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Softvision Desktop Standup - March 27th, 2013

Dial-in Information


Upcoming Schedule

  • Possible 20.0b8 due to bug 853033 (should this be RC2?)

Previous Action Items

Discussion Items

  • Is there anyone in charge of mochitests?
    • Martijn: mw22, mwargers at mozilla dot com
  • [otilia] Q2 2013 PTO planning - will be sent later via email as well

    • Holidays in Romania during Q2:
      • May 1st (Labor day) - should not interfere with releases
      • May 6th (Easter Holiday) - should not interfere with releases
      • June 24th (Pentecost) - one before Firefox 22 release (June 25) - do you have any suggestion on how we can handle this? We previously discussed the following options: have candidate builds available sooner (one day earlier) or the possibility of releasing on Wednesday.

I think we are going to start RC go-to-build immediately following the last Beta which should give you some more time. The only caveat being if we need to respin or chemspill it could put a strain on the schedule. The alternative would be ask for on-call weekend coverage as needed.

  • [ashughes] Current status of Aurora 21 readiness for beta (features, fix verifications)
    • The features are being tested for pre-beta sign off right now. One of them has already been signed off (3-state UI for DNT).
    • There weren't too many bugs verified on Aurora, but we haven't seen anything that could become a blocker yet.

Notes and Actions

  • [juanb] - talk to user research group
  • [juanb] - pick Asa's brain regarding getting new features on the radar
  • [otilia] - discuss with the team and have a list of team members available for the weekend in discussion (June 22-24)