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Name of Project

Description: Goal of feature: Why is this important: Developer Contacts: QA Mentors:


  • Tracking Bug:
  • Release schedule: number, date
  • IRC channel for quesitons
  • Mailing list (if applicable)
  • Prefs to enable it (if applicable)
  • Product/Engineering/Planning documents: (if any)

Risk Assessment

Analyze the risk this feature poses to the rest of the product's quality if it is created poorly

Basic use cases

Describe the basic level of use cases that the system must support to be considered "complete" in terms of what should be delivered. These are likely covered by automation, verify that this is the case

Interaction/Functional use cases

describe interaction with other systems here - this is where we will always find the most bugs

One and Done Tasks

MozTrap Testcases

Related/Dependent Features and Teams

Add in dependent features and teams here