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QA Community Team Meeting

  • July 27, 2011
  • Attendees:

Upcoming Testdays

Discussion Items

Project Status

Community Building/Events (ideas and progress) [marcia/tomcat/ashughes]

  • Firefox Testdays Cadence
    • Firefox Beta testday 1 week after merge
    • Firefox Aurora testday 4 weeks after merge
    • Desktop, Mobile, Sync inclusive
    • Leaves 2 days / month for "other" testdays

QA Videos [marcia]

QMO [abillings]

  • QMO update rolled out on 7/21.
    • Fixed Tubepress.
    • Implemented ReCAPTCHA for new account creation.
  • Planning beginning on QMO 4.5
    • Initial feature ideas:
      • Implement IRC access through web on /chat page if possible.
      • Simplified home page design.


Meeting Notes/Action Items

Action Items/Notes from (20110713) meeting

  • GTAC - Matt will register team. Something around test automation - demo hot tools in automation. October 26-27, 2011 in Mt. View
  • Firefox Testday Cadence
    • Best time for Beta test day is one week after the merge
    • Best time for Aurora test day is 4 weeks after the merge
    • ashughes to create public page to suggest topics
  • QMO
    • - do we really need it? owen is confused and other people may be confused.
    • File a bug to remove the QA Community Team Page
    • How we do our org chart internally-and how we present to community does not have to be a 1:1 correlation.