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Mozilla All Hands Sep 12-16, 2010

Links to schedules

Daily QA Etherpad Notes for Allhands

To keep notes for the QA group gathered in a central place, let's use a sync pad for each day of the all hands. I encourage you to add your thoughts and takeways from the allhands sessions. In addition, use the chat facility on the right to pose questions or to announce some news to the rest of the QA team.

Date Syncpad Link
Monday, Sep 12
Tuesday, Sep 13
Wednesday , Sep 14
Thursday , Sep 15
Friday , Sep 16

QA Workweek Sep 19-22, 2010


QA Workweek Schedule

Note: The event links to details and etherpad notes for the meeting.
Note: All meetings that have O preceding the title indicates that this meeting is optional attendance.

Time Duration Event Location Facilitators
Sun, Sep 18
2:30p-7p Sailing In Santa Cruz Santa Cruz, CA Matt
Mon, Sep 19
10am 1hr Week week overview 10 Forward Matt
11am 1h All hands status & Moco Meeting 10 Forward Jono
12p 1h QA Team lunch with Gary Warp Core Gary Kovacs
1pm 1hr Week week overview finalize Warp Core Matt
2pm 2h Firefox QA Bug Triage Strategy Warp Core Juan Becerra, Anthony Hughes
4pm 1h Community Roundtable: What's Working, What's Not, What's Next North Bridge Geo
6pm  ? Happy Hour Tied House, Mt. View Matt
Tue, Sep 20
8am .5 hr O Waverley/Softvision Status call Vidyo Juan Becerra
10am 1hr Open Warp Core Leader Name
11am 1hr O Weekly Development Status Meeting Warp Core JP
12p 1hr Lunch North Bridge Matt, Ashley
1pm 1hr Open Web Apps Strategy North Bridge David C
2pm 1h Open
3pm 1h Open location leader name
4pm 1h O QA Team collaboration on services and other cross-product tech: Sync, BrowserID/Pancake North Bridge Tony
5pm+ ? Open dinner plans where ever you want you
Weds, Sep 21
O 10am 1h QA Tools Overview North Bridge Marlena, Cameron
11am 1hr O Firefox Delivery Meeting Warp Core Johnath
12pm 1h Open QA Lunch (you are on your own) Anywhere You
2:30pm 1h O UTest Web Compatibility Review Zombocom ashughes
4pm 1h QA Visibility and Leadership North Bridge Matt
5pm 1h Mobile QA Roadmap Warp Core Tony
6pm 2h Team dinner at Scratch Scratch, Mt. View Matt

Workweek Sessions Details

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Session ID Session Votes Session Topic Description Etherpad Notes
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N/A Sailing in Santa Cruz We'll be sailing aboard the Chardonnay II at 2:30p. Please take a look at the web site: chardonnay sailing. We will meet at the Mt. View offices 11:00a. signup sheet
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N/A Workweek Overview Let's define the concrete objectives for the next 3 days and vote on the top 4 sessions we will conduct over the course of the work week. notes
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N/A QA Team Lunch with Gary Kovacs A lunch time discussion with CEO Gary Kovacks notes
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10 QA Bug Triage Strategy Thoroughly define and execute on the new QA triage strategy. We will be triaging as many Firefox bugs according to this strategy as we can over the workweek. notes
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04 QA Automation Services Overview Overview of team; charter, scope and engagement notes
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06 Brainstorm the testing of BrowserID and its Add-On Small team needs big ideas for manual and automated testing of BrowserID.

Also need review of tools that might work in this context. Any volunteers from the automation team?

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05 QA Team collaboration on services and other cross-product tech: Sync, BrowserID/Pancake Brainstorm better ways to support QA cross team notes
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04 Working More Efficiently with Romanian Team Review feedback from visit of Matt B & Anthony H and brainstorm action items

and goals to better support our Romanian Team members.

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09 Open Web Apps Strategy Overview of Open Web Apps strategy and brainstorm notes
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05 Exploratory Testing Introduction into how to do a modified session based testing: what areas to look at, risk analysis and time study. notes
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08 QA Tools Overview Overview and look at some tools

1) Pivotal Tracker
2) BDD Lettuce

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10 QA Visibility and Leadership brainstorm solutions to increase QA visibility within Mozilla and Community notes
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02 CaseConductor Brainstorm Update on current status followed by future feature brainstorm notes
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05 Evaluate Org and Team Q3 Goals and brainstrom revisions to the future team and individual goals process Determine status of current Q3 goals and devise a better implementation of team and individual goal setting and evaluation. notes
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10 Community Roundtable: What's Working, What's Not, What's Next Let's talk about our community engagement strategies and get ideas on the table for the coming months. notes
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05 Trimming the Fat from the Release Process Releases are coming fast and furious. Let's identify what's important and what's not for QA in the release process so we know we're using every minute wisely. notes
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N/A UTest Web Compatibility Review Review the test results from UTest's web compatibility testing for Firefox 7, 8 and 9. notes


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