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Toronto Graphics Lab

NOTE: Activity has stopped as of September 1, 2015 while we determine how best to resource this going forward.

The Graphics team hosts an ad-hoc lab of systems in Mozilla's Toronto office for testing and debugging.

Test (results)
  • Start with a new profile (see above)
  • Resize the window so it's at least 1024x768
  • Go to, scroll up and down for ~15 seconds
  • Open another tab and go to, scroll up and down for ~15 seconds.
  • Switch back and forth between the two tabs three times
  • In tab, go to and play this video, this video, and some other random video for 15 seconds
    • Note: If a video plays with Flash find another video to test. To check, right mouse click on the video and choose “Stats for nerds”. The video is valid if the mime type is video/mp4 or video/webm.
  • Go to, scroll for ~15 seconds then find a video and play it
  • Update your graphics driver to the latest available version
    • Note: don't restart Firefox or your computer if it can be avoided. If Firefox crashes, report the crash, restart Firefox and continue on to step 9.
  • Repeat the test from step 3 through 7.
    • Note: if Firefox crashes, report the crash, restart Firefox and repeat steps 3 through 7.
  • Quit Firefox after all steps have been completed and submit your test results.