::Allocate | Intermittent <test-name> | application crashed [@ mozalloc_abort + 0x54] P3 REOPENED
1637572 Intermittent PROCESS-CRASH | Main app process exited normally | application crashed [@ nsWindowRoot::GetOwnerGlobal() const] -- NEW
1638253 Intermittent /html/webappapis/scripting/processing-model-2/integration-with-the-javascript-job-queue/promise-job-entry.html | application crashed [@ nsWindow::LayerViewSupport::OnDetach(already_AddRefed<mozilla::Runnable>)::{lambda()#1}::operator()() cons -- NEW
1638752 Intermittent /eventsource/shared-worker/eventsource-onopen.htm | application crashed [@ <name omitted>] -- NEW
1639469 Intermittent /html/semantics/links/links-created-by-a-and-area-elements/target_blank_implicit_noopener.html | application crashed [@ nsWindow::LayerViewSupport::OnDetach(already_AddRefed<mozilla::Runnable>)::{lambda()#1}::operator()() const] -- NEW
1639686 Intermittent dom/workers/test/<test_name> (finished) | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::RemoteWorkerChild::CloseWorkerOnMainThread(mozilla::Variant<mozilla::dom::RemoteWorkerChild::Pending, mozilla::dom::RemoteWorkerChild::Running, mozilla -- NEW
1639779 Intermittent dom/u2f/tests/test_appid_facet.html | application crashed [@ + 0x8c66a] -- NEW
1640237 Intermittent dom/html/test/test_multipleFilePicker.html | application crashed [@ js::DebugEnvironments::forwardLiveFrame(JSContext*, js::AbstractFramePtr, js::AbstractFramePtr)] -- NEW
1640238 Intermittent dom/html/test/test_bug442801.html (finished) | application crashed [@ mozilla::Vector<unsigned char, 64ul, js::StringBufferAllocPolicy>::growStorageBy(unsigned long)] after Return code: -132 -- NEW
1640320 Intermittent /referrer-policy/gen/top.meta/strict-origin/worker-classic.http.html | application crashed [@ 0x13b6d67b000a] -- NEW
1640342 Intermittent /editing/other/exec-command-with-text-editor.tentative.html | application crashed [@ js::BindingIter::init(js::LexicalScope::Data&, unsigned int, unsigned char)] -- NEW
1640399 Intermittent /workers/Worker-replace-self.any.serviceworker.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::WorkerPrivate::RemoveWorkerRef(mozilla::dom::WorkerRef*)] -- NEW
1640488 Intermittent dom/serviceworkers/test/test_file_upload.html | application terminated with exit code 11 | application crashed [@ PR_Available64] -- NEW
1643051 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::ClientSource::WindowExecutionReady] -- ASSIGNED
1645666 Intermittent pid: 11732 | application crashed [@ CoreGraphics + 0x1a5cd] -- NEW
1645823 Intermittent dom/tests/browser/browser_noopener.js | application crashed [@ CrashReporter::TerminateHandler()] -- NEW
1645865 MOZ_CRASH("Unhandlable OOM while clearing document dependent slots.") [@ nsGlobalWindowInner::InitDocumentDependentState] P3 NEW
1646258 Crash in [@ IPCError-browser | ShutDownKill | mozilla::dom::PromiseDebugging::AddConsumedRejection] -- NEW
1646414 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::ChildSHistory::Go] P3 NEW
1646550 Crash in [@ IPCError-browser | CommitFromIPC Invalid Transaction from Child - CanSet failed for field(s): AllowPlugins] P3 NEW
1646616 Intermittent /html/browsers/the-window-object/window-open-noopener.html?_self | application crashed [@ JS_ForwardGetPropertyTo(JSContext*, JS::Handle<JSObject*>, JS::Handle<JS::PropertyKey>, JS::Handle<JS::Value>, JS::MutableHandle<JS::Value>)] -- NEW
1647213 Crash in [@ IPCError-browser | CommitFromIPC Invalid Transaction from Child - CanSet failed for field(s): DefaultLoadFlags] P3 NEW
1647457 Intermittent transform-3d/animate-preserve3d-parent.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::PromiseJobCallback::~PromiseJobCallback()] -- NEW
1647667 Intermittent dom/security/test/general/test_same_site_cookies_toplevel_nav.html | application crashed [@ + 0x1cc48] -- NEW
1648063 Intermittent /webaudio/the-audio-api/the-audioworklet-interface/audioworkletprocessor-process-frozen-array.https.html | application crashed [@ RtlpHeapFindListLookupEntry + 0x127] -- NEW
1648221 AddressSanitizer: SEGV /builds/worker/workspace/obj-build/dist/include/mozilla/RefPtr.h in mozilla::EffectCompositor::GetAnimationElementAndPseudoForFrame(nsIFrame const*) -- NEW
1648572 Hit MOZ_CRASH(OOM) at /builds/worker/checkouts/gecko/xpcom/base/nsDebugImpl.cpp:611 P2 NEW
1648660 Intermittent netwerk/test/mochitests/test_same_base_domain_3.html | application crashed [@ objc_msgSend + 0x29] -- NEW
1648931 Intermittent dom/tests/mochitest/bugs/test_window_bar.html | application crashed [@ nsWindow::LayerViewSupport::OnDetach(already_AddRefed<mozilla::Runnable>)::{lambda()#1}::operator()() const] -- NEW
1649084 Crash in [@ mozalloc_abort | moz_xmalloc | mozilla::dom::Document::MatchMedia] -- NEW
1649334 Intermittent dom/html/test/test_iframe_sandbox_popups.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::detail::RunnableFunction<nsWindow::LayerViewSupport::OnDetach(already_AddRefed<mozilla::Runnable>)::{lambda()#1}>::Run()] -- NEW
1649454 Intermittent dom/html/test/test_iframe_sandbox_navigation2.html (finished) | application crashed [@ + 0x1cc48] | After application timed out after 370 seconds with no output -- NEW
1650324 Intermittent | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::AutoRequestJSThreadExecution::AutoRequestJSThreadExecution(nsIGlobalObject*, bool)] -- NEW
1650424 Intermittent dom/workers/test/test_bug949946.html (finished) | application crashed [@ RefPtr<mozilla::dom::WorkerPrivate>::operator->() const] -- NEW
1653375 Intermittent dom/tests/mochitest/bugs/test_window_bar.html (finished) | application crashed [@ mozilla::detail::MutexImpl::~MutexImpl()] -- NEW
1653449 Intermittent /html/webappapis/scripting/processing-model-2/unhandled-promise-rejections/promise-rejection-events-onerror.html | application crashed [@ FinalizeArenas(JSFreeOp*, js::gc::Arena**, js::gc::SortedArenaList&, js::gc::AllocKind, js::SliceBudget& -- NEW
1654337 Crash in [@ <name omitted> | mozilla::net::FailDelayManager::Add] P5 NEW
1654805 Crash in [@ nsHtml5TreeOpExecutor::FlushDocumentWrite] -- NEW
1655222 Intermittent PROCESS-CRASH | Main app process exited normally | application crashed [@ mozilla::net::DocumentChannel::GetContentType(nsTSubstring<char>&)] -- NEW
1655233 Intermittent PROCESS-CRASH | Main app process exited normally | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::HTMLMediaElement::MediaControlKeyListener::InitMediaAgent()] | After A content process crashed and MOZ_CRASHREPORTER_SHUTDOWN is set, shutting down -- NEW
1655508 Assertion failure: HTMLEditUtils::IsHeader(*prevItem), at /builds/worker/checkouts/gecko/editor/libeditor/HTMLEditSubActionHandler.cpp:9338 -- NEW
1655511 AddressSanitizer: SEGV /builds/worker/checkouts/gecko/docshell/shistory/ChildSHistory.cpp:74:13 in mozilla::dom::ChildSHistory::Index() P3 NEW
1655632 AddressSanitizer: SEGV /gecko/js/src/vm/JSContext.h:344:37 in realm -- ASSIGNED
1656517 Assertion failure: false (MOZ_ASSERT_UNREACHABLE: Transition effect has unexpected shape), at /builds/worker/checkouts/gecko/dom/animation/CSSTransition.cpp:333 -- NEW
1656678 Intermittent /html/cross-origin-opener-policy/reporting/navigation-reporting/reporting-popup-same-origin.https.html | application crashed [@ xul.dll + 0x61d43] -- NEW
1657028 Intermittent browser/base/content/test/protectionsUI/browser_protectionsUI_fetch.js | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::BrowsingContextGroup::Subscribe(mozilla::dom::ContentParent*)] P3 NEW
1657490 Intermittent /html/semantics/links/links-created-by-a-and-area-elements/target_blank_implicit_noopener.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::layers::LayerTransactionParent::RecvReleaseLayer(mozilla::layers::LayerHandle const&)] -- NEW
1658012 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::HTMLElement_Binding::_finalize] -- NEW
1658947 AddressSanitizer: heap-use-after-free /builds/worker/workspace/obj-build/dist/include/mozilla/ipc/ProtocolUtils.h:230:31 in Id -- NEW
1659180 Intermittent dom/base/test/test_audioNotificationSilent_audioFile.html (finished) | application crashed [@ nsRefPtrDeque<mozilla::AudioData>::RefPtrDeallocator::operator()(mozilla::AudioData*)] -- NEW
1660348 Crash in [@ OOM | large | NS_ABORT_OOM | mozilla::dom::CharacterData::GetData] -- NEW
1660842 Intermittent TV dom/base/crashtests/1419902.html | application crashed [@ mozalloc_handle_oom(unsigned int)] -- NEW
1661599 Intermittent PROCESS-CRASH | Main app process exited normally | application crashed [@ mozilla::ExtensionPolicyService::CheckDocument(mozilla::dom::Document*)] -- NEW
1661862 Intermittent PROCESS-CRASH | Main app process exited normally | application crashed [@ mozilla::LinkedList<nsSHistory>::~LinkedList()] -- NEW
1662339 Intermittent /html/semantics/embedded-content/media-elements/track/track-element/track-cues-sorted-before-dispatch.html | application crashed [@ bool js::gc::TraceEdgeInternal<JS::Value>(JSTracer*, JS::Value*, char const*)] -- NEW
1662596 Intermittent dom/tests/mochitest/bugs/test_window_bar.html | application crashed [@ + 0x1cc48] -- NEW
1663512 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::RemoteWorkerManager::GetRemoteType] -- ASSIGNED
1663725 crash near null in [@ mozilla::AutoRangeArray::ShrinkRangesIfStartFromOrEndAfterAtomicContent] P3 NEW
1664341 Intermittent toolkit/components/windowwatcher/test/browser_popup_condition.js | application crashed [@ _os_unfair_lock_corruption_abort + 0x17] | After application terminated with exit code 2 -- NEW
1666167 Intermittent /service-workers/service-worker/svg-target-reftest.https.html | application crashed [@ NtQueryVirtualMemory + 0x14] -- NEW
1666412 Intermittent /service-workers/service-worker/update-after-navigation-fetch-event.https.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::ServiceWorkerRegistrationInfo::ClearWhenIdle()::$_17::operator()(mozilla::MozPromise<bool, nsresult, true>::ResolveOrRejec -- NEW
1666556 stack-overflow in [@ mozilla::HTMLEditor::AutoDeleteRangesHandler::Run] P3 NEW
1666663 Intermittent remote/test/browser/page/browser_navigateToHistoryEntry.js | application crashed [@ nsAutoOwningThread::AssertCurrentThreadOwnsMe(char const*) const] -- NEW
1668915 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::FetchEventOp::ResolvedCallback] -- NEW
1669160 Crash in [@ IPCError-browser | RecvCreateBrowsingContext Opener has different group object] P3 ASSIGNED
1669165 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::MutationObservers::NotifyAnimationMutated] -- NEW
1669684 Intermittent dom/workers/test/test_bug949946.html (finished) | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::WorkerPrivate::Notify(mozilla::dom::WorkerStatus)] -- NEW
1670937 Crash in [@ mozalloc_abort | moz_xmalloc | NS_CycleCollectorSuspect3] -- UNCONFIRMED
1671141 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::TimeoutManager::RunTimeout] -- NEW
1671697 Crash in [@ nsDocShell::InternalLoad] -- NEW

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Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
1243998 Leak with accessibility, document.fonts, and geolocation prompt in background P5 NEW
1249882 Selecting text from pages does not allow you to select multiple lines (Nightly for Android) -- UNCONFIRMED
1257189 Control shift right arrow selects way too much, even invisibly selecting following blank lines and into following <div> elements -- NEW
1352061 mouseover-event not fired if "overflow: hidden;" is applied and mouse button is pressed P3 NEW
1378149 Performance Regressions in IE Test Drive Benchmarks P3 NEW
1417308 Navigation timing responseStart reported wrong P3 NEW
1419263 element.value = '' does not change the value P3 UNCONFIRMED
1461336 Hangs with Wasm WebGL game P3 NEW
1471405 Back button doesn't work with Firefox 61 with Google Container addon P2 UNCONFIRMED
1473566 Intermittent Copy-using-keyboard-shortcut failure P3 NEW

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Recent Reports

Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
1666203 [Web Share] Implement canShare() method P2 UNCONFIRMED
1666851 'pointerout', 'pointerenter' and 'pointerleave' events incorrectly fired during pointer capture P2 UNCONFIRMED
1666864 Firefox does not copy hyperlinks correctly. -- UNCONFIRMED
1666972 Child custom-element connected callback executed before constructor -- UNCONFIRMED
1667435 AltGraph modifier not detected -- UNCONFIRMED
1667720 Prototype navigator.canShareType() method P2 UNCONFIRMED
1667782 Passed URI to the scheme launched application is decoded. -- UNCONFIRMED
1667963 Insufficient caching of the CORS-Headers leads to a same-origin policy bypass using the private browser cache -- UNCONFIRMED
1668053 Twitter push notifications are unavailable -- UNCONFIRMED
1668416 Forward and back buttons lose context P3 UNCONFIRMED
1668773 Cannot scroll on the website any more: -- UNCONFIRMED
1669224 clicking on Yahoo!'s "new email" overlay notification does not open the corresponding email-tab -- UNCONFIRMED
1670200 Drag image to other app from blob url doesn't work -- UNCONFIRMED
1670252 navigator.clipboard.writeText rejects with undefined as rejection value -- UNCONFIRMED
1670383 Image paste events with dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled=false -- UNCONFIRMED
1670390 Copy pasting crashed the text editor (Twitter / Facebook) when dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled set to false -- UNCONFIRMED
1670446 dom.w3c_pointer_events.dispatch_by_pointer_messages breaks scrolling with a pen tablet P3 UNCONFIRMED
1670447 deprecate randomDataOnCanvasExtract P3 UNCONFIRMED
1670834 Firefox 81.0 in Windows handles some key events from Keyman incorrectly -- UNCONFIRMED
1670937 Crash in [@ mozalloc_abort | moz_xmalloc | NS_CycleCollectorSuspect3] -- UNCONFIRMED

20 Total; 20 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Stale Reports

Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
89923 click to cancel menu counts toward double click -- UNCONFIRMED
147898 joining/splitting lines doesn't work correctly -- UNCONFIRMED
168485 Want more editor API exposed to JS -- UNCONFIRMED
179318 Plain Text Editor has apparent blank lines when inserting text. -- UNCONFIRMED
182448 Disabled/grayed-out menu items still highlight when alt shortcut key is pressed and fail with no feedback -- UNCONFIRMED
203875 Composer changes MultiLengths of "*" to "1*" -- UNCONFIRMED
204912 Add ability to snap to links (magnetic links) -- UNCONFIRMED
214459 should GetBlockNodeParent return null instead of the #document node when there is no block parent P5 UNCONFIRMED
219388 can't cancel text hilighting from onmousemove -- UNCONFIRMED
221489 can't stop event bubbling when using function keys, browser keep on doing normal behavior P5 UNCONFIRMED
221655 Copy-paste from spreadsheet to composer reduces font -- UNCONFIRMED
221815 Disable all drag related functions prefs option such as dragdrop and highlight (for touchscreen apps) -- UNCONFIRMED
222017 Composer mangled the contents of the iframe element -- UNCONFIRMED
224970 "onresize" inline HTML event doesn't function on FRAME P3 UNCONFIRMED
229986 Brief Sound Played When Pressing Assigned Back Button (Back One Button Function) On Mouse -- UNCONFIRMED
230427 Drag-and-dropping multi-word text into the tab bar returns silently -- UNCONFIRMED
235827 [midas] composers's absolute positioning feature also enabled in midas -- UNCONFIRMED
236105 Midas - no text entry in inserted <div> element -- UNCONFIRMED
236110 Editor: Midas - relative DIV are immovable -- UNCONFIRMED
236111 Editor: Midas - Relative DIV elements get no sizeing border -- UNCONFIRMED
236113 Midas - it is difficult to get the focus to go to the element with designMode="on" -- UNCONFIRMED
236180 Editor: Midas - cannot create, or move, elements which have a sizing widget to the very top left -- UNCONFIRMED
236183 Editor: Midas - undo does not remove tables or layers -- UNCONFIRMED
236547 Cannot attach events to IFRAME if it is created with createElement function -- UNCONFIRMED
238008 Disabling contextMenu should also not fire onMouseDown Events -- UNCONFIRMED
238255 Editor: Midas - it is not possible to join table rows and cells -- UNCONFIRMED
238256 Editor: Midas - it would be very nice to be able to edit an element -- UNCONFIRMED
238516 Editor: Midas - cannot underline <a> tags -- UNCONFIRMED
241867 Find-as-you-type active even though focus is on location bar while loading page -- UNCONFIRMED
242763 eventPhase property of event object was "2"(Target Phase) even though Bubble Phase when object is the target object of event -- UNCONFIRMED
242989 Accel+key while menu activated should inactivate menu -- UNCONFIRMED
243544 Attempting to enter extended ASCII characters in a form sends commands to the sidebar instead -- UNCONFIRMED
244166 Windows remain in forground when losing focus -- UNCONFIRMED
247064 Editor: MIDAS - inserted HTML gets munged very badly -- UNCONFIRMED
247613 RFE: need an API for clearing the clipboard -- UNCONFIRMED
249909 Italics command doesn't recognize emphasis -- UNCONFIRMED
250647 ? site targeting links and form submissions into a frameset created by another site, might have broken something P5 UNCONFIRMED
251538 Clicking on areas outside form select component on page regitered click in the component -- UNCONFIRMED
252249 onmouseover event-handler is not executed and mouse pointer style is not updated -- UNCONFIRMED
252453 Rearrange table columns and rows easily -- UNCONFIRMED
257870 Keypress not recognised as user event for popup blocker P3 UNCONFIRMED
259163 Try to open file using JS with an invalid hex coded drive gives infinite loop P5 UNCONFIRMED
259529 Submitted form doesn't use best charset from accept-charset -- UNCONFIRMED
265574 [midas] Undo not working when editing a table programmatically -- UNCONFIRMED
265591 window.close can close the wrong window P5 UNCONFIRMED
273783 In pretty-printed XML `doc tree', copying selection copies +/- collapsers instead of source (anonymous content, selection, copying) -- UNCONFIRMED
276618 Mouse movement causes page navigation -- UNCONFIRMED
278618 "alert()" should be skipped when circumventing context menu disabling P5 UNCONFIRMED
279314 click event occurs in certain cases when it shouldn't P5 UNCONFIRMED
281612 methods of nsEditActionListener interface aren't called in some cases -- UNCONFIRMED
281615 nsITransactionManager.redoTransaction() throws exception -- UNCONFIRMED
281758 Selection is changed at the wrong time -- UNCONFIRMED
281908 editor cursor problem -- UNCONFIRMED
284512 right click triggers window onclick handler -- UNCONFIRMED
285635 Hard coded body and html prevent metadata gathering from drag and drop -- UNCONFIRMED
288488 Arrow keys should scroll exactly one line regardless of font size. -- UNCONFIRMED
289165 onmouseout() generates onmouseover() when onmouseover() is not set P5 UNCONFIRMED
293771 Placing form fields inside a designMode (midas) area behaves strangely. -- UNCONFIRMED
