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Softvision Desktop Standup - January 30, 2013

Dial-in Information


  • ashughes - Away till Jan 31
  • Mihaela Velimiroviciu - Sick leave (Jan 28th-31st)
  • Reminder, upcoming PTOs according to PTO planning
    • Ioana Budnar - PTO - Feb1st-4th
    • Ada Lucinet - PTO - Feb1st-4th

Upcoming Schedule

  • 19.0b4 This week.
  • Possible 18.0.2 based on crash data after speculative fix in 19.0b4.

Previous Action Items

  • [juanb] To schedule postmortem for next week: Thursday morning work for you?
    • Thur 9am pacific
    • [ioana] Thursday morning's ok for me.

Discussion Items

  • [ioana] Aurora Features Testday - February 8th
  • [ioana] Updating QMO documentation to ease community involvement
    • What's the scope?
    • Make sure the documentation read by people before trying to get involved is up-to-date
    • Ensure we have help documentation we can direct community members to when needed
    • We need to remove obsolete articles (e.g. Litmus), add new ones for new events/ tasks (e.g. Bug days, how to verify a bug, keywords etc), and update those that need it.
  • [ioana] MozTrap tests - any updates on bringing BFTs and FFTs to MozTrap?
  • Mozmill on Firefox for Windows Metro: We need to figure out what tests work currently.

Notes and Actions

  • Ioana to send email with a plan to revise documentation in QMO
  • Juan to investigate test case migration status, from BFT and FFT to MozTrap
  • Juan to send email with etherpad about postmortem
  • Juan to send email with wiki information for Firefox Windows Metro