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QA Community Team Meeting

  • May 18, 2011
  • Attendees: abillings, juanb, owen, matt, ashughes, marcia, tchung

Upcoming Testdays

  • Friday, May 20th, 2011: Firefox Mobile testday (atrain)
  • Tuesday, May 24th, 2011: WebQA Automation testday (dburns)
  • Friday, May 27th, 2011: Regression Window testday (abillings)

Check the documentation for help planning an event

Discussion Items

Project Status

Community Building/Events (ideas and progress) [marcia/tomcat/ashughes]

QA Videos [marcia]

  • Have not seen Rainer in the office this week - will follow up as soon as I see him.

QMO [abillings]

  • Craig Cook is currently working on the theme and graphical work for QMO 4.0.
  • WebDev still has not found any resources for the Bugzilla integration, which puts it at risk for QMO 4.
  • Status of QMO video integration? We should try to figure out whether in the interim we just want to point to a flat list of links so that community members can see presentations and other video that we don't want to promote on the front page [marcia]


Meeting Notes/Action Items

  • Testdays
    • More newcomers than regulars at last test day
    • 5-6 regulars
    • Is Proper pre-advertising being done?
    • Owen suggests that the Link to the etherpad should be the first thing - otherwise in some IRC clients it gets cut off
  • Events update/Overall Community
    • Will have more information after Friday meeting
    • Attending conferences - specifically targeting testing conferences such as StarEast, StarWest, etc. or any conference where this is a tech audience.
    • We should revisit doing a community newsletter
  • QMO
    • Two Press plugin will allow us to have a channel that automatically lists videos - could be YouTube or Vimeo. Vimeo has a paid option which offers more features.
    • TwoPress - maybe look at it on staging site to get a better idea of how it works.
  • Action Items
    • ashughes to add TestDay checklist info to and also make the schedule a static link
    • 'Marcia to add a Brainstorming scrumpad to Community page where suggestions can be made such as improvements to QMO, video ideas, etc.'
    • Marcia to follow up with Rainer to get the video of the QA team at Whistler
    • Marcia to Dig deeper with Mary about events after Friday meeting
    • Tracy owes Tony a video for sync - Introduction to Sync - Tips and Tricks on how to test
    • Al to get TwoPress URL - maybe look at it once it is up on QMO staging site
    • Expansion of testdays into the European and Asian

timezones. Softvision can help us here. Henrik sees this as very impt. to the expansion of our community