293845 If XULElement key has got keycode="VK_F3", then it event "command" doesn't handle -- UNCONFIRMED
294910 the drop-down box in a <select> tag isn't treated as a child of the tag's parents wrt :hover -- UNCONFIRMED
295323 drag and drop of URL wants to open -- UNCONFIRMED
297134 Using setTimeout workaround for select() in onBlur event causes bizarre behaviour if Firefox loses and regains focus -- UNCONFIRMED
298680 FireFox not sending any user selected character Encoding to server during submit or during any request -- UNCONFIRMED
301538 cannot dispatch "command" event (event data stored as code) P5 UNCONFIRMED
301746 Session history entries should implement property bag -- UNCONFIRMED
304703 window.onselect does not work P5 UNCONFIRMED
305396 [Plaintext] Can't drag if the rootElement has white-space: pre; -- UNCONFIRMED
305399 image drag should provide data for real mime type -- UNCONFIRMED
305915 window.location.reload() does not throw an error on server failure to deliver. P5 UNCONFIRMED
306455 [midas] Midas improperly collapses <p>'s together corrupting anchor tags -- UNCONFIRMED
306517 mouseup fails to fire when part of a table is selected P5 UNCONFIRMED
308302 Action of ctrl+up/down in message compose window -- UNCONFIRMED
308399 CPU at 100% when minimize the Window and reopen the Window if run some javascript codes including document.write P5 UNCONFIRMED
311337 when using location.replace history is doing strange things -- UNCONFIRMED
311665 Keyboard Shortcuts displayed incorrectly when using a non-qwerty keyboard layout -- UNCONFIRMED
312051 when FF cache exceed previously set up volume limit 'copy' option stops to work -- UNCONFIRMED
314087 Focus() to input field scrolls document to top P5 UNCONFIRMED
314101 can't customize Find text: key bindings -- UNCONFIRMED
314694 Pasting of copied text to a plain text edit box should not have whitespaces preserved if the text is not preformatted -- UNCONFIRMED
314870 possibly incorrect value of ctrlKey of a keydown event when pressing control key P5 UNCONFIRMED
315454 Find as you Type is not disabled when an editable <iframe> is added to a document using the DOM -- UNCONFIRMED
316809 Keydown event not fired on table P5 UNCONFIRMED
317727 Webpage Forces a first window overtop of a second window, including the preferences window, if "raise or lower windows" is enabled in javascript settings. P5 UNCONFIRMED
317757 onchange, onblur do not detect Shift key -- UNCONFIRMED
318304 sizeToContent fails on 2nd P5 UNCONFIRMED
318516 Sporadic and random line breaks appearing when in text editors within firefox page -- UNCONFIRMED
318538 <a> tag hover state not shown when mouse 'lands' on an <a> tag -- UNCONFIRMED
318615 Click and drag on empty portion of DIV - events don't fire P5 UNCONFIRMED
320569 You should be able to change the default protocol -- UNCONFIRMED
321188 nsWindowSH::GlobalResolve constructor->Install failed P5 UNCONFIRMED
321221 alert("...") doesn't block <meta http-equiv="refresh" ..> P5 UNCONFIRMED
321880 from onmouseover seems to make Javascript become multi-threaded -- UNCONFIRMED
322115 Drag and Drop aswell as Cut and Paste dysfunctional. JS error. -- UNCONFIRMED
322158 Cannot set the text of a script element with javascript. Worked before I upgraded to 1.5 P5 UNCONFIRMED
322205 [MIDAS]hitting space when editing text inside a paragraph adds an unwanted BR tag -- UNCONFIRMED
322490 Setting self.location.href during javascript keypress event has strange behavior. -- UNCONFIRMED
323055 <button> reload page when not in <form> -- UNCONFIRMED
323597 [MIDAS] Drag & drop anything (image, text, anything) at the beginning of any element-> the image is lost, disappears -- UNCONFIRMED
323727 Focusing hidden fields/elements should raise a warning P5 UNCONFIRMED
323922 Using Back button on Google gives search results out of sync with search strings -- UNCONFIRMED
325622 Unknown protocol dialog should show full URL -- UNCONFIRMED
326026 Using overflow seems to somehow sandbox events (and change reaction area?) -- UNCONFIRMED
326072 onClick="history.back();" doesn't work right -- UNCONFIRMED
326665 window.close does not work in chrome P5 UNCONFIRMED
329547 mouse events not generated for embed tag inside an object tag P5 UNCONFIRMED
331572 Line breaks submitted as &#10; instead of <LF> -- UNCONFIRMED
332424 Setting control's selection before first focus makes it visible -- UNCONFIRMED
332435 Can't set reverse selection in textarea with js -- UNCONFIRMED
332482 tooltip has anchor -- UNCONFIRMED
332524 Textarea submitting incorrect string under wrap=hard P3 UNCONFIRMED
332561 Multiple problems with using onkeydown to restrict input -- UNCONFIRMED
332984 Not possible to stopPropagation for on dblclick if you remove target from dom on command -- UNCONFIRMED
333471 Editor collapses selection immediately after 'createLink', leading to faulty caret positioning on arrowkey. -- UNCONFIRMED
333927 Ignores Website tabindex order -- UNCONFIRMED
334052 Multiple iframes where HTML is written in JavaScript causes error in Firefox 1.5 P5 UNCONFIRMED
334648 Automatic absolute to relative URL conversion when pasting to designMode fails if GET parameters contain slashes -- UNCONFIRMED
335358 Assertion in nsEditor::IsPreformatted -- UNCONFIRMED
335567 Alternate Content To OBJECT should not participate in HTTP POST -- UNCONFIRMED
335664 firefox glitch with some special 'drawing' i use P5 UNCONFIRMED
335737 Fails to load data from ebay page with "back" -- UNCONFIRMED
335936 Synthesized tab does not move focus -- UNCONFIRMED
336139 Incorrect behaviour when submitting form under designMode -- UNCONFIRMED
336717 DIVs on top of Flash lose onMouseOut event P5 UNCONFIRMED
336911 openDialog //chrome without check existence P5 UNCONFIRMED
337172 Can't cancel ctrl+tab on keydown P5 UNCONFIRMED
337965 Ctrl key doesn't fire keydown (and keyup) event P5 UNCONFIRMED
337982 keydown action bug P5 UNCONFIRMED
339078 iframe "onload" does not work (firefox 1.5) -- UNCONFIRMED
339573 TAB key focuses the next field in HTML form onChange event even if return value for the event was false P5 UNCONFIRMED
339799 Shifting the focus results in orphaned menus P5 UNCONFIRMED
339860 Request an Option to Make the Default Response to the 'Unresponsive Script' Dialog 'Continue' Instead of 'Stop Script' P3 UNCONFIRMED
340158 Multiple SUBMITs performed when Submit Button "pushed" with Spacebar P5 UNCONFIRMED
340591 When I receibe the form it's not delimited at all. With MS mail I get a CR/LF after every line. -- UNCONFIRMED
342264 JavaScript changing of DOM object link colors P5 UNCONFIRMED
342561 Text input field change detected with asymmetrical checkpoints (before focus and before blur) P5 UNCONFIRMED
343464 Feature Request: script timeout when using long scripts. P5 UNCONFIRMED
343591 Poor DOM-to-text conversion for tables (e.g. pasting into Notepad) -- UNCONFIRMED
343747 bfcache should only cache documents where the channel implements nsICachingChannel -- UNCONFIRMED
344224 window.status set from link's mouseover event should evaporate automatically (without onmouseout event) P5 UNCONFIRMED
345208 Frame page causes my javascript menu to fail P5 UNCONFIRMED
345604 Assertions when trying to use events P5 UNCONFIRMED
346339 fast back / forward broken on -- UNCONFIRMED
346670 DOMContentLoaded is not being fired for Javascript-created pages P5 UNCONFIRMED
346860 Dragging an object from a div with position absolute and overlow auto doesn't propagate events P5 UNCONFIRMED
347079 JS, DOM Model: ( not working P5 UNCONFIRMED
347357 <editor> does not propagate scroll events -- UNCONFIRMED
348682 Table cells should have resize handles -- UNCONFIRMED
348847 After using select all & delete, there is no empty paragraph in editor -- UNCONFIRMED
350850 onload handler fires with DOM manipulation, but without reloading P5 UNCONFIRMED
350953 <Return> doesn't break a blockquote in Midas -- UNCONFIRMED
351689 meta refresh with Url=//rpsv/... tries to go to a server named "rpsv" instead of the "rpsv" directory on the same server -- UNCONFIRMED
351895 Copy selected text on web page has no option to exclude 'alt' text. -- UNCONFIRMED
351934 The button's event property is undefined under FF2.0 and TB2.0 P5 UNCONFIRMED
352057 JavaScript onFocus event does not work correct when changing location.href link with an anchor -- UNCONFIRMED
352147 Firefox can't find object in a div container when it is loaded the second time via Ajax. P5 UNCONFIRMED
352471 JavaScript exception is not thrown when the script tag is appended to a container instead of document. P5 UNCONFIRMED
352517 javascript keeps firing on onkeyup, long after firing, infinite loop P5 UNCONFIRMED
353199 row widths affected by inclusion of fo:table-header-group ?? P5 UNCONFIRMED
353290 Size of list numbers or bullets isn't changed after command FontSize in DHTML editor P5 UNCONFIRMED
353305 First triggered event skips listener P5 UNCONFIRMED
353363 If css overflow value is not 'visible', then child's offsetLeft(js) and offsetTop(js) are wrong. P5 UNCONFIRMED
354495 objects in a document inside iframe are not accessible right after the frame is moved using DOM methods P5 UNCONFIRMED
355228 In designMode firefox replaces newlines with <br> tags in <pre> elements -- UNCONFIRMED
355229 Leave some room when scrolling to named anchors -- UNCONFIRMED
355321 '<iframe src="javascript: foo(11)"></iframe>' results in "foo is not defined" (even though it is defined above the iframe) -- UNCONFIRMED
356288 pasting long unbroken text resets editors to "top of form". -- UNCONFIRMED
356598 HTML format get modified while using textContent -- UNCONFIRMED
357379 opener.focus() doesn't focus the tab that opened the actual one P5 UNCONFIRMED
358503 JavaScript Pop-up function doesn't work with to 0 and the whole window keeps "flashing" P5 UNCONFIRMED
359216 "Save as text" saves html code -- UNCONFIRMED
359455 Nested Forms in ASP.NET work properly P5 UNCONFIRMED
360687 possibility to select/mark text in one column of a table in the browser -- UNCONFIRMED
360875 Mouseout event triggered for parent when mouseover on autocomplete drop down -- UNCONFIRMED
360877 many uses of mouseover event showing alert results in too much recursion -- UNCONFIRMED
362168 form data isn't submitted if <input type="image" ... /> is nested inside a <tfoot> table element -- UNCONFIRMED
362303 window.opener property erased after posting from a popup P5 UNCONFIRMED
362681 calling focus within window.onfocus broken. -- UNCONFIRMED
363099 onFocus Javascript command is interfering with drop down boxes P5 UNCONFIRMED
363215 A floating div created in JavaScript doesn't move when it has to P5 UNCONFIRMED
363288 targeting does not work from second level popup (new tab opened instead) P5 UNCONFIRMED
363397 Removing row with removeChild precludes form submission if row contains input of type image -- UNCONFIRMED
364081 Window opened with alwaysLowered=yes feature does not stay lowered P5 UNCONFIRMED
364228 Provide means to define word boundaries for Next/Previous word functions -- UNCONFIRMED
364503 I can't send a message with the form : aspnetForm -- UNCONFIRMED
365900 wrong focusNode/anchorNode for focused elements inside table -- UNCONFIRMED
366423 The "View HTML Source" check box doesn't work on the Mozilla midas demo page (importNode gives: Exception... "Access to property denied") -- UNCONFIRMED
368102 clipboard commandupdater event not fired when document lives inside <browser/> -- UNCONFIRMED
369373 When clicking the Back or Forward button on this AJAX website nothing happens -- UNCONFIRMED
369502 Firefox and tidy add line breaks within code blocks -- UNCONFIRMED
369661 Improved Smoothscroll using keydown/keyup events -- UNCONFIRMED
370322 Remove All Text Styles should also remove paragraph formatting (strip <h1> etc.) -- UNCONFIRMED
371768 Caret does not appear initially when using Midas editor pre-loaded with stylesheet -- UNCONFIRMED
372205 Add docs or links to docs for DOM IDLs P5 UNCONFIRMED
372296 Forms with file inputs that have hidden inputs after submit buttons failing on HTTPS POST with large file size -- UNCONFIRMED
372670 onkeydown for modifiers is only fired every second time P5 UNCONFIRMED
372955 [Midas] Cursor jumps when ending header tag. P5 UNCONFIRMED
373776 Scrolling does not correctly fire repeated DOM events but only seems to fire a 'start' and 'end' event -- UNCONFIRMED
374511 [Midas] Adding a blockquote to the bottom of a document traps cursor -- UNCONFIRMED
374641 Large post form data sometimes are lost -- UNCONFIRMED
375204 onMouse Events (script): They do not work properly (like in IE and Opera). Need to be fixed for compatibility for web designers. -- UNCONFIRMED
375848 Context menu disappears sporadically on mouseup -- UNCONFIRMED
376390 pre-filled values in forms that contain special unicode characters are not always send exactly on submit -- UNCONFIRMED
377533 Firefox does not support run-time javascript file handling. P5 UNCONFIRMED
377798 strange Back button behavior with dynamic frames -- UNCONFIRMED
377916 Handles in designmode not staying with image when image is moved/removed while highlighted -- UNCONFIRMED
379095 mouseout event in embedded (X)HTML document fails to fire P5 UNCONFIRMED
379614 form.submit() does not get executed when the button is clicked, the same works fine for the anchors P5 UNCONFIRMED
379642 javascript onkeydown/onkeyup event not triggered for multiple non control keys simultaneously pressed on linux. P5 UNCONFIRMED
379803 Give content policies information about user initiated action P5 UNCONFIRMED
380050 Script-defined (expando) property for HTML element cannot be deleted ("Security Manager vetoed action") P5 UNCONFIRMED
380223 Unresponsive script isn't triggered for document.write loop P3 UNCONFIRMED
381168 XULRunner wizard does not work, if I read document.documentElement P5 UNCONFIRMED
381173 text reverses when deleting linebreak with div inside span -- UNCONFIRMED
381350 address bar keyword search does not work properly when used with @ symbol -- UNCONFIRMED
381623 In preformatted HTML text (tag <pre>) drag-and-drop renders newlines as whitespaces -- UNCONFIRMED
381958 select element should lose focus if mouse is not over element when option list is removed -- UNCONFIRMED
382032 Firefox tranforms null characters to U+FFFD (Unicode "REPLACEMENT CHARACTER") when posting forms -- UNCONFIRMED
382771 Spellchecker shouldn't require whitespace after block elements to delimit words -- UNCONFIRMED
382787 User-entered form data overwrites the values specified in HTML, when reloading/going back -- UNCONFIRMED
383864 CSS formatting ignored when copying and pasting prestyled elements like lists and tables -- UNCONFIRMED
384141 Text styling is not maintained when starting a list -- UNCONFIRMED
384557 Line breaks in textarea's defaultValue are handled differently from those in value P5 UNCONFIRMED
385115 Need a way to determine overflowing width/height for elements P5 UNCONFIRMED
386173 Feature: add a command to disable abspos ui in Midas -- UNCONFIRMED
387456 a question about get element's offsetLeft in Javascript P5 UNCONFIRMED
387922 Bug in nsGenericHTMLElement::GetOffsetRect() causing deviations in Position and Dimention calculations P5 UNCONFIRMED
387927 Event handlers don't fire in form fields when the id matches the function name P5 UNCONFIRMED
388415 document.evaluate throws error if context is an empty text node. P5 UNCONFIRMED
389007 FF throws "Component returned failure" exception when submiting dynamically created form in JavaScript P5 UNCONFIRMED
389510 Dynamic form elements not in order when submitting to a CGI script -- UNCONFIRMED
389704 Large memory leak when changing textarea.value P5 UNCONFIRMED
393083 Forms submitted quickly posts some fields blank -- UNCONFIRMED
396436 HTTP parser fails to recognize an utf-8 broken at the edge of given conversion buffer -- UNCONFIRMED
397351 layerX/layerY wrong when mouse is over scrollbar -- UNCONFIRMED
399426 Error object has wrong line number info if script is loaded dynamically P5 UNCONFIRMED
401616 Don't post a select element updated with ajax-updater -- UNCONFIRMED
401634 [midas] Can't edit inside an OL or UL tag. -- UNCONFIRMED
401800 Midas - Unable to justify divs -- UNCONFIRMED
402656 ImageDocument should behave like netError instead of being hard coded -- UNCONFIRMED
402702 broken handing onkeyup when you type text too fast in input P5 UNCONFIRMED
404641 document and window claim prototype properties as own P5 UNCONFIRMED
405890 When getting a DOM element's href property, and when the href contains a space, the space is URLencoded as %20 P5 UNCONFIRMED
406514 [XUL] Buttons with popup attribute don't open associated panel using keyboard shortcuts (space, enter) -- UNCONFIRMED
406752 Esc key kan not be cancelled P5 UNCONFIRMED
407880 error console should throw up a warning when pre-dom1 javascript element fetching is used P5 UNCONFIRMED
408809 select code feature selectCode() appends white spaces to beginning of line. -- UNCONFIRMED
409198 No events when setting menulist value with JS P5 UNCONFIRMED
409710 Lost events in Drag&Drop -- UNCONFIRMED
411031 LayerX/Y properties are incorrectly calculated when a event is manually dispatched (initmouseevent) P5 UNCONFIRMED
416301 Dragging links to input form field from email (thunderbird) makes duplicate link -- UNCONFIRMED
416772 Pasting contents destroys text formatting on Mac OS X -- UNCONFIRMED
417277 Bad handling of backstack when pressing a second link before the first link had loaded -- UNCONFIRMED
417287 Drag and drop of URLs onto plugin content (e.g., Java, Flash) is rejected -- UNCONFIRMED
417412 Impossible to place caret between two centered tables -- UNCONFIRMED
417474 Popups are not placed in the correct location P5 UNCONFIRMED
421297 New restriction on setting element Style properties P5 UNCONFIRMED
422057 Javascript event target locked after changing underlying node P5 UNCONFIRMED
422295 CSS :focus{overflow:hidden} breaks click event handling on input elements P5 UNCONFIRMED
425069 Dragging image out of x64 Firefox window transposes 1px from left to right of image -- UNCONFIRMED
425545 Defaults not set from preferences in Page Colors and Backgrounds dialog -- UNCONFIRMED
426070 Preformat font in mail message wrongly shown as variable width -- UNCONFIRMED
427016 Screenshot paste feature in libeditor can reveal current windows user name -- UNCONFIRMED
428140 Changing focus onpaste in contentEditable node is very broken -- UNCONFIRMED
429997 onscroll event is not sent often enough in fx3 P5 UNCONFIRMED
430967 dump() is fully buffered P5 UNCONFIRMED
432849 javascript form submission does not work on hidden form, js processed in wrong order -- UNCONFIRMED
433119 When maximising the Firefox window, content is not always resized to fit -- UNCONFIRMED
433356 FF 3 sends a mouseup event when using selecting using a select control; FF2 doesn't. P5 UNCONFIRMED
433669 HTML Editor: formatted text at line ends jumps to next formatted piece of text -- UNCONFIRMED
434475 the Indent command splits a paragraph in 2 elements after several indents -- UNCONFIRMED
