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We need some space to brainstorm ways to make the QA Companion a better tool.

Bug Analysis

We have 37 bugs currently against the QA Companion (QAC).

I went through each of them and gave them a priority. I think that the next version of the QAC will fix P1 and P2 bugs as well as one or two new features.

To that end, I followed the following criteria when distributing priorities:

Priority Qualifications
P1 Core usability broken, High Profile feature, crash
P2 High profile bug, significantly declines usability or user experience
P3 Nice-to-have's, things we'd like to fix, but we'd still ship with if we had to
P4 Bug that is pretty low priority, and we'll get to "someday"
P5 Administrative issues with the product, IT decisions etc

Feel free to take a look at the bug list and comment in any of the bugs that you feel should have a different priority than the one I picked.

Feature Design Issues

Now let's talk about design. The current application does four basic things:

  1. Shows a news page with content populated from QMO (
  2. Provides a Litmus tab to run Litmus testcases
  3. Bugzilla tab to do some simple bugzilla querying
  4. Chat - rebundles Chatzilla (an IRC chat add-on). It will launch Chatzilla for you.

What else can it do? What does it not do well that we should improve?

  • I think the log-in and password remembering functionality is only one step away from being compeletely broken (just look at the number of bugs that deal with this). I think that this is a core feature that we should repair.
  • The original designs called for a notification window that would display from the QMO icon in the status bar of the main application. Inside those notifications, the user would be alerted to upcoming test events or other test news. This feature is mostly implemented but never worked properly. It's currently turned off.
  • Your thoughts here

User Experience Design Issues

The current application has always felt a little clunky to me in terms of User Experience. However, I don't have a lot of ideas on how to improve that. Do you?

  • Your thoughts here
  • One possible enhancement could be an improved Help, describing how to us the program in depth. this could be online, or in the extension UI itself.

Other thoughts?

  • Your thoughts here

How Can I Get Hacking?

Ah, so you need the QA/QA_Companion_Hacking_Guide