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Softvision Desktop Standup - December 5, 2012

Dial-in Information


  • juanb: Unable to attend today's meeting. Dentist appt.

Upcoming Schedule

  • Fx18b3 on schedule for Thur release
  • Per-window Private Browsing Testday this Friday

Previous Action Items

  • [DONE] Juan email Alex to warn about possibly delaying 18b2 ship due to Romanian holiday
  • [DONE] Juan to email Ioana details of Per-window Private Browsing testday
  • [DONE] Anthony email Otilia to ask for Friday holiday coverage and take Monday in lieu

Discussion Items

  • juanb: Team additions and responsibilities
    • Need to describe what they will work on
    • There will be 3 people on Desktop and 1 on Mozmill automation (Henrik's team). The 3 people from Desktop should also have automation skills in order to do both manual and automated testing on Features they own.
  • ioana: testdays organizing - is there a calendar all the Mozilla teams have access to?
    • We add our future testdays in the Mozilla QA Events google calendar, but they're not taken into account.
      • Which Mozilla Events google calendar (link)? I'm just not aware of it. Maybe we are not looking at the same places and we need to be reminded where to look.
    • I am referring to the google calendar created by Anthony a few months ago.
    • We always look through the Mozilla QA Events google calendar and QMO posts to check if a testday is already set for a certain day. Many times we found nothing in either places just to find out later that a testday was actually set.
    • Events only appear in QMO when adding the posts, so we were using the calendar to announce events that were further away than just one week.

Notes and Actions

  • juanb: Meet with MattW about testing PB and Flash in preparation for the testday
    • He was in charge of Flash PB testing while at Adobe
  • ashughes - send email to qa staff to remind about using Google Calendar when planning testdays
  • ashughes - see if there's a way to post tentative events to QMO calendar without publishing
  • ashughes - talk to juan about new Softvision people and areas of need
  • ashughes - email softvision verifyme proposal for feedback