435709 Inline tags are replaced by <span> tags with certain editing actions. -- UNCONFIRMED
438374 Table with <p> tags adds unnecessary newlines to clipboard, impossible to parse! -- UNCONFIRMED
439377 Synchronous requests are not working with FF3 RC3 P5 UNCONFIRMED
439690 Code inside two nested objects under hiddenDOMWindow runs unprivileged P5 UNCONFIRMED
439942 Images (etc) with invalid ssl certificates don't trigger a cert dialog -- UNCONFIRMED
439966 Gecko forgets fonts when entering bulleted list -- UNCONFIRMED
440659 onclick event for a input button is lost -- UNCONFIRMED
441088 nsIWebProgressListener events dispatched in inconsistent order: LIFO in nsDocLoader, and FIFO in tabbrowser -- UNCONFIRMED
441447 Firefox 3 loses focus on WordPress 2.5.1 Post text box, typing apostrophe launches Quick Find. -- UNCONFIRMED
441535 Rating article generates: Error: 551 Can't parse multipart request -- UNCONFIRMED
442673 event.rangeOffset on mouse events is returned when the cursor is not over text but in the vicinity of the text -- UNCONFIRMED
443938 image thumbnail (thumb) generated when dragging an image can be a few pixels away from mouse cursor -- UNCONFIRMED
444008 browser.triple_click_selects_paragraph should be false on Linux -- UNCONFIRMED
444721 File drag using application/x-moz-file-promise doesn't work -- UNCONFIRMED
445844 Javascript event (function) not working as expected P5 UNCONFIRMED
446049 CPU USAGE GOES VERY HIGH when moving HTML DOM Elements using JavaScript and DOM P5 UNCONFIRMED
446111 Mistake javascript and scroll -- UNCONFIRMED
447769 No built-in way to retrieve information about what events a DOM node listens to P5 UNCONFIRMED
448683 Translation of copied HTML formatted text incorrectly adds line breaks for all tags -- UNCONFIRMED
449016 setTimeout should guarantee that the function is never called early (late is ok) P5 UNCONFIRMED
451440 nsIDOMWindowUtils::sendKeyEvent isn't the same as pressing the key P5 UNCONFIRMED
451755 Are mouse out event's always triggered? P5 UNCONFIRMED
451839 Closing large html file that does DOM manipulation at startup is very slow - closing errors out with "unresponsive script P5 UNCONFIRMED
452039 Form fields in noscript sent in get/post request even when scripts are enabled -- UNCONFIRMED
452582 <img> changes are saved into @style instead of @width and @height -- UNCONFIRMED
453709 Ajax Call: Huge Memory Spike when requesting large data set, sometimes resulting in an empty responseText P5 UNCONFIRMED
454552 execCommand inserthtml into paragraph tag -- UNCONFIRMED
455002 Accessing Javascript variables between iframes with Signed Javascript scripts P5 UNCONFIRMED
456378 provide an xpcom api to add user(agent) stylesheets to documents -- UNCONFIRMED
457234 leaking dom windows P5 UNCONFIRMED
457332 execCommand does not work in iframe editor I have built with NS_ERROR_NOT_INITIALIZED NS_ERROR_NOT_INITIALIZED errors. -- UNCONFIRMED
457853 DOMMouseScroll multiple fires P5 UNCONFIRMED
457998 DOM focus() and blur() tests fail. P5 UNCONFIRMED
458617 div.offsetWidth value WRONG (too small) -- causes text wrapping P5 UNCONFIRMED
459523 checkbox does submit name and value if checked and a click submits the form -- UNCONFIRMED
459771 Break paragraph bugs in contenteditable -- UNCONFIRMED
459793 Add pref to override password masking character. P5 UNCONFIRMED
460366 Opening a modal window interferes with synchronous XHR P5 UNCONFIRMED
461477 Save Page As saves wrong HREFs for IFRAMEs -- UNCONFIRMED
461792 Menu shortcuts are still triggered when trying to enter characters by hex code on Windows (hold Alt, hit +, type hex value, release Alt) -- UNCONFIRMED
462146 using keyboard to move in text may move in the wrong way when selection exists -- UNCONFIRMED
462452 Selection expands in wrong direction when contenteditable, RTL element contains LTR characters -- UNCONFIRMED
462508 nsPrimitiveHelpers::CreateDataFromPrimitive will fail to return a string for most nsISupportsCString -- UNCONFIRMED
462731 touchpad tapping generates a History/Back event -- UNCONFIRMED
463083 When using the bold html tags it appears on that the text goes away. P5 UNCONFIRMED
463908 DOM Load throws Security Error 1000 from an extension P5 UNCONFIRMED
465397 NS_ERROR_DOM_BAD_URI on local file using XMLHttpRequest P5 UNCONFIRMED
466652 table with caption, cell border and collapsed rows moves upwards while editing caption in midas / designMode -- UNCONFIRMED
468028 When Backspace/Delete/Cut Joins Blocks, Resulting Block Has Attributes from Last Selected Block -- UNCONFIRMED
468605 Multiple windows can have the same name P5 UNCONFIRMED
469178 XBL binding no longer works if the xpcnativewrappers security mechanism is disabled for an extension P5 UNCONFIRMED
469917 "ASSERTION: nsJSURI not thread-safe" (released through nsInputStreamTransport and nsJSThunk destructors) P5 UNCONFIRMED
470372 DOMNodeInserted event doesn't fire on DIV where event listener was added to a DOM element accessible via window.content P5 UNCONFIRMED
470560 window.postMessage makes reentrant calls to JavaScript, it is not thread safe P5 UNCONFIRMED
470651 System Services (interapplication communication on Mac OS X): services to support images in Mozilla applications -- UNCONFIRMED
470968 Permission denied to get property XULElement.popupOpen on input focus P5 UNCONFIRMED
471283 Mac OS X accesskey modifier (Ctrl) robs functionality from plugins and JavaScript -- UNCONFIRMED
471972 LOAD_FLAGS_BYPASS_CACHE and LOAD_FLAGS_BYPASS_HISTORY combination leads to ignoring both -- UNCONFIRMED
471975 Impossible to get range during an onmousedown event P5 UNCONFIRMED
472065 Firefox does a double postback -- UNCONFIRMED
473533 Non-ascii characters are not recognized by server on postback P5 UNCONFIRMED
473749 Hide current window behind the message dialog P5 UNCONFIRMED
475648 Javascript returns wrong values for screen.width and screen.height (1920x1200) P5 UNCONFIRMED
476446 Buggy behaviour with submit button and timeouts -- UNCONFIRMED
476519 After clicking an input image the form cannot be submitted via script P5 UNCONFIRMED
476633 nsIFile retrieved from drag and drop improperly urlencodes file name when it's already encoded -- UNCONFIRMED
478004 flash component loses focus when you scroll the page P5 UNCONFIRMED
478277 Firefox 3 onload and DOMContentLoaded event firing before the page is fully loaded (2). P5 UNCONFIRMED
479664 some pages with a div set to 'display:table-row' have wrong client width for that div P5 UNCONFIRMED
480184 Editor undo for whole content replacement should restore selection range -- UNCONFIRMED
480718 In nsIPromptService methods there are no accesskeys for some buttons. -- UNCONFIRMED
483194 Location of the parent window cannot be changed from Javascript P5 UNCONFIRMED
483386 javascript:window.close() not closing window P5 UNCONFIRMED
484510 Overriding or setting the drag image using setDragImage shouldn't be translucent for elements -- UNCONFIRMED
484570 key wrong binded for '=' under javascript event P5 UNCONFIRMED
484969 Drag and Drop of elements with "src" or "href" attribute is broken in designmode -- UNCONFIRMED
485456 with browser.enable_automatic_image_resizing = false, raw/direct image zoom state assumptions incorrect. P5 UNCONFIRMED
485842 Popup blocker fails to block popups which open in the background while firefox browse window is open. P5 UNCONFIRMED
485975 contenteditable DIV within absolutely positioned DIV has table-editing handles in wrong location -- UNCONFIRMED
485993 Drag and drop doesn't work from Netscape 7.2 -- UNCONFIRMED
486067 setting window.opener to null does not hide MessageEvent.origin P5 UNCONFIRMED
488677 Could not cancel certain keystrokes in keydown (ctrl+f4,ctrl+tab). Keystroke handled directly by browser. -- UNCONFIRMED
489016 Ctrl+F5 does not reload child frames -- UNCONFIRMED
489104 xpathResult "looks like" as an Array P5 UNCONFIRMED
489197 elementFromPoint returning HTML instead of BODY element P5 UNCONFIRMED
489917 The keyup event for the control key isn't always sent at the end of a run of ctrl-tab keypresses -- UNCONFIRMED
491012 When adding text fields using DHTML, everytime a new text field is added the value of the other dynamically added text fields is empty P5 UNCONFIRMED
492147 copying markup with <span style="display:block"> leads to loss of line breaks (block) when pasting as plain text -- UNCONFIRMED
492551 offsetLeft and offsetTop of a position:absolute element is off by the offsetParent's border. P5 UNCONFIRMED
493416 onclick event not triggered - text input - after onfocus value change -- UNCONFIRMED
494755 JavaScript submit() stops working after removing an element from the page using JavaScript -- UNCONFIRMED
495253 youtube form submit "upload video" fails to work P5 UNCONFIRMED
498453 Selection of text on 3D-Cube (CSS-effects) breaks. -- UNCONFIRMED
500087 Cannot decrease indent for a bullet point - bullet icon is lost in the process -- UNCONFIRMED
501913 Error console doesn't report errors of undefined variables on javascript P5 UNCONFIRMED
502177 nsIDocumentEncoder : Wrong serialization with fixupNode -- UNCONFIRMED
502615 Inconsistent behavior of JS P5 UNCONFIRMED
502930 Status bar gives forward site, after back button push. -- UNCONFIRMED
503158 Drag & Drop: Drop event -- UNCONFIRMED
503359 Spry Links using CSS and javascript don't work P5 UNCONFIRMED
503836 Cursor shows on a wrong position after press enter key in editable region -- UNCONFIRMED
505843 nsDOMConstructor::HasInstance is the only thing that doesn't handle nsJSRuntime::GetNameSpaceManager() failing P5 UNCONFIRMED
505914 Selecting a future Day doesn't switch the info on the page and mouse over pop-ups of programs does not work P5 UNCONFIRMED
506368 document.queryCommandValue('enableObjectResizing') throws an exception -- UNCONFIRMED
507308 Cannot exit list when <li> contains <br>. -- UNCONFIRMED
507968 Drop event's screen coordinates are incorrect when dropped on a browser in a stack -- UNCONFIRMED
510486 Assert on dragging empty th onto tab -- UNCONFIRMED
511523 Pressing enter to break out of a list twice and typing in a new line causes text to appear in the previous line -- UNCONFIRMED
511586 Cut and paste doesn't handle spaces correctly. -- UNCONFIRMED
513640 XMLHttpRequest Level 2 progress event loses reference to container -- UNCONFIRMED
514831 Missing newline in text/plain and text/uri-list causes ROX-Filer to reject DnD with error dialog -- UNCONFIRMED
515129 Absolutely positioned elements set background-color when contenteditable is true -- UNCONFIRMED
515145 contentWindow.document not immediately available in a programmatically created iframe P5 UNCONFIRMED
516774 Invalid onclick event handler execution order when BODY is involved. P5 UNCONFIRMED
517007 explicitOriginalTarget contains inconsistent element and tagName P5 UNCONFIRMED
517577 'setTimeout()' doesn't recall for global functions in Firefox. P5 UNCONFIRMED
517855 execCommand(bold | italic | underline | hilitecolor | fontname) does not change the already applied formatting when styleWithCss is true and the selection contains a HTML comment -- UNCONFIRMED
517930 Inconsistent explicitOriginalTarget from identical action P5 UNCONFIRMED
520001 range.surroundContents throws 0x805c0001 if a <span> is in the range. P5 UNCONFIRMED
520481 Cut and paste does not work SOHOLAUNCH page editor using Vista x64 -- UNCONFIRMED
520760 Text cursor improperly shown before images in designMode -- UNCONFIRMED
521568 JavaScript history object reloads all frames when history.go(0) is used in one of the frames -- UNCONFIRMED
521876 Deleting a range that crosses into a <blockquote> removes additional child nodes of the <blockquote> -- UNCONFIRMED
522415 Suport for HP 3d driveguard in orientation API P5 UNCONFIRMED
524043 Onmouseover and onmouse after deletion and recreation do not work -- UNCONFIRMED
524329 docshell.allowJavascript does not disable JavaScript in inline event handlers -- UNCONFIRMED
524360 Pressing of escape key will auto - reinput the value which has been modified during onkeyup event P5 UNCONFIRMED
524386 More information about HTTP requests, allowed from JS. P5 UNCONFIRMED
527582 window.onscroll event handler does not register the correct value of a global variable if variable changed just before and after window.scrollBy is called. -- UNCONFIRMED
527618 when remote XMLHttpRequest success callback tries to update hash via location.href, current session history entry is replaced ("Back" skips the entry) -- UNCONFIRMED
528078 MIDAS Rich Text Editor, backspace before the first char removes all empty lines in text -- UNCONFIRMED
528296 Tab-selectable elements should be limited by on-screen visibility -- UNCONFIRMED
528468 Timeouts firing in between script blocks if a large script block exists P5 UNCONFIRMED
529219 document.mouseup event is not fired when designMode is on and selected text is dropped -- UNCONFIRMED
529370 Unable to copy INS and DEL formatting tags -- UNCONFIRMED
529395 Can't move through each row with Down arrow if table has heading -- UNCONFIRMED
529577 Not possible to control the mouse cursor shape during a drag&drop operation -- UNCONFIRMED
529954 Unstoppable page load responds to server after stop button pressed -- UNCONFIRMED
529955 Copy paste of table results in nested <tr> which causes table border to disappear. -- UNCONFIRMED
530054 Iframe with fields (input type, textarea) doesn't fire onchange/onblur events and not recovery values. P5 UNCONFIRMED
530309 Keyboard and touchpad lock-up when moving bookmark -- UNCONFIRMED
531159 No documentation on _moz_resizing/_moz_abspos or how to disable it -- UNCONFIRMED
532579 Drag and drop of content in contenteditable fails in XHTML P5 UNCONFIRMED
534049 Unable to disconnect USB storage after uploading from it -- UNCONFIRMED
535208 Double-Clicking and editing in a div with contenteditable set to "true" inserts the text in an unexpected position. -- UNCONFIRMED
536201 Midas: innerHTML of content editable is encoding special characters in anchor href -- UNCONFIRMED
537506 Can't switch off bidi in form input -- UNCONFIRMED
537619 consistency of onBlur and onFocus events (+multitab browsing) -- UNCONFIRMED
538400 Cannot properly cut content across non-editable element boundaries in a contentEditable element -- UNCONFIRMED
538565 Scripts allowed to disable highlighting P5 UNCONFIRMED
538934 Password manager should fill in password for read only username -- UNCONFIRMED
538963 Writability check on rows 128 and 129 in swfobject 2.2 makes subsequent call to document.body.removeChild excruciatingly slow P5 UNCONFIRMED
541675 scrolling with mouse wheel scrolls too many lines -- UNCONFIRMED
542049 RTL problem in tables with contenteditable/designMode -- UNCONFIRMED
542423 Edit>Undo will not undo a form reset -- UNCONFIRMED
542430 cannot access['otherFrame'] from inside a child iframe if both iframes have the same origin P5 UNCONFIRMED
542456 curosr in contentEditable iframe will move to beginning in a special case -- UNCONFIRMED
544879 No auto-scroll when cursor location is outside of a viewable input field -- UNCONFIRMED
544923 window.close() should work for browser windows created from the command line P5 UNCONFIRMED
546187 Websites can hijack text copying P5 UNCONFIRMED
546276 listbox scrolling not working when slider is above another listbox -- UNCONFIRMED
546562 Cannot remove p/paragraph separation within a table cell of contentEditable -- UNCONFIRMED
547145 <textarea> input form cursor doesnt render well -- UNCONFIRMED
547248 Caret navigation issue around a non editable element within a contenteditable environment. -- UNCONFIRMED
547925 onchange attribute in the select element does not fire when option is selected P5 UNCONFIRMED
549420 Click and Drag from Downthemall to Thunderbird Addons freezes both processes -- UNCONFIRMED
549917 javascript insertText to a textarea will make the textarea scroll it content to top -- UNCONFIRMED
550607 dragged images don't work if dragged from out of div -- UNCONFIRMED
552634 an empty page is displayed, instead of the real content -- UNCONFIRMED
552695 DOM Range getClientRects returns questionable position inside wrapped text P5 UNCONFIRMED
552949 javascript method setTimeout is out of order on some tabs P5 UNCONFIRMED
554886 In designMode, the DEL key is not working properly at the end of paragraphs followed by an empty paragraph -- UNCONFIRMED
554971 Creating thumbnails of local images using file API consumes enormous amounts of memory P5 UNCONFIRMED
555400 Ctrl-u in input text field triggers accesskey instead of clearing the field -- UNCONFIRMED
555865 Hidden field with a value 0 does not submit sometimes -- UNCONFIRMED
556959 The 2 settings under layout.word_select do not work together properly. -- UNCONFIRMED
557412 formatblock in contenteditable div with one line inserts blockquote outside div -- UNCONFIRMED
559277 Onunload event doesn't work anymore (uncaught exceptions) within new window P5 UNCONFIRMED
563978 JavaScript/JSON parser can create DOM elements such as img tags resulting in extraneous GET requests -- UNCONFIRMED
564021 Javascript preferences should have an option to disable binding to scroll events -- UNCONFIRMED
564744 XMLHttpRequest request cancelled (with status of 0 and no response text) if file downloading window pops up meanwhile -- UNCONFIRMED
565185 Caret dissapears in a contenteditable=true div with nested mathml formula in it -- UNCONFIRMED
567343 [Drag and Drop] Dragstart does not fire in textarea / Prevent DaD is then impossible -- UNCONFIRMED
568050 DOMContentLoaded: firing before document loaded, upon user action P5 UNCONFIRMED
568133 "Select All" then "Copy" should select and copy not just page text, but also textbox content -- UNCONFIRMED
569190 startContainer returns parent node when double click is used to highlight a link -- UNCONFIRMED
570139 document.execCommand insertImage adds image to page, not to editable div -- UNCONFIRMED
571309 meta http-equiv="refresh" doesn't do the file:// principal special-casing P5 UNCONFIRMED
575612 Scroll position lost when browsing back through history. -- UNCONFIRMED
575703 Focus event does not fire on the bubble phase using FF3.6+ P5 UNCONFIRMED
576431 line breaks from HTML source appear in selection (when pasted) for application/xhtml+xml -- UNCONFIRMED
576595 Page Load event fires twice if any asp:image object does not have a specified img src P5 UNCONFIRMED
576706 If download manager pops-up while repositioning a tab, Firefox locks up -- UNCONFIRMED
577534 Dragging two or more tools from Komodo onto a textarea freezes Firefox -- UNCONFIRMED
577578 Bad handling of domain names entered in the location box both if it is entered in /etc/hosts file or is completely unreslved -- UNCONFIRMED
579925 crash-stats pages seem to break out of their iframe when they finish processing as part of a redirect -- UNCONFIRMED
581306 ContentEditable: wrong focus when loading page with paragraphs -- UNCONFIRMED
