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Building Up QMO Content

TEST: Marcia, Tracy, Tony

Test case writing, Litmus related stuff, release testing, exploratory testing, etc

Preliminary Assigned Areas Proposed by tracy:

  • Tony - Release Testing
  • Tracy - Litmus Stuff
  • Marcia - Exploratory Testing
  • Owner needed - Test Case writing (Tracy and Marcia should be able to assist here if needed)


Notes from Meeting on Feb. 27, 2009

  • We discussed several issues, some that were tangential to the content creation
    • Agreement that is best to create projects for some of these and link the documents from there
    • Need to update with some useful links in each area and then feature that somewhere prominent on the QMO home page
    • Doesn't make much sense to link directly to the events page [tracy]
  • Action Items - Document and Projects to be created
    • Guidelines for Creating Projects - marcia to create draft and circulate. There are currently some QMO projects that are not useful in the sense that there are both no instructions and no documents to help someone get started in the project. Need to have team and community come up with enough instructions and docs to at least point people in the right direction.
    • Litmus Result Vetting - tracy to create
    • Verifying Trunk Bugs - marcia to create
    • Rewrite 3.1 Beta testing - tchung to create
  • QMO bugs that need to be addressed