582118 Recent pages back arrow does not work after opening 15-20 e-mails in gmail and signing out -- UNCONFIRMED
582260 Assertion Failed - While trying to drag and drop item on the browser to the bookmark area -- UNCONFIRMED
585251 "The connection has timed out" "Unable to connect" pages do not preserve history -- UNCONFIRMED
587536 There should allowVideos and allowAudios in the docshell to allow developers stop loading such resources P5 UNCONFIRMED
589516 Benchmark fails to work under trunk P5 UNCONFIRMED
590716 Styles trying to set text-decoration don't work on anchors inside <body contenteditable="true"> -- UNCONFIRMED
592221 Resize event not fired when scrollbar appears -- UNCONFIRMED
592538 image maps: tabulator navigation to area links does not work for object image maps and when there is wrapper around <area> -- UNCONFIRMED
593682 Keyboard navigation does not work after hiding active iframe (display:none) -- UNCONFIRMED
595874 When dragging a element inside a contenteditable div ondrag and ondragend are not called. -- UNCONFIRMED
596143 element.dispatchEvent() doesn't synthesize navigation keys P5 UNCONFIRMED
596277 Unable to open Google Spreadsheets P5 UNCONFIRMED
597406 can't select text from floating div -- UNCONFIRMED
598521 Cannot change horizontal scroll behavior -- UNCONFIRMED
598566 no Browser status bar progress shown when using XMLHttpRequest to upload/download files P5 UNCONFIRMED
599317 ContentEditable: partially selected paragraphs are removed on DEL or CTRL-X -- UNCONFIRMED
599642 enable DOMActivate for all focusable elements P5 UNCONFIRMED
601240 Content-Type invalid for file input (multipart/form-data). It is quoted. -- UNCONFIRMED
603200 make accesskey works on all activable elements and keyboard click simulation with enter button -- UNCONFIRMED
606795 SaveAs-Dialog hasn't focus after opening in FF -- UNCONFIRMED
609224 Improper keyboard handling of html <select> element. -- UNCONFIRMED
610074 Can't follow links to chrome:// URIs in view source -- UNCONFIRMED
616346 document selection range is destroyed when an iframe is hidden and shown again (designMode on) -- UNCONFIRMED
616674 Slow localStorage access (read/write) P5 UNCONFIRMED
616805 non-modal slow script handling feature ("don't ask me again") for unresponsive script P5 UNCONFIRMED
617917 When i go to this site I have a user name and password but I can't get onto the webpage P5 UNCONFIRMED
618264 In a content editable page right clicking within a div highlights all content within the div -- UNCONFIRMED
618354 iframes with attribute to indicate small set of independent navigation controls -- UNCONFIRMED
618815 XMLHttpRequest renders ajax response in page, and the request GET in the address bar P5 UNCONFIRMED
620625 mousemove events are not fired while dragging resizer P5 UNCONFIRMED
620650 If there is big HTML with nested tables and many rows writing in contenteditable freezes browser. -- UNCONFIRMED
621836 has no effect--file is never transferred and readyStatus=1 P5 UNCONFIRMED
625013 DOMException fired when Stylesheet not loaded and its cssRules property accessed P5 UNCONFIRMED
626613 'onload' event for images is fired when loading begins, and not when it's finished -- UNCONFIRMED
628013 enhancement request for ticks or scale with line number in tab for long window displays -- UNCONFIRMED
628481 onBlur event is not fired when the DOM of the input text is moved on mousedown event. (only 3.6.x - 4.0b9) -- UNCONFIRMED
630524 Firefox throws Exception for the insertorderedlist command if <div contenteditable="true"> is within a table! -- UNCONFIRMED
630806 e.dataTransfer.files is corrupted on simultaneous drops -- UNCONFIRMED
632898 Can't access the first navigator window from AddonManager getAddonByID callback right after browser upgrade/downgrade P5 UNCONFIRMED
634566 Incorrectly follows last meta refresh directive -- UNCONFIRMED
634816 Images in Table - Handle Issue -- UNCONFIRMED
635616 provide an event to detect caret position / selection changes -- UNCONFIRMED
635832 Reduce string copying from nsHTMLSharedElement::GetHref P5 UNCONFIRMED
636923 Page loses focus after closing info bar -- UNCONFIRMED
637319 Fire load event for inline scripts P5 UNCONFIRMED
637895 A double-click on a word can select invisible text, including newline characters -- UNCONFIRMED
641287 FileReader onloadend is not displaying read status for a huge file. P5 UNCONFIRMED
642402 Characters not being typed if synchronous XHR on onkeyup -- UNCONFIRMED
644934 NULL in POST values -- UNCONFIRMED
645097 KeyboardEvent.constants.DOM_VK_ENTER is 14, not 13 -- UNCONFIRMED
645575 Make HTML pages accessible by line number so e.g. autorefresh won't lose my place -- UNCONFIRMED
646109 'Select All' broken in XHTML if html is not the root element -- UNCONFIRMED
646871 Within a content editable block and the next block is not editable, down key selects parent, instead of next editable block. -- UNCONFIRMED
647093 A sequence of window.status messages in user javascript only displays last message. -- UNCONFIRMED
647237 Iframe source leaks to other iframes -- UNCONFIRMED
648908 external JavaScript file load timing off P5 UNCONFIRMED
650740 Firefox does not show full view of an element P5 UNCONFIRMED
652104 tab characters are not properly displayed -- UNCONFIRMED
654740 Benchmark - Failure to give focus to anchors, not triggering event listeners P5 UNCONFIRMED
655024 DOM in FX4 and SM 2.1b3: modal dialogs (alert/prompt/confirm) are not shown from window.unload handlers when the app window is being closed P5 UNCONFIRMED
655518 Dragging fails permanently after dragging a folder from the Bookmarks Toolbar Items widget -- UNCONFIRMED
657265 Input goes to wrong element if focus changes during keypress P5 UNCONFIRMED
658199 Window resizer does not fire any mouseup/command events -- UNCONFIRMED
658343 link destination modifier keys not applied on mouse-up -- UNCONFIRMED
658497 XMLHttpRequest throws 'syntax error' when loading entity-files P5 UNCONFIRMED
658595 When doing lots of Ajax requests in a short period of time custom HTTP headers (e.g. "X-Requested-With") are not sent to the server P5 UNCONFIRMED
659009 Stored Reference to sessionStorage not equal to window.sessionStorage, throws Security errors NS_ERROR_DOM_SECURITY_ERR P5 UNCONFIRMED
659333 JSON.parse crashes browser when decoding large JSON -- UNCONFIRMED
661539 Consider adding a warning when multiple elements in the DOM have the same id P5 UNCONFIRMED
662169 Should set Accept header to object/@type when fetching remote object -- UNCONFIRMED
663027 Suggestions for mistyped TLDs -- UNCONFIRMED
663753 The "onunload" javascript event fires during the initial loading of the page, when a charset is specified with the Content-Type meta tag -- UNCONFIRMED
668912 HTML5 drop event default behavior shouldn't navigate -- UNCONFIRMED
669004 dataTransfer.getData() doesn't properly alias "text" and "url" -- UNCONFIRMED
669071 createElement freezes browser, utilizes 100% CPU and sucks up memory fast P5 UNCONFIRMED
670322 event.PageX gives wrong results when page is zoomed in/out P5 UNCONFIRMED
671219 Submit innerframes doesnt work -- UNCONFIRMED
672019 JavaScript alert dialog hides frames P5 UNCONFIRMED
673374 Orientation support is broken on HP laptops P5 UNCONFIRMED
673379 event.keyCode returns wrong code on United Kingdom keyboard P3 UNCONFIRMED
674625 Rich Text Editor Modifies Hyperlink To Be Relative With Wrong Number Of ../ -- UNCONFIRMED
675491 When an input value is remembered, its direction should be remembered too P5 UNCONFIRMED
676478 unable to match requested format -- UNCONFIRMED
677123 add "DOMParser" to webworkers -- UNCONFIRMED
677438 double-clicking on a word and extending the selection back and forth removes the first word from the selection in specific cases -- UNCONFIRMED
679625 Infinite wait cursor when activating a window -- UNCONFIRMED
681586 Greek accented capital vowels show up as non-accented in editor -- UNCONFIRMED
681618 Consistent font size control over all message text -- UNCONFIRMED
684478 Expose current (OS level) input language through DOM P5 UNCONFIRMED
684519 WebWorker failing to postmessage -- UNCONFIRMED
686226 ampersand in subject results in truncated .eml file -- UNCONFIRMED
686264 incorrect href value in html within content-editable with source having absolute uri pointing to host and page having base attribute set -- UNCONFIRMED
686503 HTML not rendered properly when span tag is used -- UNCONFIRMED
687327 declaring cache.manifest dynamically MUST raise INVALID_STATE_ERR P5 UNCONFIRMED
687406 File Browser Dialog Mis-labeled -- UNCONFIRMED
688133 erroneous calls to onStateChange ProgressListener -- UNCONFIRMED
691276 When dropping a file onto the first of a group of file upload form-elements (input type="file"), the file shows in the element it was dropped on (correct) AND in the next one! -- UNCONFIRMED
691796 the dragstart event is not fired on a svg element -- UNCONFIRMED
692754 Combination of script with async flag and alert function stops the rendering of the page P5 UNCONFIRMED
694839 IMG.complete must return false (not HTML5 compliant) P5 UNCONFIRMED
694940 script.async=false does not mantain order execution P5 UNCONFIRMED
696571 Less than half selection extends left-range outside of selection across nodes -- UNCONFIRMED
696589 Text area : triple click on a line : select the whole line, including the return -- UNCONFIRMED
696885 DOMContentLoaded attached on appcontent, fires for an orphaned doc, already replaced in the dom tree P5 UNCONFIRMED
697114 BR tags appended -- UNCONFIRMED
701648 Onresize event should fire on CSS-enabled resize P5 UNCONFIRMED
702380 Provide interface to allow control of do-not-track signal on a per-site basis P5 UNCONFIRMED
703212 If FF is configured to Open New Window in a Tab, window.status of new Window opened in Tab overrides window.status of original Tab -- UNCONFIRMED
705076 mouse drag event lost when changing focus between 2 Firefox windows only -- UNCONFIRMED
706770 let setAttributeNS() only set the attribute value (not its prefix) P5 UNCONFIRMED
707885 Hidden form elements shouldn't validate -- UNCONFIRMED
708292 Allow Firefox add-ons to add a mimetype to navigator.mimeTypes array P5 UNCONFIRMED
711712 Animated Image API P5 UNCONFIRMED
711821 Range.createContextualFragment sets wrong namespace when context is an SVG node P5 UNCONFIRMED
716584 Mouse events lost on plugin containers -- UNCONFIRMED
718911 window.find() doesn't respect white-spaces when searching inside pre elements P5 UNCONFIRMED
721038 Conteneditable: double clicking, then pressing an arrow makes caret go wild -- UNCONFIRMED
721335 dataTransfer.dropEffect is always indicates "none" on dragend after dropped into a CustomTreeView -- UNCONFIRMED
721521 drag and drop doesn't work for a link without an href -- UNCONFIRMED
723463 execCommand("styleWithCSS", false, null) is not equivalent to execCommand("styleWithCSS", false, false) -- UNCONFIRMED
725149 Setting position:relative on td can cause out-of-sequence dragenter events -- UNCONFIRMED
725623 can't receive messages sent by postMessage() from bootstrap extension P5 UNCONFIRMED
726330 perpetual loading state accompanied by tabbrowser.xml errors -- UNCONFIRMED
727397 Can execute JavaScript (via JS from the opener) in a tab that is displaying a modal prompt P5 UNCONFIRMED
729023 Triggering contextual error message for inputs P5 UNCONFIRMED
729587 Drag and Drop data:image base64 encoding should be disabled by default -- UNCONFIRMED
730259 javascript focus event, when listener is attached to a link (html:a), fires twice when user clicks on that link -- UNCONFIRMED
731941 alt+e on keydown only fires the alt keydown P5 UNCONFIRMED
731982 Clicking button before alert from onchange appears does not show alert from the button's onclick -- UNCONFIRMED
732358 Selection range.startOffset value too large; out of possible "range" -- UNCONFIRMED
732694 KeyEvent for tab key not work P5 UNCONFIRMED
733835 When typing into a contentEditable span when selection is after &nbsp; &nbsp; is deleted if a space precedes span. -- UNCONFIRMED
734353 lack option to disable taskbar blink P5 UNCONFIRMED
735323 POST request replaced by GET -- UNCONFIRMED
738105 DOM 3 Event, mousedown and mouseup default actions P5 UNCONFIRMED
739633 Investigate if nsHtml5TreeOpExecutor should use other data structures than nsTArray -- UNCONFIRMED
740012 dispatched keyboard events are not working P5 UNCONFIRMED
742264 Submitting form with a target name that exist in other windows cause problem -- UNCONFIRMED
742654 Registering a Protocol and Content handler is not implementing the schemes(http/https) as different origins P5 UNCONFIRMED
743874 mousemove not fired when dragging image in SVG -- UNCONFIRMED
746997 The option "Warn me when web sites try to redirect or reload the page" causes a blank page in some website -- UNCONFIRMED
751051 FF>3 accept="image/*" array is not configurable P5 UNCONFIRMED
751491 Selecting math symbols in a textarea obscures lines above and below -- UNCONFIRMED
751552 Posting a file through XMLHttpRequest when using negotiate auth stops at the 401 without authenticating and re-posting P3 UNCONFIRMED
753536 Focusing page after focusing the Location Bar doesn't refocus any frames you previously had focused P5 UNCONFIRMED
754607 Problem with onmouseup event P5 UNCONFIRMED
754651 magnification is activated randomly with most CTRL+<key> -- UNCONFIRMED
757478 HTML content copying twice. P3 UNCONFIRMED
757913 worker with timeout modal box P5 UNCONFIRMED
758042 Worker messages received drifted from the order being sent P5 UNCONFIRMED
759682 <img> based Firefox 12 and Nightly Bypasses -- UNCONFIRMED
760006 Drag-and-drop may be used to inject content across domains -- UNCONFIRMED
760249 [KDE] The file picker dialog is displayed underneath the browser window when attempting to add an attachment to yahoo mail -- UNCONFIRMED
762877 Javascript .ready() not working correctly. P5 UNCONFIRMED
763383 execCommand("delete") doesn´t remove empty span-elements -- UNCONFIRMED
765660 The 'selected items/text' color is changed if the contrast is arbitrarily deemed to be insufficient. -- UNCONFIRMED
769410 contenteditable=true and draggable=false still allows dragging image -- UNCONFIRMED
771411 Chrome-initiated keyup events propagated to content -- UNCONFIRMED
771926 DOMUserData not copied during clone operation for element attributes P5 UNCONFIRMED
772852 Firefox 13.0.1 on Windows 7 ignores the NumLock setting on the numeric keypad -- UNCONFIRMED
773212 Middle button past url don't work unless you have http/https in the url -- UNCONFIRMED
773575 Left and right mouse buttons single click only -- UNCONFIRMED
773681 Right-click occasionally generates left-click event.button -- UNCONFIRMED
774600 xmlhttprequest gets completed handler when navigating away from page P5 UNCONFIRMED
775019 Keyboard shortcuts in German version do not work since v.13 -- UNCONFIRMED
775477 Apple+C (Copy selected Text to Clipboard) dosen't work in FF 14 -- UNCONFIRMED
776631 Document in design mode loses focus when arrow keys, home, page down, page up and tab are pressed -- UNCONFIRMED
778505 can't use blob because of An attempt was made to use an object that is not, or is no longer, usable P5 UNCONFIRMED
778548 CORS preflight fails with Basic Authentication P5 UNCONFIRMED
780103 copy to excel table with td.div -- UNCONFIRMED
780526 Event listener isn't called on drag an element -- UNCONFIRMED
782095 Can not copy text from the middle of the reference -- UNCONFIRMED
783783 triple click selects to end of document if 'paragraph' wraps at column break -- UNCONFIRMED
783942 [Great Idea] Using ImageData as image or URL.createObjectURL(ctx.createImageData(width,height)) P5 UNCONFIRMED
784032 Stack overflow via window.print(); -- UNCONFIRMED
785179 localStorage from previous day cannot be updated P5 UNCONFIRMED
785243 script execution order is incorrect if a script contains a sync xhr call P5 UNCONFIRMED
785773 Element overlapping another prevents text selection despite having display:none set onmousedown -- UNCONFIRMED
786657 CSV mime type change -- UNCONFIRMED
786942 Getting a DOM Window from nsIRequest using nsILoadContext.associatedWindow no longer works after updating from FF12.0 to FF14.0 P5 UNCONFIRMED
787305 nslSelection.collapse causes error when contenteditable container not active P5 UNCONFIRMED
787843 applicationCache.update() throws SecurityError instead of InvalidStateError when cache is not primed P5 UNCONFIRMED
788184 Opening multiple modal dialogs blocks and causes console errors P5 UNCONFIRMED
789426 Firefox 15.0.x: input aof German special signs (äöü) fires ajax request -- UNCONFIRMED
789779 window.onerror only catches some JavaScript 'too much recursion' exceptions P5 UNCONFIRMED
790068 back button history does not always update when using window.history.go -- UNCONFIRMED
791080 Reload after Undo Close for POST'd content results in GET P5 UNCONFIRMED
792523 Hung browser: Firefox not setting SELECT option elements text with leading spaces P5 UNCONFIRMED
793431 Ajax XMLHttpRequest can only send/receive a max of 4096 size P5 UNCONFIRMED
793495 dragleave event fired after dragend and without a previous dragenter -- UNCONFIRMED
794416 OOM Crash because user not given chance to stop runaway script. P5 UNCONFIRMED
795469 line edit and text edit widgets behave inconsistently with those of usual GUI applications and even the rest of Firefox -- UNCONFIRMED
798766 Javascript mousemove event only fires sporadically on ubuntu 12.04. P5 UNCONFIRMED
798833 editor widget partly editable even when set to readonly (eEditorDisabledMask) -- UNCONFIRMED
800033 Compile failures in object has no attribute 'isEnum' P5 UNCONFIRMED
802993 'readystate' doen not work correctly P5 UNCONFIRMED
803590 Rename onRefreshAttempted() to onRedirectAttempted() and make it handle all the redirection -- UNCONFIRMED
803950 matchMedia addListener event can not be triggered every time by width be change over the condition . -- UNCONFIRMED
804889 Any html elements having `src` attribute should support `defer`(async load), NOT only the <script> P5 UNCONFIRMED
807298 element.dispatchEvent returns false instead of true P5 UNCONFIRMED
810691 Event propagation's target can be incorrect -- UNCONFIRMED
812677 Include changes to text direction in undo history of text area -- UNCONFIRMED
812807 Dragleave fires when entering nodeType==3 -- UNCONFIRMED
813040 getSelection().addRange() moves current caret to next line at the end of a line -- UNCONFIRMED
813846 hiliteColor doesnt hilite all ranges just the first one -- UNCONFIRMED
814144 Server Sent Event doesn't always retry -- UNCONFIRMED
816437 spacebar triggers click event on wrong element P5 UNCONFIRMED
818185 Onkeydown/up fire wrong values for some keys under Windows P5 UNCONFIRMED
818515 document.getSelection().getRangeAt(0).cloneContents() differs when .contentEditable = true/false -- UNCONFIRMED
821800 Two Alt+Left Arrow clicks required to Go Back One Page (something a page does adds to history subtly) -- UNCONFIRMED
821975 CSS :hover is inconsistent while Javascript constantly changes a .style value -- UNCONFIRMED
822458 Elements with visibility:hidden, visibility:collapse, or display:none are not ignored by Find in page -- UNCONFIRMED
824870 Provide preference to set deltaMode value of DOM WheelEvent P3 UNCONFIRMED
825444 Copying-pasting selection of RSS feed entries to clipboard loses formatting info when pasted into a text processor (Microsoft Word 2003 or LibreOffice Writer) [XML] -- UNCONFIRMED
827709 Text selection prevents the CSS 'pointer-events' rule being applied. P5 UNCONFIRMED
830076 <noscript>-content is not rendered in sandboxed iframe P5 UNCONFIRMED
832729 tabbrowser progress listener no longer fires STATE_STOP on async requests -- UNCONFIRMED
835914 SeaMonkey returns false pixel/color depth values P5 UNCONFIRMED
836879 Get message (email) URL from JavaScript drop event -- UNCONFIRMED
837080 System hang for ≈1 min when drag n drop on Firefox with Ubuntu 12.x -- UNCONFIRMED
837482 zoom hotkeys not working correctly -- UNCONFIRMED
839816 Make next-tick mechanisms like postMessage faster P5 UNCONFIRMED
840333 Mouse scrolling "by page" doesn't work in dialogs, for example the cookie list (big delta is limited to page on webpages, not elsewhere) -- UNCONFIRMED
841694 In contenteditable :focus is not behaving properly -- UNCONFIRMED
841749 Can't escape BLOCKQUOTE element in contenteditable -- UNCONFIRMED
843554 Firefox checkbox change\click event order is non-standard -- UNCONFIRMED
844368 Focus outline not triggered after find is closed -- UNCONFIRMED
844401 Meta refresh broken on pages with contenteditable elements -- UNCONFIRMED
845653 Dragging an image (URL) to a new tab does not work on google search -- UNCONFIRMED
846431 Cursor selecting object higher or lower than where cursor is placed in Gmail -- UNCONFIRMED
848410 Firefox ESR 17.0.3 is not properly encoding selectlist option values. -- UNCONFIRMED
849605 Dynamic change to iframe's "location.href" is not properly maintained in DOM P5 UNCONFIRMED
850178 Mouse scroll break sync ajax request P5 UNCONFIRMED
851786 http://example/index.html is treated differently, depending on left click or middle click. -- UNCONFIRMED
852845 FF 19 Javascript Engine stalls when the mouse is moved over Mac OSX Dock P5 UNCONFIRMED
853327 scrolling inside drop down list not wokring (synaptics touchpad driver version 16.2.21) -- UNCONFIRMED
854100 Firefox is laggy when wiping the background on P5 UNCONFIRMED
854260 Right clicking sometimes immediately "clicks" context menu item -- UNCONFIRMED
855397 Create anchored text of pasted url when using rich editor like IE. -- UNCONFIRMED
855542 Error: NS_NOINTERFACE: Component returned failure code: 0x80004002 (NS_NOINTERFACE) [nsIWebProgress.DOMWindow] P5 UNCONFIRMED
855737 Button disabled still disabled after reload page P5 UNCONFIRMED
858344 NamedNodeMap constructor no longer exposed to web content P5 UNCONFIRMED
859832 localstorage doesn't work in jar:file:/// documents P5 UNCONFIRMED
860298 Image followed by a comment tag in contenteditable div causes IP naviagation to get stuck on right cursor moves past an image. -- UNCONFIRMED
862891 Text selection becomes invisible (as if canceled) after changing background/highlight color -- UNCONFIRMED
863840 Clear recent history in a normal window deletes DOM storage in a private window P5 UNCONFIRMED
868395 Have event target chain accessible from the event object? P3 UNCONFIRMED
868425 Fix timer handling so that midi.js operates smoothly P5 UNCONFIRMED
868846 can't just copy text wanted without getting more -- UNCONFIRMED
869145 Will firefox ever support "onPropertyChange" as inline component P5 UNCONFIRMED
873752 On google maps cusor and text selection is invisible -- UNCONFIRMED
873874 Modified mousedown events blocked, polluted, or misreported P5 UNCONFIRMED
873881 Readd a way to stop gif-animations -- UNCONFIRMED
874022 dragleave not fired for removed elements P5 UNCONFIRMED
874766 does not page down when space bar key is pressed -- UNCONFIRMED
876742 JS performance regression beginning with AU91 P5 UNCONFIRMED
877185 onclick _trackEvent not working -- UNCONFIRMED
877935 Wrong ctrl+backspace and ctrl+delete behaviour -- UNCONFIRMED
878024 Pageup/down scroll not compatible with standard win key remapping -- UNCONFIRMED
880971 Keys with modifiers works only on simplest Windows’ keyboard layouts -- UNCONFIRMED
881032 Add payment in is nt working -- UNCONFIRMED
882609 drag and drop of a link to the content editable div is not pasting the content set through datatransfer.setData() -- UNCONFIRMED
884106 List elements duplicated on a paste from MS Word into a contenteditable element -- UNCONFIRMED
884790 Blur event not fired on a previously active element when a different element is clicked after location bar is clicked P5 UNCONFIRMED
884883 preventDefault() on swipe event should prevent scrolling but doesn't P5 UNCONFIRMED
886268 Focus is pushed to link on click P5 UNCONFIRMED
887660 x in img.onclick refers to img.x rather than window.x P5 UNCONFIRMED
889075 getComputedStyle does not give correct styles that needs to be applied with removal of :hover pseudo-class on mouseout event in mouseout event -- UNCONFIRMED
890094 mouseout not emitted when element moved in dom P5 UNCONFIRMED
890461 midasdemo: deleting a table row with colspan not working -- UNCONFIRMED
890505 The capability of listing event listeners on an element in order to be able to unbind them P5 UNCONFIRMED
895678 Calling alert() inside a document's focus event leads to a confirmation dialog being shown P5 UNCONFIRMED
897860 calling removeEventListener during listener execution shall not remove it from the list P5 UNCONFIRMED
897938 Contenteditable Span lost style if last character is a whitespace -- UNCONFIRMED
898736 Extension written in XUL can't move window (window.moveTo) to other screen on Linux P5 UNCONFIRMED
898850 Drag and drop between tabs is only possible if the data format set via DataTransfer.setData() is "text", "url", or "text/x-moz-url" -- UNCONFIRMED
898856 FileHandle API: getFile() returns invalid files P5 UNCONFIRMED
899626 accesskey shortcut clashes with change keyboard language shortcut -- UNCONFIRMED
900644 [NS_ERROR_FAILURE: 2147500037] execCommand insertOrderedList / insertUnorderedList on single line or all selected -- UNCONFIRMED
900787 When scanning for after-a-deadkey expansions, Windows' kbd driver is left in unknown state -- UNCONFIRMED
901342 XMLHttpRequest fails to send files when authentication is required P5 UNCONFIRMED
905056 dropEffect is always NONE for cross-app drag -- UNCONFIRMED
906393 getData() in drag-and-drop event handler does not return empty string when drag data store is in protected mode. P5 UNCONFIRMED
906411 user event.dataTransfer.clearData in ondragend doesn't allow modifications -- UNCONFIRMED
906415 Drag data store mode is wrong in dragover and dragend event P5 UNCONFIRMED
906417 Firefox does not check illegal URIs in drag-and-drop getData(). -- UNCONFIRMED
906419 drag div -- UNCONFIRMED
906562 Dragging Shortcut into Network Location crashes Explorer -- UNCONFIRMED
908233 document.elementFromPoint does not behave as expected P5 UNCONFIRMED
909679 Spaces in URIs get converted to %2520 -- UNCONFIRMED
911205 Content of nested contenteditable element is destroyed when deleting in outer contenteditable -- UNCONFIRMED
913596 CSP violation reports do not authenticate with NTLM P4 UNCONFIRMED
915603 Firefox ignores click on Continue button with Mixed Active Content block on GET form submit -- UNCONFIRMED
919631 drageenter and dragleave are not fired in balanced pairs. -- UNCONFIRMED
921209 compositionend event fires when it shouldn't -- UNCONFIRMED
923389 Focus does not back on web page after printing from FireFox PrintDialog. P5 UNCONFIRMED
923774 "beforeunload" triggered on documents before "close" on browser window P5 UNCONFIRMED
923829 Page loaded but never appears in address completion neither in History -- UNCONFIRMED
923846 Firefox is mangling objects in unexpected ways (Worker example). P5 UNCONFIRMED
924197 Scrolling within pop-out list box moves both page and list inside box. -- UNCONFIRMED
925875 Copy and Pasting text from Word in to a Gmail email -- UNCONFIRMED
925906 MozSwipeGesture event no longer fires when no browser back history P5 UNCONFIRMED
925936 execCommand with ("formatBlock", "<BLOCKQUOTE>") compounds rather than toggles. -- UNCONFIRMED
926164 Editor deletes blank before inserted block element when converting to text -- UNCONFIRMED
926230 Editor does not style blanks at end of line -- UNCONFIRMED
926762 Firefox permits arbitrarily large numbers of javascript redirects. -- UNCONFIRMED
929707 Copy table datas - sometimes added a space to end of each cell (Chrome and IE do not do that) -- UNCONFIRMED
929890 HTMLMediaElement.preload returns the empty string instead of e.g. "preload" P5 UNCONFIRMED
929899 iframe onload does not fire when the tcp connection reset by server -- UNCONFIRMED
929902 HTML 5 notifications getting truncated in firefox P5 UNCONFIRMED
931400 Selection Color overriding text of parent line -- UNCONFIRMED
932897 Focus method should dispatch associated focus event synchronously P5 UNCONFIRMED
933174 firefox image zoom not working (image displayed in a tab zooms out instead of in on clicking) -- UNCONFIRMED
933186 Cross-compilation with Apple's GCC is broken in ESR 17.0.10 P5 UNCONFIRMED
934285 mousewheel scroll_amount is not consistent across sites -- UNCONFIRMED
935365 (web compat) window.scrollTo() should not throw an error when called with 0 or 1 arguments P5 UNCONFIRMED
936776 chrome-document-global-created not fired when calling loadURI() after swapDocShell() with uninitialized browser P5 UNCONFIRMED
938517 Ctrl-click to open link in new tab sometimes fails -- UNCONFIRMED
939517 <script> highlighted but not copied -- UNCONFIRMED
940282 View Source doesn't flag invalid character as error -- UNCONFIRMED
941297 Firefox 25 crashes when run WebWorker with infinityloop P5 UNCONFIRMED
941414 onLocationChange handler not firing -- UNCONFIRMED
942138 xhr2 responseType='document' fails on local pages P5 UNCONFIRMED
944414 xul <browser> element should not care for x-frame-options -- UNCONFIRMED
947614 Do the way back when drag-and-drop operation is aborted -- UNCONFIRMED
949361 Setting of out-of-range? unsigned long IDL attributes not handled per spec P5 UNCONFIRMED
949899 ignored url in meta tag -- UNCONFIRMED
950005 Drag-selecting list items in <select multiple> also selects hidden options -- UNCONFIRMED
950484 Hit testing issue on -- UNCONFIRMED
951805 Alert does not block UI thread execution P5 UNCONFIRMED
952749 shift-numpad-ins stopped working in 2.23 -- UNCONFIRMED
952986 Animation events not fired on disabled form element -- UNCONFIRMED
953066 iframes may trigger mousemove event just *after* becoming invisible P5 UNCONFIRMED
953097 PreventDefault in 'mousedown' cancels 'mousemove' and 'mouseup' events outside of iframe. -- UNCONFIRMED
957046 Pasting long words of code into a textarea fields line breaks are inserted within a 'word'. -- UNCONFIRMED
957724 getSelection().toString() is inconsistent with its ranges -- UNCONFIRMED
959044 Rich-text editing: before inserting a list, Enter key inserts <br>. After a list, Enter inserts <p>. -- UNCONFIRMED
960875 [feature suggestion] Add an option to limit possible browser size to increments of some number P5 UNCONFIRMED
961708 Transiction to select from options list fire an event but not a event.FromElement P5 UNCONFIRMED
961985 contenteditable, then selected the whole paragraph and part of the next paragraph pressing backspace misbehave -- UNCONFIRMED
962990 input onblur weird problem P5 UNCONFIRMED
964381 div with overflow hidden emits onclick event when it is no needed. -- UNCONFIRMED
964619 forelast search string restored in google search -- UNCONFIRMED
968142 Unconventional normalization form for uploaded filename on OSX -- UNCONFIRMED
968518 Caret randomly jumps to beginning of line while typing in contenteditable element -- UNCONFIRMED
968700 High memory usage due to FCKEditor P5 UNCONFIRMED
970902 Anchor element shown when parent has focus does not work -- UNCONFIRMED
972883 Navigation Timing values sometimes out of order on -- UNCONFIRMED
973168 if keydown and keyup listener, if type two keys real fast togather, keydown doent fire P5 UNCONFIRMED
973813 [Sora][Broswer] progress element do not work P5 UNCONFIRMED
974974 New Firefox menu buttons do not trigger command events P5 UNCONFIRMED
976428 cannot do pointer-events none on panel -- UNCONFIRMED
977691 Cursor becomes (almost) irreversibly disabled when a JS popup box pops while dragging -- UNCONFIRMED
980863 Hidden input value gets saved/restore on refresh P5 UNCONFIRMED
982092 Drag and Drop no longer functions properly -- UNCONFIRMED
982184 HTTP request for Webworker script omits referer header P5 UNCONFIRMED
983041 contenteditable html paste breaks content -- UNCONFIRMED
983792 Tab and arrow keys are not working -- UNCONFIRMED
986083 'Close Window' keyboard shortcut broken after 'Bookmark All Tabs...' on Mac OS X -- UNCONFIRMED
987799 Huge memory leak after terminating a web worker P5 UNCONFIRMED
989061 Checkbox not in DOM does not change state P5 UNCONFIRMED
989764 Possibility to freeze drag-and-drop function on Firefox and an external program -- UNCONFIRMED
992676 onerror handler doesn't give access to event object P5 UNCONFIRMED
992703 User Interface Event Types and their inheritance P5 UNCONFIRMED
992748 copy and paste leads to crash: Assertion failure: selection->GetAnchorFocusRange() && selection->GetAnchorFocusRange()->Collapsed() (Selection not collapsed after delete), at ../../../../editor/libeditor/base/nsEditor.cpp -- UNCONFIRMED
993155 canvas does not respond to disabling or styling selections -- UNCONFIRMED
994693 Selected range and clipboard content do not match -- UNCONFIRMED
995628 DDos from the browser through Web Worker P5 UNCONFIRMED
996612 Problems enumerating properties of window.location P5 UNCONFIRMED
997749 Typing fails in an contentEditable div with a :before style applied P5 UNCONFIRMED
999481 Navigating back/fwd using the keyboard (Alt+Numpad Arrows) inserts a diamond/spade character into focused inputs (including the address bar) -- UNCONFIRMED
999619 Disabling contenteditable while focussed breaks badly -- UNCONFIRMED
999886 Unable to get the HTTP status code for the page itself from JavaScript P5 UNCONFIRMED
1001085 Selecting text in an overflowing "input text"-field does not work in every case -- UNCONFIRMED
1001610 getSelection should be null after tabbing out of a selection P5 UNCONFIRMED
1004186 Selecting inline code-lines on GitHub not working in every case -- UNCONFIRMED
1004895 mouseup does not trigger a click event on the current item P5 UNCONFIRMED
1005548 The overall performance of Firefox is bad, scrolling or panning movement isn't smooth -- UNCONFIRMED
1005680 Login Form on my UH project -- UNCONFIRMED
1005947 onresize event is fired twice P5 UNCONFIRMED
1006163 Number spinners not affecting scrollWidth properties for input[type="number"] P5 UNCONFIRMED
1006325 Modify input placeholder by javascript will fire mouseover event P5 UNCONFIRMED
1010988 Pressing CTRL and clicking on a Element with CSS "display: table" selects all -- UNCONFIRMED
1011860 select: cancelling onkeydown doesn't cancel arrow button clicks P5 UNCONFIRMED
1013302 400 Errors should not be stored in session history -- UNCONFIRMED
1013528 Pressing The Escape Key in the system file browser also fires the main window's keyup event -- UNCONFIRMED
1014004 is text node in click event after hiding parent in mouseup event P5 UNCONFIRMED
1015198 adding child to droptarget on dragenter fires additional dragenter P5 UNCONFIRMED
1017198 After pasting something ending with a space, the caret is in the wrong place -- UNCONFIRMED
1018886 ff 29.0.1 memory leak visiting new URLs in same domain -- UNCONFIRMED
1019079 302'd Images in conjuction with load events and CSS transitions do not act properly P5 UNCONFIRMED
1020990 FileReader does not fire progress event at 100% P5 UNCONFIRMED
1022088 Select element with title attribute, drop down list always shows that title value P3 UNCONFIRMED
1022351 url bar don't switch to search when i am using VPN -- UNCONFIRMED
1027219 Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2's facebutton mappings are off as are the axes, the d-pad is unmapped. P5 UNCONFIRMED
1028117 Selection changes when highlighted text is updated -- UNCONFIRMED
1029309 make named_characters on parser/html/java removes some named characters. -- UNCONFIRMED
1030720 Input loses focus after changing type attribute -- UNCONFIRMED
1030784 Button elements unclickable with `visibility:hidden`, even when children are `visibility:visible` -- UNCONFIRMED
1035579 sendAsyncMessage callback -- UNCONFIRMED
1036408 mouseout event fires erroneously when file upload dialog is open P5 UNCONFIRMED
1037055 contenteditable fails in HTML documents auto-generated for images and PDFs -- UNCONFIRMED
1037134 clicking on a contenteditable image changes its zindex -- UNCONFIRMED
1037941 Selection of text in <label> interferes with focusing the labeled control -- UNCONFIRMED
1039194 CIG_Agent_Submission: System is displaying "Save Location" instead of "Create Location" -- UNCONFIRMED
1041989 Cannot open other pages for some time after opening this PHP speed-test webpage -- UNCONFIRMED
1043046 Image load in unload handler delays subsequent window.load event -- UNCONFIRMED
1045253 Cannot focus ContentEditable in different domain during Click event if MouseDown was canceled -- UNCONFIRMED
1045635 `blur` that happens because of a mouse click is sent to the element that is inserted and focused during `mousedown` that is fired for the same click P5 UNCONFIRMED
1047846 Delayed iFrame Request Fails P5 UNCONFIRMED
1048930 Anchor, Area & Link elements should be selected by :enabled CSS Selector when 'href' attribute is set P5 UNCONFIRMED
1049785 Paste in contentEditable div from xclip removes newlines -- UNCONFIRMED
1050027 Dynamically inserting a selected option into a <select> behaves weirdly, P5 UNCONFIRMED
1052783 no hashchange event when going back to first history entry of a page created by document.write -- UNCONFIRMED
1059382 History API bug -- window.history.state should not fire popstate after load. -- UNCONFIRMED
1061332 Key press event is triggering even when there is alert box/confirmation box prompted -- UNCONFIRMED
1061866 [contenteditable] data tags are stripped when pasting into a contenteditable element -- UNCONFIRMED
1062403 [HTML5] Color input doesn't fire change event when needed P5 UNCONFIRMED
1064119 window.alert() incorrectly transfers focus onto the alert dialogue -- UNCONFIRMED
1068430 window.scroll to a number outside the signed 32-bit integer range has odd behavior P5 UNCONFIRMED
1068578 mozAlarm.add fails if third optional argument is omitted P5 UNCONFIRMED
1071554 Accesskey should be ignored for elements with "pointer-events: none" -- UNCONFIRMED
1073858 button hover status is not correct when ALT+TAB swith the page back -- UNCONFIRMED
1074737 Cannot select the table content in a contentEditable container -- UNCONFIRMED
1075901 Firefox gets confused about cursoring in a contenteditable element after the selection is changed programatically -- UNCONFIRMED
1076956 generated content on <button> does not pass through mouse events -- UNCONFIRMED
1077089 EventSource in JS can be flooded and Firefox totally freezes P5 UNCONFIRMED
1079547 HTML foster-parenting algorithm no longer requires foster parents to be elements -- UNCONFIRMED
1079753 navigator.mimeTypes is empty in an iframe sandbox -- UNCONFIRMED
1080548 Cursor incorrectly steps in the fieldset (WYSIWYG mode) -- UNCONFIRMED
1081487 textarea: selected text truncated if it does not end with a newline -- UNCONFIRMED
1084610 Gamepad API gamepadconnected event always shows buttons as not pressed, even when they are pressed down when the controller is connected P5 UNCONFIRMED
1085020 setDragImage with data: url image doesn't work immediately / first time -- UNCONFIRMED
1086940 Firefox history state defect when a double click ad loads around the same time as a pushState is called (Mac only) -- UNCONFIRMED
1088194 contenteditable div - input box formatting problems -- UNCONFIRMED
1089683 input type="email" allows cyrillic in username part of username@email.tld -- UNCONFIRMED
1090912 middle click on svg is not fired -- UNCONFIRMED
1095073 Web Notifications API persisting notifications in local notificationstore.json P5 UNCONFIRMED
1097732 Drag-and-Drop event handler not called for object-tags P5 UNCONFIRMED
1098223 Notification API close to fire too early P5 UNCONFIRMED
1100281 Dominos pizza tracker does not work correctly. -- UNCONFIRMED
1101296 onbeforeunload and Back button P5 UNCONFIRMED
1101456 Implement similar feature like "Use a web service to help resolve navigation errors" in Chrome -- UNCONFIRMED
1103323 Websites using sync XHR onbeforeunload hang the browser when closing the tab -- UNCONFIRMED
1103360 Scripts are getting rendered from image files P2 UNCONFIRMED
1103707 How do we get the device native pixel density? P5 UNCONFIRMED
1105260 Double-clicking on text after an empty element selects combining characters and low surrogates before the element -- UNCONFIRMED
1105277 layout.word_select.ignore_at -- UNCONFIRMED
1105692 Drag and Drop image into uploading box does not release image handle after the upload is completed -- UNCONFIRMED
1106253 "Unresponsive Script" dialog should bring owning window to the front over fullscreen video / other windows to allow interaction -- UNCONFIRMED
1107985 WheelEvent constructor doesn't set mozMovementX/Y, layerX/Y and mozInputSource P5 UNCONFIRMED
1108543 Broken references via window.frames P5 UNCONFIRMED
1111313 Allow "Browse…" button-text to be customized, on <input type="file"> button P5 UNCONFIRMED
1111510 Resize event not fired if switching to another tab after resizing browser window P5 UNCONFIRMED
1112630 Firefox doesn't allow selecting into PRIMARY clipboard on certain sites -- UNCONFIRMED
1112889 Firefox reports a CSP violation when using the "onload" attribute on a div -- UNCONFIRMED
1120107 Creating large blobs crashes the browser -- UNCONFIRMED
1120199 Save page does not work correctly if there is a broken <script src> or <link href> -- UNCONFIRMED
1120892 Consider removing or standardizing navigator.oscpu P5 UNCONFIRMED
1124646 dragenter target can be text node -- UNCONFIRMED
1124775 Drag and Drop dataTransfer.types contains Files when there are none -- UNCONFIRMED
1125726 Drop event not always triggered in OSX -- UNCONFIRMED
1126220 DOMSubtreeModified event handler 100% CPU usage P5 UNCONFIRMED
1129201 PerformanceResourceTiming objects' toJSON is enumerable in FF35+ P5 UNCONFIRMED
1129730 Ui.key.chromeAccess=0 is not respected -- UNCONFIRMED
1131785 Event.timeStamp measures microseconds, should be milliseconds P5 UNCONFIRMED
1131848 parseFragment local links from local pages P5 UNCONFIRMED
1133388 Firefox locks up when parsing invalid HTML containing <button><i class="fa fa-reply" /></button> P5 UNCONFIRMED
1133522 Promise.resolve and Promise.reject should throw if Type(this) is not Object P5 UNCONFIRMED
1134444 Underline color doesn't change when color CSS attribute is set in ::-moz-selection -- UNCONFIRMED
1138028 click on absolute element inside focusable element does not focus focusable element unless it has a CSS position -- UNCONFIRMED
1140079 double click selection on word containing apostrophe, only selects part of the word. -- UNCONFIRMED
1140689 execCommand: The backColor property is not working. -- UNCONFIRMED
1140795 Up and down keys broken in contenteditable with -moz-column -- UNCONFIRMED
1142151 Allow drag and drop <video> to save the file -- UNCONFIRMED
1143352 Ajax XMLHttpRequest can only POST a max of 4K -- UNCONFIRMED
1144121 Emit event after enabling input P5 UNCONFIRMED
1145709 Blur and focus events caused by global hotkeys in X11 -- UNCONFIRMED
1145969 [HTML5] successive tags of type command get nested -- UNCONFIRMED
1147485 document.execCommand('insertOrderedList') in foreignObject generates invalid document structure -- UNCONFIRMED
1149076 is not set correctly in contentEditable P5 UNCONFIRMED
1149491 window.getSelection() gives high rangeCounts -- UNCONFIRMED
1151195 a.href a.port URL parser integer/long -- UNCONFIRMED
1154909 checkbox input event not firing -- UNCONFIRMED
1155157 Keyboard stops responding in Firefox after a while of use since upgrade to 37.0.1 -- UNCONFIRMED
1155933 Absolutely positioned children of contentEditable elements get a 'draggable' UI -- UNCONFIRMED
1156286 window.getSelection returns the wrong object in a contentEditable label -- UNCONFIRMED
1156979 Page content moves when trying to mark text on zoomed page to copy it -- UNCONFIRMED
1157585 Consider refactoring DocShell: give it control over which CookieService, AuthProvider and CacheService to give to HttpHandler -- UNCONFIRMED
1158245 Command w does not work to close windows or tabs -- UNCONFIRMED
1158555 Selection API is inconsistent with chrome and ie in some languages -- UNCONFIRMED
1158662 Forward slash hotkey ("/") does not always work on pages that are fully loaded. -- UNCONFIRMED
1158721 Make Ctrl+W to close video fullscreen consistent -- UNCONFIRMED
1158841 Bookmark removal hotkey broken -- UNCONFIRMED
1159214 In contenteditable elements, -moz-user-select:none elements are copied instead of moved on drag/drop -- UNCONFIRMED
1164665 Support for events on desktop multi-touch trackpads -- UNCONFIRMED
1164960 Excessive cpu usage (100%) opening Google Map -- UNCONFIRMED
1165199 mozbrowsererror is not sent for |unknownProtocolFound| in mochitest -- UNCONFIRMED
1165505 Remember password prompt disabling onchange -- UNCONFIRMED
1165756 Text selection cursor type -- UNCONFIRMED
1165914 Storage and "ask me every-time" -- UNCONFIRMED
1168781 WebCrypto callbacks occur during synchronous XHR P3 UNCONFIRMED
1169148 removeDelayedFrameScript() does not work with global Message Manager -- UNCONFIRMED
1169388 Text inputs prevent access keys from bubbling -- UNCONFIRMED
1169817 [a11y] Windows logo key + Esc shouldn't exit fullscreen HTML5 video (Magnifier quit shortcut) -- UNCONFIRMED
1170275 Copy event doesn't fire in certain conditions -- UNCONFIRMED
1170580 click events not delivered with trivial CSS class change P4 UNCONFIRMED
1171093 Right-clicking on link brings up context-menu AND opens link P5 UNCONFIRMED
1173223 Maven warnings when building parser -- UNCONFIRMED
1173474 eBay search results loses the scroll position when press the Back Button P3 UNCONFIRMED
1173716 alert() spins the event loop, which can cause other alert() calls to happen and cover up the older alert P3 UNCONFIRMED
1174447 Excessive CPU usage, High memory usage + Memory Leak at -- UNCONFIRMED
1175351 Inserting element into a container that has display: table cause scroll event to be fired on contained textarea -- UNCONFIRMED
1176644 Keydown events need additional context when bubbled up through frame boundaries -- UNCONFIRMED
1176764 Do not change cursor position when input type changes -- UNCONFIRMED
1176801 gamma and beta in orientation events are reported wrong in landscape orientation P3 UNCONFIRMED
1178209 LocalStorage is not always available -- UNCONFIRMED
1178676 Selection.selectAllChildren() throws NS_ERROR_FAILURE exception if called in mousedown handler and current selection is in a contenteditable -- UNCONFIRMED
1178681 Selection.selectAllChildren() can select detached nodes -- UNCONFIRMED
1179286 Dragstart not firing on the whole label -- UNCONFIRMED
1181082 "browser.fixup.dns_first_for_single_words" should be set to true for Firefox ESR -- UNCONFIRMED
1181414 InputMethod: Introduce new API to identify a hardware keyboard -- UNCONFIRMED
1182420 OOM crash, Using javaScript to insert large amount of text using .repeat() will cash FireFox -- UNCONFIRMED
1182536 Firefox crashes when loading large css animation -- UNCONFIRMED
1183479 link to another site's mid-page without anchor -- UNCONFIRMED
1183634 FireFox 39.0 select menus do not open with keyboard input (spacebar or enter) -- UNCONFIRMED
1184896 keydown and blur event listeners with alert executed without waiting for the alert confirm -- UNCONFIRMED
1185323 Clicking "see more" in Disqus lifts focus from the page -- UNCONFIRMED
1186389 Error not Displayed for Failure to load JavaScript with no closing tag </script> -- UNCONFIRMED
1186953 sendMouseEvent aIgnoreRootScrollFrame doesn't work as described -- UNCONFIRMED
1187292 scroll bar not at right-most pixel of maximized window -- UNCONFIRMED
1187449 <a> elements are being clicked when they should not (after switching tabs) -- UNCONFIRMED
1187543 <a> elements are being dragged when they should not (after switching tabs) -- UNCONFIRMED
1187833 Swipe gesture to navigate in history doesn't work any more -- UNCONFIRMED
1187855 Hover issue in show all downloads link -- UNCONFIRMED
1187971 OS:Fedora. Page is always_scrolled_down the 1st time you scroll with mouse wheel after refocus of Firefox window (AND also DOMMouseScroll reports wrong scroll amount in event.detail. See comment 1) -- UNCONFIRMED
1188227 Javascript objects are not the same for different mouse events on Mozilla Firefox for Ubuntu 39.0 -- UNCONFIRMED
1189215 Crash without Crash Reporter coming up. Attached manually captured stack traces P5 UNCONFIRMED
1190043 dom.enable_user_timing preference is not honored P5 UNCONFIRMED
1190941 Cannot edit text in textareas inside contenteditable=true -- UNCONFIRMED
1192366 event.storageArea === localStorage is sometimes false even when the event matches the storage area -- UNCONFIRMED
1192657 throbber shown for ajax -- UNCONFIRMED
1192789 :hover event triggers on other elements when input select field is open -- UNCONFIRMED
1193517 contentEditable container tag reappear when removed with "removeChild" reappears on first character inserted -- UNCONFIRMED
1195035 bad interpretation of SPI_SETDRAGWIDTH and SPI_SETDRAGHEIGHT. Tabs cannot be moved if parameters set to 0 -- UNCONFIRMED
1195457 Embed element with tabindex="0" breaks sequential focus navigation -- UNCONFIRMED
1197860 Dimensions label is displayed incorrectly when image is resized inside contenteditable element with rtl="true" -- UNCONFIRMED
1198600 The behaviour of the arrow keys in right-to-left languages is confusing -- UNCONFIRMED
1199214 Clicked Link Does Not Activate Until Mouse Moved -- UNCONFIRMED
1199669 setDragImage causes a Firefox window to disappear completely on Linux if the first argument is <panel> (but works perfectly on Windows) -- UNCONFIRMED
1201957 copy content from table, included input button is replaced with newline -- UNCONFIRMED
1201971 Back button slow (also forward button) -- UNCONFIRMED
1202305 Shift+LeftClick opens a blank page -- UNCONFIRMED
1202350 Page title not updated in certain page reload cases -- UNCONFIRMED
1202866 Feature request: output stream for blobs for larger generated files than ram -- UNCONFIRMED
1203035 Pasting HTML into contentEditable produces plain text -- UNCONFIRMED
1203095 ondrop: XMLHttpRequestProgressEvent message undefined when dropping blocked file -- UNCONFIRMED
1203368 ondragstart cursor title or image -- UNCONFIRMED
1203890 F11 doesn't exit DOM fullscreen if web page overrided that shortcut -- UNCONFIRMED
1203968 Spurious left double-click mouse event after left single-click mouse event in Silverlight -- UNCONFIRMED
1204782 unload event is not bubbles up to XUL -- UNCONFIRMED
1204924 deleting space at end of pasted text deletes the preceding letter instead -- UNCONFIRMED
1205853 Can't select text on archgon website -- UNCONFIRMED
1206765 Drag&drop to FF returns "Firefox can't find the server at <weird/unknown URL>" -- UNCONFIRMED
1210025 Consider moving <input>'s validation message position from borders of border-box to borders of content-box -- UNCONFIRMED
1210568 With contentEditable, setting cursor position with range/selection fails -- UNCONFIRMED
1211737 A user-select none adds spurious line breaks when copying text from a pre element -- UNCONFIRMED
1212104 Firefox 44.0a1 Crash [@ nsContentUtils::WrapNative(JSContext*, nsISupports*, nsWrapperCache*, nsID const*, JS::MutableHandle<T>, bool) ] -- UNCONFIRMED
1212598 Get error "The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 1 characters." -- UNCONFIRMED
1213792 Interface objects have an own "toString" property. -- UNCONFIRMED
1214368 Swipes and pinches should not be translated into wheel and zoom events on Windows/Surface P5 UNCONFIRMED
1214583 loadFramescript loads into things without messageManager -- UNCONFIRMED
1215171 Ability to listen for javascript warnings, similar to window.onerror event handler -- UNCONFIRMED
1216741 scroll-behavior: smooth does not work on elements inside a scrolling="no" iframe -- UNCONFIRMED
1218186 Firefox hangs during normal browsing. P3 UNCONFIRMED
1220167 document.querySelector(':target') fails to select :target element before page load -- UNCONFIRMED
1220817 If setSelectionRange is called on a textarea with display:none, an NS_ERROR_FAILURE is thrown -- UNCONFIRMED
1221047 Version 41.0.2 on Win requires Access-Control-Allow-Origin for the same domain. -- UNCONFIRMED
1221255 Make Attr.nodeValue and Attr.textContent directly alias for Attr.value -- UNCONFIRMED
1221757 number input value property is not updating when entering number and period -- UNCONFIRMED
1221982 Firefox 42 x64, zimbra unicode -- UNCONFIRMED
1222469 Mouse-scrolling should be better -- UNCONFIRMED
1223414 [Enhancement] Expose modern 'wheel' event parameters -- UNCONFIRMED
1223457 Synchronous AJAX requests break event processing -- UNCONFIRMED
1224919 Change line & indentation of nsParser's base classes -- UNCONFIRMED
1225211 Timeout fire before the “click” event loop is complete -- UNCONFIRMED
1225878 onprogress event not fired correctly -- UNCONFIRMED
1226835 Focusing on iframe fails in certain event listeners -- UNCONFIRMED
1227357 Firefox crash using window fatigue -- UNCONFIRMED
1228063 links are dragged instead of being clicked when clicked quickly and hovering mouse away -- UNCONFIRMED
1228232 handled dragend event repeats indefinitely -- UNCONFIRMED
1228669 Lost click event if :focus selector adds :after element -- UNCONFIRMED
1228730 Memory leak on P5 UNCONFIRMED
1229143 Not receiving click event on the common ancestor of two elements -- UNCONFIRMED
1229309 After Ajax call, Firefox receives the correct response in HTML but shows nothing -- UNCONFIRMED
1229966 Parsing of contents of <script> ends mid file (presumably) due to markdown code ticks in comment making it appear unterminated. -- UNCONFIRMED
1230387 Disabled/hidden/no-display element's access key blocks identical access key -- UNCONFIRMED
1230472 Input events are lost after running for some time -- UNCONFIRMED
1230825 Command + N opens a new tab instead of a new window -- UNCONFIRMED
1231070 size and position specs are not honored -- UNCONFIRMED
1231221 Incorrect button parameter in mouse events for middle button -- UNCONFIRMED
1231223 No double click event for middle button -- UNCONFIRMED
1231595 On forms, in text fields in RTL direction cursor looks like Hebrew direction but the selected language is English -- UNCONFIRMED
1234152 Alternative of nsClipboardCommand::IsCommandEnabled("copy"/"cut") -- UNCONFIRMED
1235445 Successive calls to window.performance.measure do not record measurements -- UNCONFIRMED
1236202 Web pages are able to prevent finishing of <textarea> resizing in unusual way -- UNCONFIRMED
1237047 Canceling drag-n-drop with Escape key still allows click action on mouseup -- UNCONFIRMED
1237062 Deleting line break after block image inside contenteditable -- UNCONFIRMED
1237226 target attribute is ignored with an anchor with download attribute even if the download is overridden by explicit Content-Disposition from the server -- UNCONFIRMED
1237563 Line-break using "&NewLine;" in contentEditable does not move cursor to new line -- UNCONFIRMED
1237708 Firefox misses characters in fast, automated typing from YubiKey -- UNCONFIRMED
1237990 Feature: Webpage ZIP as alternative to PDF -- UNCONFIRMED
1238471 event.dataTransfer.setDragImage(image, xOffset, yOffset); -- UNCONFIRMED
1238662 Improve XPathResult and NodeIterator by providing Symbol.iterator implementation for them -- UNCONFIRMED
1238758 Crash to desktop from javascript execution P5 UNCONFIRMED
1240553 document.execCommand insertHTML loses the startContainer instance -- UNCONFIRMED
1240621 Cursor in input field stays at the same absolute position when chars are added in middle -- UNCONFIRMED
1241048 js can prevent navigation via location bar -- UNCONFIRMED
1242470 tab switching keyboard shortcut doesn't respect ui.key.accelkey -- UNCONFIRMED
1243376 setinterval() loop -- UNCONFIRMED
1243909 LINUX disaster scrolling -- UNCONFIRMED
1244437 formatBlock div isn't possible when executed in a <p> [contenteditable, execCommand] -- UNCONFIRMED
1244543 Do not allow any site to disable the mouse cursor -- UNCONFIRMED
1244669 justify isn't working when a pararaph has line-returns [contenteditable, execCommand] -- UNCONFIRMED
1245292 Onclick event via keyboard does not set event.shiftKey to true -- UNCONFIRMED
1245920 Cursor nav loop in contenteditable with mixed rtl and ltr text -- UNCONFIRMED
1246519 document.queryCommandValue doesn't reflect the change after executing backColor [contenteditable, execCommand] -- UNCONFIRMED
1246587 Error: Argument 1 is not valid for any of the 2-argument overloads of URL.createObjectURL -- UNCONFIRMED
1247233 nesting of <span style="..."> [document.execCommand, contenteditable] -- UNCONFIRMED
1249573 HTML comments interrupt the normal interpretation of word divisions as evidenced by double-clicking the second word -- UNCONFIRMED
1249882 Selecting text from pages does not allow you to select multiple lines (Nightly for Android) -- UNCONFIRMED
1250099 Basic functions/object are missed from iframe contentWindow when accessing from content script. -- UNCONFIRMED
1250240 Numbered list in contenteditable element does not auto number when inserting a "\n" -- UNCONFIRMED
1250621 DOMStringList is deprecated, it is still returned by pasteEvent.clipboardData.types instead of Array P5 UNCONFIRMED
1250972 history.replaceState is slow on large pages -- UNCONFIRMED
1251121 EventSource (Server Sent Event) doesn't retry if the server is down during the first attempt to connect P3 UNCONFIRMED
1251156 I am refreshing page(F5) when my Rest requests are in progress and waiting for Server Response, status in the the console is displaying as Aborted and application getting redirected to the domain. -- UNCONFIRMED
1251513 window.parent() return the current window it self repeatedly -- UNCONFIRMED
1251996 inserting an image in a link makes the link disappear [contenteditable, execCommand] -- UNCONFIRMED
1252016 Parsing error with big json files on Firefox -- UNCONFIRMED
1254116 Google search suggestion gets selected at mouse pointer -- UNCONFIRMED
1256047 Firefox allow site to change parent window -- UNCONFIRMED
1257436 firefox does not run javascript on submit -- UNCONFIRMED
1257437 allow separate pop-up windows to be turned into tabs -- UNCONFIRMED
1258485 with contenteditable empty anchor tags deleted when deleting other text in a paragraph -- UNCONFIRMED
1261572 Cart on does not work P3 UNCONFIRMED
1261645 MouseEvent.offsetX and offsetY give seemingly incorrect values for transformed element P5 UNCONFIRMED
1262167 Firefox doesn't throw an exception when trying to access an inaccessible iframe -- UNCONFIRMED
1264117 Long IFrame "src" attributes cause crash -- UNCONFIRMED
1264119 Add Attr.nodeName as alias -- UNCONFIRMED
1267006 setRangeText doesn't preserve selection after Undo -- UNCONFIRMED
1267897 Cannot cursor across contentedible=false span at edge of contenteditable block -- UNCONFIRMED
1268280 clientLeft/clientTop return 0 on window.document.documentElement with actual border -- UNCONFIRMED
1270654 FF/Windows: Pressing middle button on element accidentally switches to scroll mode -- UNCONFIRMED
1271520 Range.createContextualFragment() for document and document fragment as start node should not throw P3 UNCONFIRMED
1272404 Firefox 46.0.1 does not send JSON POST requests correctly webseal -- UNCONFIRMED
1272438 contenteditable fontSize changes create nested font tags that ruin line spacing -- UNCONFIRMED
1272510 Firefox triggers blur event after focusing window -- UNCONFIRMED
1273168 Impossible to go to Administrative Tools and load photos on XenForo forum P3 UNCONFIRMED
1274607 UnbindFromTree is extremely slow with deep DOM trees, leads to aborted shutdown -- UNCONFIRMED
1276100 While a load operation is in progress, hover effects continue to work but middle-clicks don't -- UNCONFIRMED
1276366 Remove support for chrome -> chrome window leaks P3 UNCONFIRMED
1276527 Make websites request access to the clipboard -- UNCONFIRMED
1277812 Copy and pasting article to contenteditable area breaks article formtting P3 UNCONFIRMED
1277966 setting scrollTop to values larger than 2^31-1 (max signed 32-bit int) leads to overflow P3 UNCONFIRMED
1278917 Execution of atomic javascript function gots interrupted by an onload callback eventhandler P2 UNCONFIRMED
1280725 Save complete in e10s doesn't work as expected P3 UNCONFIRMED
1280853 registerProtocolHandler weird issues + OOM crash P3 UNCONFIRMED
1288188 Allow to stop DOM redrawing after initial page load P5 UNCONFIRMED
1290009 handle <del> like <strike> for execCommand, like it was done for strong/b, and em/i P3 UNCONFIRMED
1292897 title of form input takes precedent over custom validity text P3 UNCONFIRMED
1294029 makes code called by setTimeout to run in parallel P3 UNCONFIRMED
1295123 Middle click does not register intermittently P3 UNCONFIRMED
1296572 Firefox UI slows down considerably after use due to DOM storage P3 UNCONFIRMED
1297359 xslt history.pushState P5 UNCONFIRMED
1298706 Copied text (that is enclosed in <kbd></kbd> tag in HTML) via doubleclicking has leading whitespace in this site -- UNCONFIRMED
1298745 Line break at no-break space (NBSP) P3 UNCONFIRMED
1299087 Allow onbeforeunload dialog after interacting with flash P5 UNCONFIRMED
1301255 Unselected text remains highlighted -- UNCONFIRMED
1302919 opening a save as download dialog with javascript code to download a file created P3 UNCONFIRMED
1304276 non-live nodelist loses data after triggering document.write() P3 UNCONFIRMED
1304657 wrong charset P3 UNCONFIRMED
1305438 Why use command open a URL that no save history? P3 UNCONFIRMED
1305723 Dragging text or images does not animate back from drop position -- UNCONFIRMED
1306301 Calling setSelectionRange() on a Textarea element doesn't reset the saved cursor position -- UNCONFIRMED
1307147 Gmail HTML Reply Text Box Text-Cursor Bug P3 UNCONFIRMED
1307471 text cursor color does not always reflect active color -- UNCONFIRMED
1307721 Text cursor (caret) disappears in text area with dynamic content. Not a problem in Chrome. P3 UNCONFIRMED
1309482 refetched when set to same value P3 UNCONFIRMED
1309682 "Progressive" loading of pages no longer works P3 UNCONFIRMED
1312029 Trying to read a dropped folder in Firefox should trigger an error but it doesn't in the 32bit version P3 UNCONFIRMED
1312385 Probable issues with window.opener P3 UNCONFIRMED
1312490 location.href returns URL of domain on error pages P3 UNCONFIRMED
1313419 Key Events give “0” for many X11-defined keys P3 UNCONFIRMED
1315047 copy and paste creates extra line feeds P3 UNCONFIRMED
1315664 Drag and Drop API: Wrong MIME type ("application/x-moz-file") while dragging in file from Explorer/Finder in the "dragover" Event P3 UNCONFIRMED
1315881 compositionend/compositionstart should not be fired for partial-commit P3 UNCONFIRMED
1317429 Can't copy image from web content and paste into macOS P3 UNCONFIRMED
1317960 Unity WebGL consuming too much memory, causing 'Out of memory' error P3 UNCONFIRMED
1319766 Shortcut issue reader mode with another keyboard layout (french bépo (dvorak)) P3 UNCONFIRMED
1321305 Show a modal warning, when a window wants to manipulate its opener P5 UNCONFIRMED
1322127 Cannot paste PrintScreens in Outlook Web App 2013 P3 UNCONFIRMED
1322533 busy loop of inserting elements that fire load events that insert more elements hangs/crashes Firefox (no slow script dialog) P3 UNCONFIRMED
1323744 The setSelectionRange method called on focus event does not work every even try -- UNCONFIRMED
1324748 Drag'n'drop of text from other applications fails in Linux -- UNCONFIRMED
1324907 getSelection().toString() incorrectly converts non-break space to normal space -- UNCONFIRMED
1325708 history.pushState is not working when I add a character into url(address bar) P3 UNCONFIRMED
1326184 Crash at [@ OOM | large | NS_ABORT_OOM | nsAString_internal::Replace ] P3 UNCONFIRMED
1326905 Triple-click selects all text in section (several lines) in some cases -- UNCONFIRMED
1327025 Mousemove events don't fire if I press left mouse button on the page and move mouse above iframe P3 UNCONFIRMED
1327803 <wbr> elements that turn into real line breaks should work fine with line selection (triple-click) and word selection (doubleclick) -- UNCONFIRMED
1327836 Dragging images on Google Images aren't placed directly below mouse pointer P5 UNCONFIRMED
1327867 Mouse position isn't respected during text selection -- UNCONFIRMED
1327892 Single click selects all next paragraph (in some cases) -- UNCONFIRMED
1327920 [contenteditable] element doesn't cancel inner text selection on RightClick or MiddleClick outside P5 UNCONFIRMED
1329198 Issue with Google Chrome CSP evaluation of child-src P3 UNCONFIRMED
1330153 WindowObjectReference.focus() has no action P3 UNCONFIRMED
1330291 Double click is not working on dropdownlist P3 UNCONFIRMED
1330784 OsTicket 1.10 and Firefox Issue since a year P3 UNCONFIRMED
1333812 In "Warning: Unresponsive script" prompt title, mention that Mozilla Firefox is the issuing process P3 UNCONFIRMED
1334983 Space typed on the beginning of inline element inside contenteditable is inserted outside it. P5 UNCONFIRMED
1335338 FF does not accept user input without prefix in <input type="url" /> P5 UNCONFIRMED
1336720 warn user about invisible content when copying to clipboard P3 UNCONFIRMED
1336913 Denial of Service attack via location P5 UNCONFIRMED
1337471 Received keyup event from press system hotkey, it triggers the page action P5 UNCONFIRMED
1337712 Crashes @ mozilla::dom::Element::UnbindFromTree P3 UNCONFIRMED
1337774 history.pushState does not read cookies from same origin P3 UNCONFIRMED
1338056 firefox returns cached response but doesn't tell me that's a cached response P3 UNCONFIRMED
1338097 Warning of internal getElementById-call triggered by <label> shows up in console P3 UNCONFIRMED
1338535 submitanyway attribute (like readonly) P3 UNCONFIRMED
1338937 Extra characters inserted when typing just after waking up from sleep mode P3 UNCONFIRMED
1340846 Ctrl Backspace and Ctrl arrow keys don't deleted properly P5 UNCONFIRMED
1341059 middlemouse.contentLoadURL is not prevented with preventDefault() P2 UNCONFIRMED
1341711 and handles to windows of a domain and .focus() problems P3 UNCONFIRMED
1343234 High memory usage and OOM after 2 hours of streaming youtube P5 UNCONFIRMED
1343331 Firefox prioritizes web socket events over location changes P3 UNCONFIRMED
1344512 Fail to copy line breaks in contenteditable fields on P3 UNCONFIRMED
1344518 Undo function fails to work properly after pasting text in contenteditable fields on P3 UNCONFIRMED
1344540 Multi second hangs P3 UNCONFIRMED
1345492 Very strange problem in recent version of Firefox with the drag and drop P5 UNCONFIRMED
1345886 CSP: Include a script sample of the offending script also for event-handlers P3 UNCONFIRMED
1346228 Alert blocks keyup event P3 UNCONFIRMED
1348277 onchange event is not fired going through <select> and when ESC key is clicked P3 UNCONFIRMED
1349264 DOMContentLoaded Incorrect Order on Session Restore P3 UNCONFIRMED
1352852 "dragstart" requires setting dataTransfer P2 UNCONFIRMED
1354359 Combination of undo and redo can irrecoverably delete swathes of text P3 UNCONFIRMED
1354503 FF v53 having problem to get file list via user filesystem api P3 UNCONFIRMED
1355122 Tweetdeck opens new tab of user when clicking the spyglass P5 UNCONFIRMED
1355827 execCommand(bold | italic | underline) skip tags with display: none in selection P3 UNCONFIRMED
1356912 Firefox should allow users to reduce page down distance P3 UNCONFIRMED
1356914 different behaviour with different versions on contenteditable div problem P5 UNCONFIRMED
1358106 SVG foreignObject doesn't display images with inlined styles when CSP is enabled P3 UNCONFIRMED
1358195 URLs dragged out of Firefox appear as text to some applications -- UNCONFIRMED
1358491 input box event trigger not firing correctly P3 UNCONFIRMED
1358953 Downloading a large blob hangs on macOS P3 UNCONFIRMED
1360238 window.getSelection().toString() displays extra "\n" characters on multiple block elements, even if they are display:inline P3 UNCONFIRMED
1360942 selected text invalid input to osx service -- UNCONFIRMED
1361012 div content editable , cursor caret appear in wrong position if image is resized P5 UNCONFIRMED
1361300 Intermediate drag events stops being fired on Linux P3 UNCONFIRMED
1361852 Unable to drag any webpage content, sometimes -- UNCONFIRMED
1362086 document-element-inserted does not fire on iframes without src P3 UNCONFIRMED
1362769 Private window shows notifications from the site in normal window P3 UNCONFIRMED
1362824 A blob created from a fetch response does not correctly get type set P3 UNCONFIRMED
1363935 Overriding arrow keys breaks Caret Browsing P3 UNCONFIRMED
1363936 Can't select text on NYTimes articles -- UNCONFIRMED
1363964 focusout not fired when activeElement is focused P3 UNCONFIRMED
1364112 Impossible to remove selected cell's outline P3 UNCONFIRMED
1365239 Why firefox is not reporting active mixed content loaded by <link> tag? P3 UNCONFIRMED
1365436 Javascript page reload code works under Google Chrome but not Firefox P3 UNCONFIRMED
1365461 Ctrl+F5 (reload without cache) sends "If-None-Match" on XHR P3 UNCONFIRMED
1366177 Fix bogus error for unclosed elements in <template> P3 UNCONFIRMED
1366462 Long tap on text should only open context menu but also selects a word -- UNCONFIRMED
1368800 "Select All" code does not select code box any longer. -- UNCONFIRMED
1368864 Programmatically focusing an iframe's parent window prevents focus on iframe contents P2 UNCONFIRMED
1368921 Script without `crossorigin` attribute reports errors to window.onerror P3 UNCONFIRMED
1368924 CSP: Add warning if <meta> CSP is ignored for whatever reason P3 UNCONFIRMED
1370512 TouchDisplay not detected P3 UNCONFIRMED
1370836 Memory leak while sending jpeg-streams over websocket using FireFox with e10s P3 UNCONFIRMED
1371808 On Windows 10, XMLHttpRequest onprogress is not regularly fired for small files P3 UNCONFIRMED
1372552 Consider not observing mutations in nsContentList when it is dirty P3 UNCONFIRMED
1375821 securityerror dom exception: blocked frame xx from accessing yy doesn't point at offending line or script P5 UNCONFIRMED
1375877 Hover (and similar events) on elements inside button don't work P3 UNCONFIRMED
1376064 Multiple versions of the same page showing in the Back buttons P3 UNCONFIRMED
1376074 Add ability to send binary data using native messaging P3 UNCONFIRMED
1377665 When the browser is running slowly, clicking on a link and then holding down Ctrl executes a Ctrl+click P3 UNCONFIRMED
1378228 XHR Range Requests on LARGE local files (via file://) takes forever to return and sometimes freeze up the browser P2 UNCONFIRMED
1381492 Event.timeStamp resolution should have a minimum of 5 microseconds P3 UNCONFIRMED
1381688 Middle-clicking randomly refuses to start scrolling P3 UNCONFIRMED
1383372 Firefox ignores certain combinations of X11 Drag-and-Drop mimetypes P5 UNCONFIRMED
1385958 JS - files drag-n-drop not working properly with e10s P3 UNCONFIRMED
1387075 Setting responseType on an XMLHttpRequest object when readyState is 2 from a web worker throws an InvalidStateError P2 UNCONFIRMED
1389964 macOS: pasting a batch of multiple files from the OS results in empty event.clipboardData.items / event.clipboardData.files P3 UNCONFIRMED
1390212 Parent element won't get focus when child with fixed position is clicked P2 UNCONFIRMED
1390234 Add telemetry for alert/confirm/prompt usage P2 UNCONFIRMED
1390490 "middle" or command-clicking on link opens new "pop up" window, instead of opening link in new tab P5 UNCONFIRMED
1390648 "Connection is Not Secure" message appears even for P3 UNCONFIRMED
1391886 backface-visibility, rotate and TAB key P3 UNCONFIRMED
1392046 <a> href with javascript behavior differs between modern browsers P3 UNCONFIRMED
1392208 XMLHttpRequest onerror isn't called when uploading a file P2 UNCONFIRMED
1392249 popup window navigates to another domain but JavaScript from the original domain continues executing P3 UNCONFIRMED
1394703 Copy from elements with user-select: none P3 UNCONFIRMED
1395145 MacOS — Dragging a GIF out of firefox and dropping it into iMessage doesn't play P3 UNCONFIRMED
1395395 Coursera: Ctrl+<arrow> does not work properly in the text box. P3 UNCONFIRMED
1396396 Page is not refreshed after form submission P3 UNCONFIRMED
1396427 Trying to select text with touch screen on Linux causes touch event to get "stuck" P3 UNCONFIRMED
1397642 Memory corruption issue - Access violation reading address P2 UNCONFIRMED
1397709 Force refresh not propogated into data <object> or <embed> (perma caching) P3 UNCONFIRMED
1397781 mouse scroll wheel not working on second display to 'left' of 'primary monitor' unless firefox window is positioned on the upper part of the screen or maximized P3 UNCONFIRMED
1398360 Weird complete PC freeze, reboot required showing alert() in a loop P3 UNCONFIRMED
1401222 Key events re-queued out of order if focus changes on keydown P2 UNCONFIRMED
1401966 Hasnt keycode of ~ key on keydown in russian language P5 UNCONFIRMED
1402266 sendKeyEvent and sendMouseEventToWindow will not deliver the event when the Firefox lost focus in xpcom extensions P5 UNCONFIRMED
1402276 clientX/clientY inconsistent between the same website loaded in non-e10s and e10s enabled Firefox P3 UNCONFIRMED
1403541 Dynamically set files property on input type="file" P3 UNCONFIRMED
1404215 unable to read window content through javascript when opening an JSON file P2 UNCONFIRMED
1404419 Setting sometimes scrolls long page slightly up P3 UNCONFIRMED
1404425 On error, XMLHttpRequest returns status !== 0 and response !== null P3 UNCONFIRMED
1404675 innerText should ignore "invisible" break when serializing HTML fragment P3 UNCONFIRMED
1405674 zero screen size on terminal session P3 UNCONFIRMED
1406718 Cannot copy iframe text by using contentDocument.execCommand("copy") P3 UNCONFIRMED
1407155 Mouse Wheel scroll incresse Volume instead of scroll down P3 UNCONFIRMED
1407852 Create new undo action on each pressed enter space or tab P3 UNCONFIRMED
1408712 Links dragged from file system to browser not loading properly in Linux Mint/FF56.0 P3 UNCONFIRMED
1409297 Drag and drop not working, google drive -- UNCONFIRMED
1409984 Does't show last Dom state on history back P3 UNCONFIRMED
1410131 3D: Front-sides of hyperrectangles inside hyperrectangles cannot receive pointer-events P3 UNCONFIRMED
1411864 pressing the ESC or ENTER key on window.prompt triggers keyup P2 UNCONFIRMED
1412828 Simple cross-origin request via fetch API fails on 307 redirect P3 UNCONFIRMED
1413806 image fetch fails when charset is utf8 P3 UNCONFIRMED
1414123 Firefox shows loading state when XHR request is loading in background P3 UNCONFIRMED
1414884 Up and down arrows don't work in <p> elements nested in flexbox <div> P3 UNCONFIRMED
1416147 Design mode relocates ContentEditable = false spans when making surrounding text bold or italic. P3 UNCONFIRMED
1416553 Feature request: Implement support for 'NextPage' response header P3 UNCONFIRMED
1416694 cannot entirely select multi-line hebrew text P3 UNCONFIRMED
1417012 Cursor disappears between images with scale transform inside contenteditable P3 UNCONFIRMED
1417116 Changing the direction of a textarea doesn't work on a Mac P3 UNCONFIRMED
1417169 Text selection has a non standard behavior on macOS P3 UNCONFIRMED
1417239 mouse freezes P3 UNCONFIRMED
1417338 fetch sets wrong Content-Type header on redirects P3 UNCONFIRMED
1417353 Control-Z key looses history on textareas P5 UNCONFIRMED
1417535 getSelection() returns wrong anchorNode/anchorOffset when selection contains nested different contenteditable context P3 UNCONFIRMED
1417729 In a text field, option-arrow jumps over punctuation, but only when moving to the right P3 UNCONFIRMED
1417770 Firefox text selection does not anchor properly P3 UNCONFIRMED
1417773 Firefox insertion point indicator does not reset properly after cursor motion P3 UNCONFIRMED
1418809 Dragging and dropping of scaled elements is awkward P3 UNCONFIRMED
1419124 When input direction switched, Punctuation Symbols not switching around P3 UNCONFIRMED
1419263 element.value = '' does not change the value P3 UNCONFIRMED
1419396 backwards button should work differently P3 UNCONFIRMED
1420147 Page Down/Up key not work in contenteditable body which size is only one page P5 UNCONFIRMED
1420244 execCommand('copy') model broken due to clipboardWrite requirement for > 1MB data P2 UNCONFIRMED
1420445 Pointerlock limited, movement rapid and unpredictable P2 UNCONFIRMED
1421555 Validity State's badInput is not getting set for partially filled date P3 UNCONFIRMED
1421558 Blur event is not fired when date is cleared using clear button for input type date P3 UNCONFIRMED
1421580 Incorrect scrolling to the anchor in the specific page P3 UNCONFIRMED
1421590 IFrame loading aborted or reset if external script is contained P3 UNCONFIRMED
1421858 Delay in drag and drop of files (html, images) P3 UNCONFIRMED
1422017 Selection node object anchorOffset and anchorNode properties do not return expected results P3 UNCONFIRMED
1423132 Copy / paste didn't work P3 UNCONFIRMED
1423257 Can't copy batch file code from website P3 UNCONFIRMED
1423892 Clipboard content of copied Finder image file is an icon instead of the actual content P3 UNCONFIRMED
1424842 Send an (change) event when the user cancels the file (webkitdirectory) selection (upload) window. P3 UNCONFIRMED
1424871 Cloned `<video>` elements ignore `muted` attribute P3 UNCONFIRMED
1425546 Ctrl+W shouldn't close window/tab without warning when in textarea P3 UNCONFIRMED
1425661 Copy pasting from OpenOffice/LibreOffice to Thunderbird overrides unchecked option "Use Paragraph format instead of Body Text by default" P3 UNCONFIRMED
1427254 FF do not scroll to anchor P3 UNCONFIRMED
1427430 Double-click on number should select whole number (including decimals), as well as provide Search/Copy actions P3 UNCONFIRMED
1427644 DragLeave Event Not Consistently Triggered -- UNCONFIRMED
1427984 Firefox seems to leak keypress to current tab when switching tab with Alt+N P3 UNCONFIRMED
1428073 Outdent list with leading DOM whitespace/linebreak inserts bogus <br> P3 UNCONFIRMED
1430542 Implement all of “Get rid of secondary insertion mode” change to HTML parsing algorithm P3 UNCONFIRMED
1430812 Doubleclick event is handled differently from other browser P3 UNCONFIRMED
1430999 Service Workers can navigate uncontrolled clients P5 UNCONFIRMED
1431012 Expose touch events on a trackpad as events to the web app P5 UNCONFIRMED
1431424 accesskey with space or accent P3 UNCONFIRMED
1432030 Inaccurate mouseover/out regions for SVG elements with sizes < 1 P3 UNCONFIRMED
1432132 A misplaced caret in contenteditable element with ::before pseudo-element which pointer-events are disabled P3 UNCONFIRMED
1433262 Focused element does not change if tab keydown event hides active element P2 UNCONFIRMED
1434135 terrible animation performance P3 UNCONFIRMED
1434231 Long time interval between mousemove events P2 UNCONFIRMED
1434967 Error event of <object> triggered for unsuccessful requests P3 UNCONFIRMED
1435564 File blob for MacOS package zero length P2 UNCONFIRMED
1435948 s-pen strange events P3 UNCONFIRMED
1436017 fetch() a relative chrome: url results in error "x is not a valid URL" P3 UNCONFIRMED
1436592 [wpt-sync] PR 9431 - Constraint fixes P3 UNCONFIRMED
1437026 [wpt-sync] PR 9440 - [html/editing/focus] New test for inserting element with autofocus P3 UNCONFIRMED
1437053 [wpt-sync] PR 9320 - Add some tests for no-cors and navigate requests for Blob URLs. P3 UNCONFIRMED
1437460 Cursor sometimes jumps to wrong line on backspace P3 UNCONFIRMED
1437521 Only the last listener is triggered when multiple listeners are added to navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition P3 UNCONFIRMED
1438358 Cannot use the backspace key to delete text on the text editors P5 UNCONFIRMED
1438409 Firefox won't load page properly when in background P3 UNCONFIRMED
1438552 Add ability to change caps of text using Shift+F3. P5 UNCONFIRMED
1439710 object-position and animations P3 UNCONFIRMED
1442956 The input does not clear the selection range when onblur. P5 UNCONFIRMED
1445655 Blocked network request in embedded iframe P5 UNCONFIRMED
1446852 Click registers at a different spot on page than user intent P3 UNCONFIRMED
1447580 [Pointer Events] Pointer Devices that identify as mouse (but are not an actual mouse) log wrong coordinates P2 UNCONFIRMED
1448442 Add a small delay for mouseup of context menu-opening mousedown selecting a menu item P5 UNCONFIRMED
1452517 HTML: cursor navigation, selection and deletion by backspace of closable non-editable DIVs/SPANs inside content-editable DIV P3 UNCONFIRMED
1453060 xhr readyState is 4, but status remains 0 (when using xhr to send a multipart/form-data request) P3 UNCONFIRMED
1453893 Selection.extend() does not work on an element that has contenteditable="false" P3 UNCONFIRMED
1454195 SELECT2 function is not available correctly on modal use P3 UNCONFIRMED
1454279 Anchor element's "download" attribute should trigger downloading for not-same-origin links P5 UNCONFIRMED
1456081 SFTP:// protocol issue in FF 59.0.2 under Linux (Mint) P3 UNCONFIRMED
1456230 Pages can block navigation by reloading on 'beforeunload' P3 UNCONFIRMED
1458709 bypasses container isolation P3 UNCONFIRMED
1459033 Inconsistent DOM element offsetHeight/scrollHeight reported when Zoomed P3 UNCONFIRMED
1459434 Set "dom.min_background_timeout_value" based on performance P3 UNCONFIRMED
1460692 U2F sign not returning DEVICE_INELIGIBLE when no key handle matches P3 UNCONFIRMED
1461885 File input content null if file size changed after selection P3 UNCONFIRMED
1461941 Double click on inline elements selects adjacent text P3 UNCONFIRMED
1463064 Misleading error message "Constructor HTMLElement requires 'new'" P3 UNCONFIRMED
1464739 Implement isHistoryNavigation attribute on Request P3 UNCONFIRMED
1464941 Gamepad API does not register analog stick inputs on JoyCons P3 UNCONFIRMED
1465074 Allow range requests to pass through a service worker P2 UNCONFIRMED
1465134 yahoo mail UI problems P3 UNCONFIRMED
1466025 enforce DNT header when privacy.resistFingerprinting=true P3 UNCONFIRMED
1466338 `window.outerHeight` reports wrong value if executed in newly opened tab in minimized window P3 UNCONFIRMED
1466417 Copy/paste in contenteditable span pastes the element itself instead of content P3 UNCONFIRMED
1466499 Inline replies to web notifications should be supported P3 UNCONFIRMED
1468193 Firefox Navigation / back button P3 UNCONFIRMED
1468567 URL is not always clickable. Sometimes clickable after page reload P3 UNCONFIRMED
1468825 document.elementsFromPoint skips children inside of button element P3 UNCONFIRMED
1468921 TextArea setSelectionRange scrolls to the selection once only. P3 UNCONFIRMED
1469282 Implement DedicatedWorker.requestAnimationFrame P3 UNCONFIRMED
1469349 [Fetch] Post response with 302 results in NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource P3 UNCONFIRMED
1469541 When on Submitting a <form> a 204 is sent in acknowledgement the Javascript interpreter hangs... P3 UNCONFIRMED
1469805 Feature Request: Add support for U2F over CCID for smart cards P3 UNCONFIRMED
1470775 HTML <input> accept Attribute seems to have no effect P5 UNCONFIRMED
1470821 DoS: Nested Blobs are causing unbounded recursion in MultipartBlobImpl::GetAllocationSize and crash P3 UNCONFIRMED
1471212 by using Scroll or ScrollBy with the behavior smooth to the top of the webpage, you are unable to scroll down again by js P3 UNCONFIRMED
1471405 Back button doesn't work with Firefox 61 with Google Container addon P2 UNCONFIRMED
1471608 An iframe embedded within an iframe never fires the load event P3 UNCONFIRMED
1471805 Webworker violating cross-origin policy silently ignored, instead of throwing a SecurityError P3 UNCONFIRMED
1475156 Provide mechanism to overrule abuse of user-select CSS property P3 UNCONFIRMED
1476915 caret position in textareas not updated immediately on ctrl-arrows P3 UNCONFIRMED
1477391 Fetch Does not properly handle requests for media P2 UNCONFIRMED
1478326 requestAnimationFrame anomaly when calling P3 UNCONFIRMED
1478562 Dragleave fires when dragged over a text inside droppable div P5 UNCONFIRMED
1478710 Firefox should warn when adding an object with no handleEvent function as an EventListener from JavaScript P3 UNCONFIRMED
1479017 No referer header sent on http-header: Refresh P5 UNCONFIRMED
1479308 DirectInput D-Pad not working but other buttons work P3 UNCONFIRMED
1480330 keyboard focus gets trapped at "Tenant Location" field P3 UNCONFIRMED
1480425 Yubikey (U2F) not recognized when hotplugged P3 UNCONFIRMED
1480664 'mouseout' event fires prematurely for <select> element P2 UNCONFIRMED
1482053 trunk/editor/libeditor/EditorDOMPoint.h: 2 * pointless asserts P3 UNCONFIRMED
1482743 [Enhancement] Block exit popups P3 UNCONFIRMED
1483501 u2f.register returns incorrect errorCode on timeout P3 UNCONFIRMED
1484620 xhr to local file using a relative url behaves differently on ubuntu and windows P3 UNCONFIRMED
1487813 Focus on youtube for search bar doesn't work P3 UNCONFIRMED
1488067 Web push signal is sometimes lost on Android P2 UNCONFIRMED
1488357 localstorage setitem errors P2 UNCONFIRMED
1489991 Feature: persistent logs to debug service workers / push P5 UNCONFIRMED
1490484 After updating, opening links from another program or drag and drop is broken P5 UNCONFIRMED
1490987 mousedown+move event in defaultprevented mode still selects content P3 UNCONFIRMED
1491707 Scrolling gets stuck on some pages and divs P2 UNCONFIRMED
1493530 Boston globe ePaper freezes on surface pro 2017 P2 UNCONFIRMED
1494609 assignedNodes({flatten: true}) and flattening assigned nodes in spec does not fallback correctly P3 UNCONFIRMED
1497023 U2F Not Flashing Yubikey on Ubuntu 18.04 P3 UNCONFIRMED
1498203 Caret disappears after consecutive clicks on contenteditable P5 UNCONFIRMED
1499376 Numbers in numbered list not the same color as the list P3 UNCONFIRMED
1502532 Homepage accessing location data results in network lag P5 UNCONFIRMED
1504633 `selection.anchorNode` incorrectly returns outer div node, should return text node P3 UNCONFIRMED
1504779 Hard to select full line of bidi text P3 UNCONFIRMED
1509153 Google Drive compatibility issue when uploading files using Firefox P5 UNCONFIRMED
1509259 customized keyboard some keys ignored P3 UNCONFIRMED
1509641 Increase the granularity of the undo stack P5 UNCONFIRMED
1510041 Keyboard shortcut CMD-V won’t paste in websites on Mac P3 UNCONFIRMED
1511642 Event handler assigned to template content is reset when fragment is appended to DOM P3 UNCONFIRMED
1513124 window.print() can throw NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE (instead of just doing nothing) P3 UNCONFIRMED
1513968 Implement duplicate attribute flag on script elements P3 UNCONFIRMED
1514004 Unreserve Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl+w P3 UNCONFIRMED
1514030 Apparent service worker activation failure P3 UNCONFIRMED
1514499 Serialize the children of void elements as the empty string P3 UNCONFIRMED
1514703 On client VMware Free Zimbra Web standard ZCS I can not anymore write any new mail, answering or forward mails... P3 UNCONFIRMED
1516103 Invoking Geolocation API causes system-wide packet delays P5 UNCONFIRMED
1518705 Assigning uint into signed int in nsIDocument::UpdateStyleSheets could potentially cause correctness issues (for more than INT_MAX stylesheets) P5 UNCONFIRMED
1521217 page scrolling when frame-like structures are present P3 UNCONFIRMED
1521589 Command+left/right arrow keys moves caret in opposite direction in rtl context P3 UNCONFIRMED
1522378 Erratic bug when creating new paragraph when editing Wikipedia P3 UNCONFIRMED
1522826 CORS preflight request is internally blocked by nsMixedContentBlocker P5 UNCONFIRMED
1523213 FF still tries to render PDF from 403 response instead of showing response error P3 UNCONFIRMED
1523270 Editable component (textarea) ctrl+z undo history lost after value property assignment P5 UNCONFIRMED
1523418 unpredictable link-following behaviour when pointer-events set to 'none', seems to depend on image size P3 UNCONFIRMED
1525020 On Windows 10, losing the mouse cursor when I get a Firefox error page of any kind P3 UNCONFIRMED
1527351 double click on file in file open dialog generates a click on the page behind the dialog P3 UNCONFIRMED
1528554 Crash in [@ mozilla::InternalFormEvent::~InternalFormEvent] P3 UNCONFIRMED
1529671 Combobox selection controlled by javascript does not interact with up/down arrow keys properly P3 UNCONFIRMED
1529850 Gamepads have to be physically reconnected every page P3 UNCONFIRMED
1529880 Invalid style-src CSP violation reported P5 UNCONFIRMED
1529904 Attach a pointerout event on a dom, when a overlay appears on the top of dom if the mouse is not moved the pointerout event is not triggered P3 UNCONFIRMED
1530366 Dragging files onto file field takes a lot of time to get browser response P3 UNCONFIRMED
1530921 Selection object renders invalid positions on elements attributed with usereditable P3 UNCONFIRMED
1531661 escape keypress from other window passed to a JIRA v7.2.6 web pag P3 UNCONFIRMED
1531965 Middle-click scroll not working over elements with shadowDOM when scroll overflow is used P2 UNCONFIRMED
1532392 Dragging old items instead of interaction with the new page P5 UNCONFIRMED
1532555 Window.onunload sync ajax request for last tab P3 UNCONFIRMED
1532825 Give warning on web console when fetching a web worker script fails P5 UNCONFIRMED
1538082 Module scripts added to iframe via blob URL don't run P3 UNCONFIRMED
1538374 decimal IP addresses combined with usernames should trigger search P3 UNCONFIRMED
1539105 execCommand('copy') was denied when pressed ESC P3 UNCONFIRMED
1539712 Right click on a highlighted word automatically selects context menu entry. P3 UNCONFIRMED
1540448 Save Bookmark Name Input Doesn't Position Insert Mark on Mouse Click P3 UNCONFIRMED
1540640 Download via ReadableStream : cancel is called on pause P3 UNCONFIRMED
1540870 contenteditable: cursor disappears before span with background color P3 UNCONFIRMED
1541053 <INPUT> value gets cleared on blur or "type" change. P3 UNCONFIRMED
1542161 Drag and drop of LI leaves blank LI in Designmode P3 UNCONFIRMED
1542173 Anomalies in navigation timing API P3 UNCONFIRMED
1543441 Make sure plain text (such as URL bar URL) is exported to the clipboard only as plain text P5 UNCONFIRMED
1544179 Dragging mouse anywhere sometimes drags up media from a previous page P3 UNCONFIRMED
1544313 fetch/response/body stream buffers data when Content-Type is not set P2 UNCONFIRMED
1546524 layout.word_select.stop_at_punctuation should not apply to the address bar P5 UNCONFIRMED
1547556 Support flagging a temporary redirect has occurred in xmlhttprequest P3 UNCONFIRMED
1548325 button elements with tabindex="0" aren't focused when tabbing (on Windows) P3 UNCONFIRMED
1549295 Tooltip does not get disappear while doing horizontal scrolling as browser does not fire mouseLeave event P2 UNCONFIRMED
1549353 NetEase cloud music cannot play P3 UNCONFIRMED
1550873 CascadingDropDown causing infinite refresh P2 UNCONFIRMED
1551415 Images showing as framed which have no src attribute present P3 UNCONFIRMED
1552450 u2f is not a constructor - prevented to load the Site -- UNCONFIRMED
1553366 glitch when cursor changes from zoom-in to pointer P3 UNCONFIRMED
1553733 xen default virtual keyboard crashes in Gamepad code -- UNCONFIRMED
1554491 Can't access prototype of objects that were received from an iframe exported object P3 UNCONFIRMED
1558012 Loading a saved website from HTML document reliably crashes Firefox Dev 68.0b8 P3 UNCONFIRMED
1558680 UI interaction behaves unexpectedly when system is under load. P2 UNCONFIRMED
1559996 Link rel=prefetch may fire onload without sending network request. P2 UNCONFIRMED
1561243 event.dataTransfer is null at getData() while dropping the even after dataTransfer.setData is implemented P5 UNCONFIRMED
1561820 Browser hang's on excessive download attempts P2 UNCONFIRMED
1562620 Windows 1903 U2F prompt closes extension popup (browserAction) window -- UNCONFIRMED
1563681 can not drag&drop url links out of browser P3 UNCONFIRMED
1565950 file: scheme with #target goes to wrong spot in 2nd window or tab P3 UNCONFIRMED
1566893 Number input fails validation if javascript changes it to a valid value P3 UNCONFIRMED
1568934 don't accept clicks immediately after a page shifts -- UNCONFIRMED
1569211 getSelection, getRangeAt return wrong anchorNode, endContainer and endOffset if selection contains SVG(or unselectable text inside) P3 UNCONFIRMED
1570920 JavaScript Fullscreen API causes the menu bar to be hidden on all monitors on Mac P3 UNCONFIRMED
1571497 Firefox doesn't allow dragging of macOS screenshot previews P3 UNCONFIRMED
1576725 Consider requiring user action for window.print P3 UNCONFIRMED
1576870 Page Up/Down Doesn't Move Text Input Cursor in Gmail -- UNCONFIRMED
1577127 Javascript event.repeat always set to false on Oracle Linux 7 P3 UNCONFIRMED
1581225 Suggestion - FOUC:, Priority Hints - Cache Fonts (Works on Google Chrome) -- UNCONFIRMED
1582622 Number input cannot correctly valid number P3 UNCONFIRMED
1582651 Stop the double-click on a word to select the space P4 UNCONFIRMED
1583729 Scroll wheel stops working after window is closed P3 UNCONFIRMED
1583815 Unhandled Promise rejection "AbortError: The operation was aborted." when using AbortController.abort API to abort an in-progress fetch call P3 UNCONFIRMED
1584314 Mouse Events out of order w Pen (barbed wire lines) P3 UNCONFIRMED
1584526 Mouse Events Broken With Stylus (Win 10) P3 UNCONFIRMED
1585261 If Content-Type is set to value other, HTML code is executed in Firefox, but treated as plain text in Chrome -- UNCONFIRMED
1586033 contenteditable: range startOffset and endOffset have incorrect values after paste P3 UNCONFIRMED
1586158 Parse ShareTarget data in web app manifest -- UNCONFIRMED
1586174 It's so easy to manage a website notification on Chrome. I wish it was same in Firefox too. -- UNCONFIRMED

1516 Total; 1516 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);


Roadmap / Trello / Template
Feature Target Milestone Assignee Tracking Bug Development Testing
Screen Orientation API Firefox 40 (August 11, 2015) William Chen [:wchen] bug 1043102 IN PROGRESS
Service Workers Firefox 39 (June 30, 2015) Nikhil Marathe [:nsm] bug 903441 IN PROGRESS
IndexedDB/SQLite Performance Firefox 39 (June 30, 2015) Ben Turner [:bent] several DONE DONE
Picture Tag (use cases) Firefox 38 (May 12, 2015) John Schoenick [:johns] bug 870022 DONE DONE
BroadcastChannel API Firefox 38 (May 12, 2015) Andrea Marchesini [:baku] bug 966439 DONE DONE
IndexedDB in Workers Firefox 37 (March 31, 2015) Ben Turner [:bent] bug 701634 DONE DONE
Web Sockets in Workers Firefox 37 (March 31, 2015) Andrea Marchesini [:baku] bug 504553 DONE DONE